A Proper Flow

g8411940How does a dream show the need and capability of the dreamer to incorporate themselves into a whole? In this example, the four directions of north, south, east, and west are used as an image of bringing all things together in a completeness. And, as we are all the characters in our dreams, getting the dancers to be in sync means that the dreamer is seeking to put different aspects of themselves into sync. In that way, a human life can mirror the processes of creation, or be less like themselves and more like the universe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in one dream, and I don’t know if it was the first or the second dream, it feels like I’m supposed to be… I’m participating in some kind of a contest where maybe I have to train a group of dancers or people.

Instead of training the group as one group that does things in a line, I finally figure out that the best way, or the solution, is to train the group in the form of a square. So you’d have people on one… you know the north, south, east, and west, all in a line.

And then I had to figure out a way to work with the group, training them all to be formed in that shape when they performed. That was that dream.

John: That dream’s just showing you that, in terms of holding an overallness, that it’s important that you… and in the overallness there’s a flow, and that you can’t hold the balance to that unless you take into account the wholeness, there’s four sides. And more specifically, north, south, east, and west.

You know, it’s almost like a dream that kind of infers back to an image that you had of yourself, long ago, in which you were standing there with the four winds going through you, and you were able to be empty enough so that that could just occur.

In other words, you did that in an emptiness, and in almost a stillness, just able to let that happen. And in this particular instance – and that was more of an inner image of yourself in relationship to manifestation – and this is more of an image in manifestation, in terms of how you contend with parts of yourself, that are in the outer, that need to work in a cohesion.

It’s an aspect of spirit energy being in the matter, as opposed to spirit energy flowing through you as a vehicle. Like in the image from long ago, as a vehicle in which it effuses in an environment in a way that isn’t apparent, or obvious, because you’re doing it from the standpoint of an inner emptiness – almost like higher-self transcendence.

And, in this image, it’s more like you are in the physical connecting to the matter of things in a north, south, east, and west direction, or the four flows. And, as an image of fourness, you are doing it as a completeness, or as a wholeness. And it’s an image in which you know that what needs to be whole has to be pulled together in this capacity.

In other words, for the flow to be a viable flow it has to function with a dynamic, and the underlying dynamic is the spirit energy in matter, or the spirit energy in all things. If your attention is just in one capacity, and you’re missing and not taking into account other key aspects of the wholeness of things, then you cannot properly flow.

In other words, if you had any limitations, or personal constructs, to your being when you’re standing there with the four winds going through you, the old image, the four winds wouldn’t be able to go through you if there’s any part of you still trying to effectuate the situation. In this particular case you have the spirit energy coming down into matter, all of that flow coming down into matter, and to come into matter it needs to be effusive in all directions, and in all ways, and when it is able to do so, then that’s when the flow is proper.

So this is like an image that, in keeping with the schematic of the theme of things, is where that which is normally aloof, such as a raging wind flowing through you standing on high, almost in a higher-self sense, aloof to things, but able to effectuate something. But from another plane, now, you’re down in matter able to do that.

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