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flyYesterday we had the image of people floating up near the ceiling (see Soul Retrieval). Today, they are still flying around, but now they are able to come in for a landing. That’s real progress – on an inner level. And to be able to bring “friends” together, who are all aspects of the dreamer, is an even better outcome for the way the imagery unfolds because it points to the idea that inner connections are being made, which is important for the journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my dream I’m with my friend, Normandie, and I’m taking her to meet Sally, another friend, and it feels like first we’re kind of in the air flying along an ocean. And Sally’s going to meet us on this long beach, and Sally flies in in her airplane, and then we’ve gone up to a house.

The only thing I really see is the bedroom I’ve gone into, and I’m laying on the bed with Normandie and I’m sorting through some coins. They’re all kind of an ancient brassy color and I’m sorting out, they’re all round coins, but some are larger than others, and I’m sorting out some that might be Canadian, or from another country, and putting those a little more aside. So that I have all the coins in little stacks, so the like ones are with each other.

And then Sally’s gotten up, and it’s like I’ve been close with Normandie and now I’m going to pass her on to Sally. But the only problem Sally has is that she needs to fly over and pick up a friend of hers, a guy, who’s dying. It’s like she’s going to take him home. It feels like the guy who’s dying is also pregnant, which is odd but… And I’m showing Normandie Sally’s airplane, and how one can fit in it and everything.

And I’m also seeing a house near where Sally lives that some neighbors have, and it feels like I’m even exploring it. These people are leaving their house and maybe if we go there, you know, what’s available because they have a huge freezer full of all kinds of different kind of meats, and I don’t know if they’re taking that with them or not when they leave. I assume they are, but they’re showing me how they keep everything in the freezer right there. That’s all I remember.

John: The part of the dream that’s confusing is this flying business because, typically, what’s associated with flying is that you’re off the ground and therefore you’re not able to catch up with and grasp what’s important.

However, other than that, there’s something about the dream that indicates that what is going on has to do with a process that’s awakening. In other words, it’s like you’re finding parts of yourself, you’re bringing Normandie and Sally together by a beach. And from there you’re able to go to a house.

So from this landing, from this coming down, in terms of accessing and bringing the parts together, you’re able to discover something old about yourself. In other words, you’re able to catch up with something in terms of your inner power, inner awareness. And when you catch up with that, you’re actually awakening something, and so you’re able to work with those two parts of yourself instead of them being two separate parts of yourself. You’re able to work with them. You’re able to bring them together into a communion.

So that then results then again into going into another way of going off the ground, but at the same time exploring yourself, recognizing how going off the ground, instead of it being a delirium of some sort, you have expanded and developed a certain kind of grounded consciousness.

So this time when you come down after having gotten off the ground, but at the same time it’s no longer an off-the-ground kind of sensation in which you lose everything and go stupid. You actually understand something by having gotten off the ground. In other words, you’re able to handle that. Normally you cannot handle that aspect of being too transcendent.

And so this time when you come back on the ground you’re able to be more wooded, which is like a quality of kind of a natural raw energy. You have access now to the things of the blood, the meat. In other words, you’re able to work more with the redness of things. But all of this is made possible by a journey that, from the initial concepts what person would from past ways of looking at dreams, would have considered this to not make sense.

In other words, the dream starts with you being transcendent, or off the ground, and therefore more unconscious and out of touch with parts of yourself. But as you ground, you ground between the two worlds. You know, you’re on a shoreline, and in that grounding you are able to pull together two disjoint and different parts of yourself, Sally and Normandie, and in that process of doing that you catch up with an energy – that’s what the money is – if you can discover an old part of yourself and be awakened.

When it reawakens you go off the ground again, but you don’t go completely totally back into the normal delirium. You now have with you the two parts that had been disjointed before, which is Normandie and Sally, and then you’re able to come down again in a more rooted way where you’re able to work with something that’s directly in the rusticness of life, in the red, in the blood. So this process is actually making you more conscious. In other words, you’re describing a process that is an unfoldment that is more conscious.

