In the Journey

Kabnner_journey1This dream image uses two friends of the dreamer to set the inner parameters of how to be in a flow with things. Any extreme in either direction will always take us away from the natural unfolding of things because we begin to impose our own will on the world around us. That, by definition, separates us from the way things are. Instead, we let go to the flow of it and see where it naturally takes us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream, we must have all been to some kind of a program. And it’s in an auditorium and I notice that up in the front row, on the right, Mary, a Sufi, is seated in the front row there. And near the back, in the center where there’s just a row of chairs going across, Beth is there.

But when you and I get up to leave, because the program’s over, I mention to you that Beth is there, and she’s right on our way out so we walk over and visit for a few minutes. And then I’m going to tell you that Mary is there, too, but I glance back and I see that Mary’s gotten up from where she was.

She’s wearing bright green, but I can’t tell if she’s actually gotten up to leave, because she doesn’t particularly want to mingle, or if she’s actually coming towards where we are. But when I turn to say something to you, you’ve already taken off and are already in the next room.

So I go in the next room, but then you’ve gone from that room through there to another room. So I go through to the next room where some people are kind of breaking down chairs and stuff, and then I can’t quite tell where you’ve gone from there. There’s two restrooms there, plus there’s an entryway back the direction we came, but a little bit on the other side of the hall.

And I decide that you probably kept moving, and then some girls that are there breaking stuff down, chairs and stuff, kind of nod to me that that is where you’ve gone. So I step into the next room, and you’re way down at the other end already, kind of in a hurry, but you’re going back towards where we came because you’re looking for me. Anyway, that was when you woke me up, so that was as far as I got with the dream.

John: The first image that you had has now progressed into a perceptivity that has, so to speak, an inner zone that it’s able to flow with. And it’s like using Mary as the energy at one extreme, in the far front, that’s green, which is your ultimate color, and that that is a quietness that kind of effuses across.

And then it carries a loudness that is dedicated, as well, but creates commotion and does loud things in terms of a mannerism, and that’s Beth. And then within those two parameters is a flow, a journey. And so you’re taking this journey by letting go, and as you let go you go from room to room from place to place.

In doing this journey, what makes it uneasy is a lack of letting go. If you totally let go it’s kind of like you’re swept immediately to where you’re meant to be in this journey. Why is it like that? Well, the theme of the dreaming last night had to do with a type of surrender or letting go, a repentant quality in one’s nature that then allows and enables something from deep within, an innerness that just kind of comes up. And it can’t come up, and it can’t sweep over, and it can’t move something like this in a way that’s beyond one’s wildest… you couldn’t even imagine this.

In other words, every thought and every notion that you’re directing to do is in the way, but if you totally let go it just automatically brings across what is meant to be from the inner. So again, that second dream is taking an energetic that was established and recognized in the first dream, that has brought you to an overallness that is a little more than you could have possibly ever grasped, or imagined, when something started.

And it has progressed into like parameter extremes of an innerness and a kind of an outerness, Beth being kind of an outerness but still attentive to the inner, and that you’re flowing between those parameters, you know, living in an octave of life, and how you’re able and meant to be, and where you’re capable of going is limited only by the degree to which you over try, or something, because there is a way of letting go and the struggle goes away, and that it is all a natural flow.

And you’re in that natural flow the way you’re meant to be, and traveling how it is that you’re meant to travel. And that’s what consciousness is. Consciousness is basically the ability to travel at ease. It’s the journey. It’s not any point in particular, not the Mary point, not the Beth point. It’s the journey, and in that journey, in the proper letting go of the journey, that’s where the wonderfulness of it all resides.

And everything is given in that journey – if you let go to that journey with an inner into outer communication flow. If you let go to that, then everything is as designed according to, you-couldn’t-have-done-it-yourself-better. It’s an amazing thing to behold.

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