Into the Matter

110geIt’s an ongoing issue: thinking we are always supposed to be doing things, i.e., we’re going to connect the universe together through our brain understanding. But that’s not really the way of a spiritual process, because the universe is just fine, thanks. It is us, as a species, and each of us as individuals, that is separate from that wholeness. And it is our obsession with a personalized view of life that keeps us separate. So to reconnect, what is most important is to stop doing the things that serve to alienate us from the whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this next dream, I travel to visit someplace like Thailand with a man and two women. And the man seems a little fractured, like maybe he’s missing his girlfriend or something, and the two women are maybe going to take a nap or something.

And I decide to go out and explore a bit on my own. I know there are other people around who are sightseeing or, you know, walking around. I kind of follow behind some of them to see where they’re going.

I have to go down a series of steps, or plateaus almost like, and at times sometimes they’ll almost disappear from under your feet and you have to balance on the little railing. It’s a little tricky, and so I have to keep my eye on that.

And then I notice where people go, and I might just go up and, you know, diverge to the right and go look into a building to see what kind of little shop or restaurant they’ve gone in, and even walk over and look at the dining room to see – I’m kind of curious about what they eat here, how things are decorated.

And when I’ve gone down about three or four levels, you know, I’ve gone into one place and one of the tourists, a woman, is coming by and she’s wearing a leather jacket, she’s complaining about that it wasn’t really good quality. It’s already showing some marks on it, and somebody else is remarking that she knows the merchants in the area and usually they wouldn’t give you anything defective, you know that she thinks that if she took it back to the person that he’d exchange it. But she’s not sure whether she’s just been, you know, ripped off or what you know.

I’m just observing that. And then as I’m heading back to where we’re staying, I go into a restaurant just to check out what that looks like, and I keep going on these levels back to where I am, but now I get back and I don’t know where the girls are and, like I said, the guy is kind of disoriented so I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do from there. That’s all I remember of the dream.

John: From the prior dream, you dealt with all of the various components that are necessary in order for there to be a connective link in the outer. And, in this dream, you’re trying to find how to tie all of that together, and so you’ve gone to “tie – land” to try to figure that out. And wherever you’re at there is something that’s not quite in cadence.

So, you’re attempting to make the linkage, or connection, by way of how the unfoldment in life covers every direction, in other words, has a wholeness to it in manifestation, which is in keeping with the quality of the feminine nature that it carries the spirit energy inside of itself and just needs to quit, you know, a particular overindulgence.

And your second dream, or the dream, indicates that what’s holding you back there is you think you still need to connect the dots, or tie things together, when in your first dream it takes and makes a large statement in terms of being able to funnel things into a completeness because you’re able to take in all the directions, or all of the features, all of the factors, everything in matter.

And the only way you can do that is if you go into the matter, and when you go into the matter then you come to know all of that. But if you don’t come into matter, then you’re still trying to tie the combinations of things together because you haven’t quite gotten into this way of being that is the change agent in the world.

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