The coming down from the transcendent down into a groundedness is like an out-breath, and for the feminine to make an out-breath she’s coming into her naturalness, because the theme of the dreaming had to do with spirit energy coming into matter. And so, the spirit energy, which is kind of the action moving force of the overall soul, comes down into matter, into the shoreline, into life. When it does that that means the soul is coming down and through.

It’s no longer a bewilderment, in that it is enabling something to awaken and open up, and there’s a recognition of a deeper part of your being, a deeper part meaning, you know, the bits and parts that had been just kind of disconsolate have come together. With that is a type of sweeping up that results, because you’ve picked up speed and whatnot, where you’re able to then go back up in the in-breath, back up a bit into the transcendent, which is somehow or another bringing something back and home – and you’re okay with that.

You’re not losing yourself and going totally unconscious, which is what typically happens on the in-breath because that true home state where the in-breath turns to the out-breath is a state of bliss, but you’re unconscious to it and off the ground. You’re going back up there, and you’re coming back down into life again. This time you haven’t lost, you still are holding onto the other parts of yourself, so you’re able to then come down into the woodedness of life, into the bloodline of things where something more is stored and maintained that is vital to the sustenance of the greater being. You’re coming down into that and, in doing that, you’re finding more parts of yourself because this time there’s a couple other people. And this time these are people that you didn’t know before, but now you’ve come to know. You can take that in.

Before when you can’t handle something that is happening because you’re not dealing properly with the spirit energy coming through, before if you ran into something that was too much in the outer you would actually shut down, you’d actually go into a state of bewilderment. You’d normally be disassociated from that spirit energy coming into matter, but this process you’re making it work. What you’ve done is you’ve put a new spin on the flying. It depends what level of the dreaming one is at in terms of dreaming.

For most people dreaming that involves flying has to do with them being ungrounded and they need to come down and own themselves more, and that’s true in this case, but there’s something to be said about that transcendent off the ground space where the greater beingness is at, too, that you have a means of being okay up there because you are coming into your own in terms of the spirit energy, in the matter of yourself.

In which it is said the feminine never actually really loses that. That’s because of her correlation and naturalness in creation. She is matter already, so to speak, in that regard. And that the masculine can and does lose it, and tends to get a little more light and floaty, can lose that basis. And so for the masculine to be flying is a more disjointed situation for him. His naturalness is to try to deal with the density of something in the outer, because his propensity is to want to be transcendent as a way of taking off the pressure.

For the feminine, she wants to be grounded. Basically she wants to be grounded. To realize the bits of the other transcendent side of herself is too much, yet through the connection that she has with her spirit energy in matter as a rootedness, as a groundedness, so that she maintains a cognition, holds onto a base of herself, she is able to take, and seek, and experience the side of herself that’s more masculine, that comes by allowing herself to venture forth, to venture into this domain that appears to be off the ground, but she has a good solid base.

Each time she is doing this, she’s going back and forth. Each time she’s going back and forth, she’s actually becoming more conscious and more whole. She’s making a journey, a cycle of creation, without there being an amnesia each time. It can look a little bit like that in terms of how you used to look at that, but in this particular case the results are different because the results are a revealing and awakening process by this process of unfoldment.

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soul-loss-retrievalIt is not uncommon for children to astral travel, but it often can be brought about by an unhappiness in their situation. As adults, we can detach ourselves from our body during a traumatic event to protect ourselves from the full impact of what is happening. This dream image uses that possibility to show how traumas during our lifetime can cause aspects of our inner lives to become detached from the rest of us – another form of protection, shown in the dream as people floating on the ceiling. Bringing them back down from the ceiling, or back together, can be a first step in a healing process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I first woke up about 2:30am last night. I was having an odd dream, and I had a pretty bad sinus headache so that may have influenced it.

