Pitfalls Along the Way

ma-cIt’s easy to think that when we make a breakthrough in our development that “we’ve made it,” or “we’ve arrived.” But the truth of it is that we have entered a new territory, a bigger territory – which is excellent – but this new territory has different requirements. Every elevation in a spiritual journey has different criteria that has to be met for us to be able to maintain what has been gained. That’s where our growth comes in because the new criteria is generally in the area of letting go of the personal and embracing the universal. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my dream I’m with people that put on seminars that I know from my past; like personal growth seminars or whatever. And it feels like they’re going to be putting a large seminar on in some city, and I think I’m undecided about going, but I do try to get there with two other people that I’ve hooked up with, a man and a woman, and the truck that we’re taking breaks down in some way.

And we’re having trouble getting to someplace. I mean it’s like something even rolls down a hill. I’m trying to help them put it back together, and I finally, in a sense, send them on their way. And then I realize I have to try to get there on my own.

Well, somehow I get to where I think it is. I’m suddenly on an island like Jamaica, or something like that. I’ve found a car. I realize I don’t know where on the island the seminar is. I don’t have any written material that tells me anything, so I drive to this town. I go into a town. I go into a room. I’m sitting down at the table.

When a man comes on what’s like a computer screen, and I realize that he’s sort of a right wing talker, and I’m filling out some paperwork in front of me, or writing on something, trying to figure out myself where I’m going, or where everyone would be, because I realize even though it’s an island I don’t know. I remember in my mind I have a picture of the resort where the people will be. I can see it, but I don’t know how to find it from where I am right now.

And I never had a flier or anything. So I get out something, maybe I find a computer screen or something, or a magazine, and I find an ad for the seminar. And I realize that the problem is that it’s something like I’m in Bermuda and the workshop is in Jamaica, or vice versa. I’m actually at the wrong place, wrong island.

So I can go back home and then try to figure out my way from there. I mean that sometimes seems like the best idea to me because I feel like without contacting where I’m going now, that I wouldn’t even know if they had space, plus I have mixed feelings about going. It’s kind of a group I had mixed feelings about going from the beginning so, you know, I don’t know whether to try to contact someone.

And it feels like where I’ve gone back to now, I’ve left the one island, I’ve gone back to somewhere. I’ve gone into a room where there’s another lady that was going to the seminar and I realize she’s kind of infatuated with one of the trainers that I know, and I know that’s an old pattern.

And I’m also looking like if I go and it feels like someplace I go and I walk out on a stage and I have to suddenly sing a song with someone, which surprises everybody because they were thinking everybody was getting up and singing a song, and I get up and do a duet with someone. You know, and that’s really like all I remember about it.

John: So this dream has to do with expanding one’s overall presence, or consciousness, in the outer. In other words, taking on the overallness of one’s being.

In other words, you’re in all things. To begin with it’s like a matter of things just break down, but to begin with, though, the very beginning, is you’re given a glimpse of going from one place to another place, almost as if the note is set, as the tuning fork note, that you are to go from where you’re at to another overallness.

And then the theme of the dreaming is one of then looking at the issues that get in the way. And first of all you don’t have the… maybe you can say it’s because you don’t have the energy or something, or the means upon which, to make the journey. So that as you strike out, you’re continually breaking down. That would be one pitfall.

The second pitfall would be that you would be feeling that, as you see yourself on an expanded overallness, that you have certain rights, or the right to take something as a closeness that is special to yourself – as opposed to throwing even that behind your back and going into the entire overallness.

The third limitation is that you feel that you, then, have a positioning that is entitled to conduct itself with other likekinded, likeminded, similar in focus energetics. And that indulgence also keeps you from having the full perspective of the overallness.

Now, the very first image or glimpse that you have of something compelling you to go from a position that you’re at to somewhere else, that very first image, there’s nothing wrong with that image. It sets the note. It’s kind of like every person has inside of themselves a kind of calling to go home, and that note itself has nothing wrong with it.

But, then, as this proceeds to unfold in terms of the way the feminine experiences this, is exuding and expanding her container energy into an overallness in which she takes on a wholeness of it all. As this expands, then that’s when the aspects, the various shifts, in doing this, occur.

In other words, the first thing you contend with is the breaking down, where you just don’t have enough energy. The second thing you have to contend with is the quality where you feel you have a natural aligned entitlement, or right, that you can take in for yourself, that belongs to you uniquely or something. The third is where you now factor yourself into the unfolding action of things, thinking that this is part of the unfoldment, but it’s not part of the unfoldment. It’s another pitfall along the way.

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