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6b0We could look at life in this way: humans are the most alien thing in the universe. The reason that statement can be made is that all things are part of the structure and processes of the universe but, in the case of humans, we have freedom of choice and have to choose to operate according to the universal plan. That’s what a spiritual journey makes possible – living in a way that incorporates us back into the universal. To make that journey, we must die to our personal view of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in the dream that I remember, it’s like this detective had come to the house and wanted to get blood samples and things from me because of a murder. I think it was a girl that had been murdered. He thought I was suspicious because maybe she’d gone out with somebody I knew, or something like that.

Anyway, it was some kind of a love triangle, so he was convinced that I’d done it, which I hadn’t, but he was there at the house and he got blood samples. Well then he leaves, and it feels like I have this boyfriend and I see him, and then he leaves town. And while he leaves town, then I find out that a detective is returning to the house.

I’m not anxious to give more blood samples or anything, but I take a shower and I get ready. Then the boyfriend shows up first, I think, and I’ve put on my boots and everything and I go out to meet a detective. Well this time it’s another detective, and I’m a little guarded because I’m not interested in giving more blood samples and everything, and I think that he’s there about a girl that had been murdered, maybe that used to go out with my boyfriend and that’s why they’re suspecting me.

But then in the middle of the interview I find out that the person who’s been murdered this time was a previous detective, and I’m just really shocked. I can’t believe that because, even though he was really pushy and everything, I liked him, and I just can’t believe that. Maybe they thought they were suspicious of me because he’d been pushing me to see whether or not I’d murdered this other girl, which I hadn’t.

But now I’m just in total shock because something has happened to that first detective, because I felt like even though he was pushy he was just doing his job, so I can’t believe that something’s happened to him. That’s all I remember of the dream.

John: The theme of the dreaming last night was this process in which one makes a shift to the point where it’s harder to remember the way something was, in terms of how it worked, kind of a two-way deal, like an inner and an outer, that are separate.

It’s hard to remember that because what has happened is that one finds themselves intertwined in a way in which something has shifted. And you only perceive, the way you perceive, is simply in terms of how it is has shifted and changed. In fact, you can’t seem to go back to looking at it in a way that it had been looked at before.

Well, that’s me struggling with trying to find the masculine way of looking at the detail, the factuality, the energy flow. It’s just the nature of the masculine to have to try to by bringing in an energy to distinguish how something is

But you don’t really distinguish very well if you shift completely. And what you have is just a quality in which you cannot find yourself, other than as the matter of which you’re totally intertwined, or immersed in.

And so you have a dream of this in an overallness in which you are in a state in which whatever is going on is, in some capacity, correlated to how you are on the deepest of all levels. And the deepest of all levels is, the symbolism that you use, is the blood. In other words, the blood orientation of yourself will determine how you are intertwined with all that there is that is going on in life.

Now, the separate outer aspect of what has occurred, you can’t find that anymore. That isn’t findable. Instead, whatever it is that has occurred directly affects you such that parts of yourself have to be examined, the blood aspect of yourself has to be examined, to see to what degree or how it is, how correlated you are to what is happening in the overall. And so as time progresses you come to recognize, or have a familiarity with it, in other words the one cop that was going to be doing the blood test who passes away. He was murdered.

In other words, he got too close to understanding the issue of something, got too clear, and he had nothing to do with it, just like you had nothing to do with it, in terms of the outer way of looking at it because you are everything. What has transpired is at the essence of your being. In other words, it’s like you’ve heard the expression that how we are, that we’re responsible for everything that occurs in the environment. You know the fact that we eat meat or use oil products in which to extract the oil products a lot of havoc is done on mother earth and to other people and the environment takes a beating from that.

Well, we’re all intertwined with that, and we all have our part of that, and no one is innocent because to some degree we are a living being structure in relationship to all that there is that exists and, therefore, have culpability, even though when you break it down to outer aspects we may not have the direct involvement, but we still are intertwined with it vibrationally because it is the vibration that we carry that leads to the louder aspect in the outer.

Well, in your dream you no longer relate to any of that. You are all of that. You are in the matter of things and, therefore, because you’re in the matter of things the blood has to be explored, and you cannot relate to the direct consequences of what occurred because, in terms of trying to think that sort of thing through in that way in terms of separation, in terms of the duality of things, you don’t function in that capacity anymore.

Yet if examined closely you’re still culpable because what you’re made out of all things were made out of, and so you’re in everything. And so if a person gets too close to that, they just die. They die to the outer, and they come alive on the inner, an inner in which the spirit energy is accentuated as being just matter, the matter of things.

You are responsible for the matter of things in everything that occurs. You have no means of denying culpability. It is there simply in terms of the fact that you are in… I mean the feminine is the matter, is manifestation, and you are everything in manifestation. And when you come to know that, you die to the outer.

The part that’s trying to figure this thing out in an outer context, it got lost. It died. You know, it so-called got killed, it got slain. It is only able to exist or be as the matter of it all. And when that happened, of course that must have been quite a shock inside when the part that you liked, that was drawing the blood, and then there’s more that keeps examining the same thing in terms of the innerness of the innerness of it all. It just goes on and on and on and on, convinced with a focus that it’s going to discover through taking these blood tests, an aspect in some fashion of how it is that you’re associated with what has taken place.

And, if looked at from the merged essence of spirit energy in matter, it will find it because you are connected and tied to everything that exists. So that was quite an interesting dream.

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