But all I remember of that dream, first dream, was I seem to be in a room with a couple other people, and there are some people that are kind of stuck up on the ceiling. And someone’s telling me that we can get them down by shooting them. We have something like a shotgun or something, and if we shot up there then maybe they would come the rest of the way down. That’s all I remember of that first dream.

John: The image that you have is an image that has to do with something that is out of sync with yourself. It’s a type of soul retrieval image, in which something has been shocked or jarred out of a grounded and rootedness that you are meant to maintain. And so you see that up on the ceiling.

And so the dream is running a flip to that thinking, okay, you get them down by shooting them. But they are up there because of a shock and a trauma. What you’re portraying is a dilemma that has been confusing the average person for a long, long time. The average person takes and they look out into the outer, and they attempt to function in relationship to the variables and events that they see in the outer.

They do not understand the greater principle, in which there is a soul quality that is universal, and then that soul quality has to be in a physical body, and that it has trouble being in a physical body because whenever there’s anything that’s about to happen, that can affect the physical body, it jumps, it moves. That’s why a person often times finds themselves out of body after a car accident, or some huge shocking thing, so that they don’t have to fully take in the blow.

The thing that’s so odd and unusual about this process, which is like a soul retrieval process where you have to stay rooted in the body, is that if this infinite, all-knowing quality can actually stay in the density of the physical body, the limited body, the combination of these two things coming together like this effectuates the means to making change in life through what would be considered the spirit energy.

In other words, not knowing how to put a word on how this works, it’s as if this process enables spirit and matter to become one and the same. And that this establishes something that the divine can’t do as the divine, and obviously the lower self, or the physical nature, that’s in a fixed animate state is extremely out of touch, and out of linkage. And that in order for a change to occur, the inner has to be in flow so that it comes and connects with the outer – and then something more becomes possible.

Now this is the driving force behind how something is supposed to kind of unfold, or be, cohesively. And your image is an image of an incohesive scenario, meaning that you have thrown off parts of yourself that you need. And a shaman would call that a feature of having a need for soul retrieval, meaning bits and pieces and parts of yourself that are on the ceiling.

You’ve shocked yourself. It’s like shooting yourself. You’ve shocked yourself so that that has occurred. When you pull that back together and hold that all in the body, so that the inner, then, as a spirit energy, functions in the matter of things, and can change the world, and change everything in its environment because it has intertwined and recognized the linkage.

When you do that, that is when you do something that is extremely radical, in that that’s when you can use the saying, that’s when God has returned to his world. In other words, everyone is waiting in their puritanical simple-minded way of looking at things, they’re waiting to see for Christ to return or something, and it’s kind of like a concept that everyone carries, but they don’t quite catch up with how it actually works.

It works through a quality of something coming from the infinite down into the limiting, and the combination of the two creates this whole process by which the spirit and the matter come together and function in a oneness. And, thus, when that happens the ability to change things readily, and change the world, is possible. And that is what it means for the divine, or the Christ-like or however they try to describe it, to return.

That’s what it means, and that is what is going on now. And so one of the things that makes this process difficult is you get inklings, everyone gets little inklings of something beyond the beyond, and that’s their intuition. That’s their active imagination. But because they’re splattered all over the place as in your dream image, parts of yourself all over the ceiling, you’re not able to bring it through. And if you were able to bring it through, then you could change, reshape, and design the world.

So the potency was seeing where you were at, your image was seeing where you’re at, that keeps you from doing what was just described as the intended process.

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50It’s okay to admit that, when we begin, we are lost. That’s only a problem when we don’t know it. What’s much more important is that we know that there is something else to be found. In the early days, we may think that’s just a better version of ourselves. Yet if we keep going, deeper and deeper, we’ll come to realize that what we seek is something much bigger than us, but that we do have our place in it. And that’s when our universal story really begins. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I wish I remembered my dream better, but it seemed to be about, it’s almost like we’d watched the program on Lincoln last night, and so in my dream it feels like Lincoln has been assassinated and I’m trying to investigate, but it’s in modern times.

