Knowing Your Space

9931Sometimes it’s obvious to us when events we are dealing with knock us off our game. Other times it’s much more subtle, but the effect is the same: we may lose our equilibrium for a few days, and slowly we get back to what we call “normal.” That’s usually a matter of processing out what has affected us. Yet dreams can help us shorten that process dramatically by showing us that we are out of sorts, and giving us a neutral background to view things against. Over time, that helps us recognize the process when it crops up. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My last dream, I’m at a university and I want to take part in something, but I also see that some people have come to the university, that I used to know, and they’re going to put on a whole weekend seminar. So I want to move around; I’m looking for something.

And when I come and I want to go into a certain part of the university, I see that rather than it operating like it normally does that they’re requiring people to show cards or something. And then I see all these people lined up in these seats that go up to the bleacher, and I realize that the friends that I knew had organized a weekend personal growth seminar of some kind and these are the people that are waiting to go into it.

And I’m thinking I might say hello to my friends that are running it, but I really consider those kinds of things a waste of time now, but that is what all of them do so, you know, it’s not really my concern.

I find a way, while everybody’s busy doing that, to just kind of walk around where they have the checkpoint and everything, and go ahead and go through some buildings looking for whatever I’m looking for.

Well, I go into one building. I find myself in a bedroom that’s above another bedroom, and I go down into the lower bedroom. I think maybe some friends I know are going to be staying there, but when I peek in I see that there’s actually somebody in the bedroom so I kind of peek back out and I go upstairs.

Well, when I go back upstairs where I had four pillows before, now there’s only two pillows and then pretty soon I turn around and those two pillows are gone. So I’m feeling like I have to look for it or replace them before I leave, but I don’t want to go downstairs because there’s someone in that room now, and maybe I’m not going to be able to replace the pillows. I just don’t know what happened to them

So I look to go back outside. That’s all I really remember of that dream. I think there was another little part but I’ll have to see if it pops back in.

John: That’s a dream that has both a positive and negative way of looking at it, too. Taking it down the middle because, in light of the other dreams, I don’t think you talk about it positively. And you don’t necessarily talk about it negatively because there was a positive side to it. When you take it down the middle, you bring up the word: subordination.

What you’ve done in this image is you’ve created an environmental vibration. You have a bedroom below and a bedroom up above, essentially what you have is you have different vibratory flows. And you’re not sorting that out very well, so you’re creating a subordination.

When you’re not able to hold your own space properly, then you’re affected by things in your environment. You’re affected by something below. You’re affected by the area and, in your case, you use the image of a bedroom down below, and a bedroom up above, and you use pillows to denote things. And, how do you take what is going on into account in a balanced way?

Well, the balanced way is the four pillows still remain, don’t they? Or you’ll have a subordination. Or, a positive way is that you let go of something that is a side of yourself that is affected in some manner, or having to take into account something in some manner, you let go of it so it disappears, goes from four pillows down to two pillows.

But your dream isn’t going to make sense in relationship to the theme the way the other three dreams meant to throw into a positive mode like that. Instead it makes more sense from the standpoint that you’re doing something in kind of a bewilderment. You’re affected by the environment, so basically the dream shows that you’re not properly holding your space.

And from the other dreams, you’re finding out that you’re not making a shift. So essentially what I would say about your dreaming last night is that you were more affected by the scenario of things, and that effect on the scenario of things has made you self-conscious – so that you don’t know your own space anymore.

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