Knowing the Game

unti29292tledMost spiritual paths and religions point to the need to merge with something, whether it is called God, or a Oneness, or any number of other variations. And perhaps that tells us something about our human experience, here, on a planet, in a physical body. Being physical, we can’t be fully integrated into what is going on at birth, but maybe that is the work of our lifetime: to find ways to connect with what is already in process – by any name. Because there can only be one purpose and process at play in the universe, and we can choose to become a part of that. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my main dream, I’m in this card game. In the card game you’ll have stacks of colored chips, like one might be all blue, or all red, or all white, whatever, but as you play the game, the game seems to go fast as cards are laid down.

There’s lots of people playing and the stacks of chips seem to move forward in a certain pattern, kind of a zigzag pattern or something, too, as you play. Well, I’m new to the game. I’m kind of playing along, you know, just kind of observing this, how it’s played as I’m playing along, but then suddenly I get dealt this hand that I know is a real exceptional hand, like I have almost all the aces in the deck but one, and other high cards in the suits. And I know I can’t play this hand like I played all the other hands because it’s exceptional.

On the other hand, no one has really explained the game to me, so suddenly someone who’s kind of to the right of me, and everything has to be done fairly fast, is explaining it to me. But I can tell the person on the left of me is annoyed at this because I think they think you just have to figure it out. And I’m listening because, you know, things move so fast I have to try to see if I can catch up as best I can. And that was the main dream.

John: So the chips represent the quality that exists in manifestation, in which you have the polarity of things. In other words, you could say, I suppose, that nothing would take place if you didn’t have expansion or contraction.

In other words, it’s the only thing going on, so to speak, is expansion and contraction, because if you take that out then all you have would be stillness. Well, in manifestation you have the gravity of things, that lead to the compositing, the formation of matter. Because without gravity nothing could be solidified into a state that isn’t just unbounded spirit energy in an empty wholeness.

And so you’re shown a game of life in which you have the energized qualities that you have to contend with. They’re energized, and they move, and they seem to have an aliveness or a magnetism of their own because of the polarity that exists in terms of manifestation.

And so you’re confronted with the common problem that everyone has when placed in the illusion of this place, and that is: how do you play the hand? And you play the hand in a world which has the magnetic variables going at it, you’re having to try to relate to those features and factors, the polarity.

Whenever you have a magnetism, you have a duality. The whole kundalini energy is based upon that, in terms of its part in the outer. And this magnetism is perpetuated by that aspect of the kundalini energy that comes into life and is able to give birth, or manifest, in matter. 

And so this is all we seem to know. In other words, our astronomers could take and study everything else and realize that basically when you get outside of the atmosphere of this place that the things are different. You don’t have the composite of matter. You have a weightlessness. You don’t have the polarity, and therefore you have just nothing but a huge empty space of nothingness – and yet there is an aliveness in that nothingness, but we are not able to access that very well.

In other words, we’re made out of the stardust of things, but the stardust of things includes this empty space, and the spirit energy bounded in a manifestation which has this magnetic polarity of things, and so everything in our makeup that’s bounded like this is affected, and has adopted, and adapted to the conditions of magnetism, opposites expanding and contracting qualities, where you have the expanding quality of a soul with the higher self, and the contracting quality of the conditions of manifestation.

And so a human being lives with the senses that work to grasp the outer conditions that are bounded in manifestation, and so you tend to view everything as separate because when you have polarity and you have magnetism you have differentiation. It’s probably no different than the school of thought that used to exist long, long ago that the Earth was flat and you could fall off the edge of the Earth and fall into a nothingness or something.

And then it came to be discovered that everything is held in place by some sort of natural law of which, then, a species is able to evolve based upon the magnetism that exists on planet Earth, and that without this very specialized way that things are, you would not have life as we know it. You would have life though, wouldn’t you, but how would it be? It would be in its essence as a quality of spirit energy.

So, in your game, what you’re doing is you’re having to contend, you’re having to go into a delirium. In your dream you’re taking and you’re looking at the aliveness of these chips. I mean they’re kind of like pent up raring to go, and you need to understand the principles of momentum in the outer because all of a sudden you’re presented with something to have to live, to do, a way of having to be, and you’re going to have to do this in relationship to the loci of this place, even though with inside of yourself there are these other levels or universes that exist.

The illusion comes in because you have to contend with conditions bounded by the magnetism and polarities of everything that is then bounded in terms of opposites, and polarities, and a contrast. And you, in your physicality, are put together in composite with this kind of atmosphere, and you’re nature as you know it could not, and would not, exist if this were to go away.

So what you’re dream is doing is it’s taking you to the point of portraying the condition you’re in. It’s not giving you the piece of that image. It’s just saying that this is how it is. You now have to know this game, because you have to play this hand that you’ve been dealt.

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