And the place where I have to go investigate it’s on a large factory floor, in a way, because there’s all this machinery around. And so when I first go in I actually park my car inside the factory, but I have to find a place to park it where it’s out of the way of a lot of heavy machinery.

And at first I feel like I’m kind of given the runaround by people there, and so then I go back and it feels like I find two women that I think know more about this. I follow them onto the factory floor and to where the car is, and I’ve changed where the car is parked so that I can drive around the factory better, I think.

That’s about all I remember. I didn’t really pull a lot of details out of the dream because I always seem to be busy investigating, or trying to get to the bottom of something.

John: So in the dream you have this energetic as if you’re trying to find something on the inner that has to do with an understanding in regards to Lincoln being shot, right? And then the place where you find yourself is like in a factory where there’s a lot of noise going on. And so you have a displacement, now, between the two.

The aspect behind the meaningfulness and the essence of significance, with regards to Lincoln, or this quality that has been shot, or that you know exists but isn’t quickened and present for you. Instead you’re in an environment in which there are a lot of machines. The significance of the car, and that image, is giving you information about how it is that you relate – on an inner level – with yourself, in terms of yourself, in terms of the depths of yourself.

The theme of the dreaming has to do with where a person is at in relationship to a depth of themselves, on an inner level. And, in looking at that, you can involve speed, you can involve the depth, all of these things come into play, but you have to also look at this dream in terms of the state that you’re in.

There’s three primary states. The dense one, the one that everybody goes through, you know, that’s part of being lost in life, is the journey away from God, as it’s called, which is a journey in which you’re going out and you’re doing whatever your particular notionality is, living off of your mind and your senses, and trying to make the best out of things in the outer. And you treat the outer as if that’s all there is. And so that’s a lower-self nature.

Then there’s the journey in which you’re traveling towards God, and in that journey you’re working on your shadow dynamics. You are kind of doing a top-down approach, in other words, where something is coming from the top down but it’s hitting all of this rust, and nuances, and naff and whatever you want to call this, that’s cluttering your nature, is holding you back, that’s defining your journey towards God, or limiting your journey towards traveling towards God. And you work on that. And so you would have dreams, then, with these various nuances and other dynamics then, in chase scenes or anything else.

And this dream isn’t in that state, either. This dream is in the third state, the state in which you’re traveling in God, so you’re in the warehouse. You’re trying to figure out where you need to be parked in the place.

And it’s kind of like starting anew now, when you’re traveling in God, because now you can be affected by distractions. I mean you’re more hypertensive, you’ve got the noises there you have to contend with, and yet you know that there is something that you need to catch up, with that has been killed, that needs to be understood in your nature.

And in every dream, even when you’re traveling in God, you can’t be too presumptuous that you don’t have still some degree of shadow dynamics, like if you have another woman or something like that. You still have inklings of the traveling towards God stuff that you also have to work with.

The big difference, though, in taking the journey into traveling in God is that is when you can start to do the work. That’s when you can change the story. When you’re still dwelling upon your own predicament, yes, to some degree that’s helpful, makes you a petter person, makes you relate and touch life in a better way – but it’s still kind of about you.

But when you start traveling in God, it’s about something else coming into an awareness that then facilitates an awakening that has to do with the whole, not just you. You’re intertwined, and so you’re in this warehouse. You’re in this process of traveling in God, but it doesn’t look very good. I mean you’re affected by this flicker of something that’s been killed, and how to better understand it, and you’re not making very good headway because you don’t know where to park and the machinery is noisy.

I had this broken up into the various segments, but that’s probably the way the masculine does, it breaks things up into segments as opposed to you just getting it in a fell swoop, and you then have to denote where things are at. To understand the dream you can’t apply the typical dynamics because it’s not in that state. It’s in the zone of traveling in God.

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