Soul Retrieval

soul-loss-retrievalIt is not uncommon for children to astral travel, but it often can be brought about by an unhappiness in their situation. As adults, we can detach ourselves from our body during a traumatic event to protect ourselves from the full impact of what is happening. This dream image uses that possibility to show how traumas during our lifetime can cause aspects of our inner lives to become detached from the rest of us – another form of protection, shown in the dream as people floating on the ceiling. Bringing them back down from the ceiling, or back together, can be a first step in a healing process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I first woke up about 2:30am last night. I was having an odd dream, and I had a pretty bad sinus headache so that may have influenced it.

But all I remember of that dream, first dream, was I seem to be in a room with a couple other people, and there are some people that are kind of stuck up on the ceiling. And someone’s telling me that we can get them down by shooting them. We have something like a shotgun or something, and if we shot up there then maybe they would come the rest of the way down. That’s all I remember of that first dream.

John: The image that you have is an image that has to do with something that is out of sync with yourself. It’s a type of soul retrieval image, in which something has been shocked or jarred out of a grounded and rootedness that you are meant to maintain. And so you see that up on the ceiling.

And so the dream is running a flip to that thinking, okay, you get them down by shooting them. But they are up there because of a shock and a trauma. What you’re portraying is a dilemma that has been confusing the average person for a long, long time. The average person takes and they look out into the outer, and they attempt to function in relationship to the variables and events that they see in the outer.

They do not understand the greater principle, in which there is a soul quality that is universal, and then that soul quality has to be in a physical body, and that it has trouble being in a physical body because whenever there’s anything that’s about to happen, that can affect the physical body, it jumps, it moves. That’s why a person often times finds themselves out of body after a car accident, or some huge shocking thing, so that they don’t have to fully take in the blow.

The thing that’s so odd and unusual about this process, which is like a soul retrieval process where you have to stay rooted in the body, is that if this infinite, all-knowing quality can actually stay in the density of the physical body, the limited body, the combination of these two things coming together like this effectuates the means to making change in life through what would be considered the spirit energy.

In other words, not knowing how to put a word on how this works, it’s as if this process enables spirit and matter to become one and the same. And that this establishes something that the divine can’t do as the divine, and obviously the lower self, or the physical nature, that’s in a fixed animate state is extremely out of touch, and out of linkage. And that in order for a change to occur, the inner has to be in flow so that it comes and connects with the outer – and then something more becomes possible.

Now this is the driving force behind how something is supposed to kind of unfold, or be, cohesively. And your image is an image of an incohesive scenario, meaning that you have thrown off parts of yourself that you need. And a shaman would call that a feature of having a need for soul retrieval, meaning bits and pieces and parts of yourself that are on the ceiling.

You’ve shocked yourself. It’s like shooting yourself. You’ve shocked yourself so that that has occurred. When you pull that back together and hold that all in the body, so that the inner, then, as a spirit energy, functions in the matter of things, and can change the world, and change everything in its environment because it has intertwined and recognized the linkage.

When you do that, that is when you do something that is extremely radical, in that that’s when you can use the saying, that’s when God has returned to his world. In other words, everyone is waiting in their puritanical simple-minded way of looking at things, they’re waiting to see for Christ to return or something, and it’s kind of like a concept that everyone carries, but they don’t quite catch up with how it actually works.

It works through a quality of something coming from the infinite down into the limiting, and the combination of the two creates this whole process by which the spirit and the matter come together and function in a oneness. And, thus, when that happens the ability to change things readily, and change the world, is possible. And that is what it means for the divine, or the Christ-like or however they try to describe it, to return.

That’s what it means, and that is what is going on now. And so one of the things that makes this process difficult is you get inklings, everyone gets little inklings of something beyond the beyond, and that’s their intuition. That’s their active imagination. But because they’re splattered all over the place as in your dream image, parts of yourself all over the ceiling, you’re not able to bring it through. And if you were able to bring it through, then you could change, reshape, and design the world.

So the potency was seeing where you were at, your image was seeing where you’re at, that keeps you from doing what was just described as the intended process.

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