That Trapped Feeling

tuThere are many levels to the images we dream. At their simplest, they can be a reflection of events or situations in our life. Yet even such images usually have a deeper meaning to them because our subconscious is using the “normal” images to show us something else. In this instance, the dreamer is trying to escape. Sometimes that can point to an inner resistance to making a connection, or to facing a reality. Yet it can also speak of the larger issue of seeking to escape from the limitations that being in a physical body places upon us. And, of course, that escape is made through higher, universal, processes. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well my dreams were somewhat jumbled up last night because it felt like I was dreaming so much, with so many people, they would just flow from one to the other. And it was confusing, like when you came to bed and you got stuck under the sheet or something, it’s like that flowed into something in my dream where you were my sister instead of you, whatever she was doing in the dream at the time.

The only dream I remember is the one right before I woke up, and in that dream it’s like I’m trying to get away. And it’s like I live somewhere where I can go from one room to the other, and there’s even a room where they have like some grass that’s growing about several feet high.

So there’s myself, there seems to be a child, and then there’s a third person that seems to change, and I’m trying to get them away by crawling in a path through this grass, where we can lay flat, and to try not to be noticed.

And it feels like when we get to an area where I can get them away from where we are, and we go outside, there’s some places where there are even some flatbed trucks and some people that are tying some things down on them, they’re going to leave. And they’re complete strangers, but I feel like I can go over and they’ll help us. You know, they’ll kind of let us ride with them until we can get away from where we are, and go on to where we want to go.

So it was one of those dreams where things would just keep shifting, and you think someone will come in the room and they were gong to see you, but they would be talking and maybe they’d miss seeing you, so you could continue on. It just was too jumbled to make anything coherent out of.

John: This is the condition that the feminine goes through when it has the sense in its chakra fiber nature of the spirit energy that is inside, that it cannot access. And, as a consequence, it’s kind of like being in a type of prison, that you need to try to somehow free yourself from, or escape from.

The going into it is the image of the masculine. The coming out of it is the image of the feminine. The masculine goes to something, as if it wants something, as if it needs something. That’s the image of the masculine trying to access the spirit energy that is imbedded in matter, access it in a way so that it becomes free in a condition that’s outside of gravity, that’s outside of a duality, that’s outside of a density.

Because if it doesn’t do that, if it doesn’t access that, if it doesn’t release that, if it doesn’t find that it doesn’t get grounded. In other words, grounding has a slightly different term, now, when you look at it from the standpoint of the cosmos, and the aspect of how spirit energy works. Grounding is a trait in which you come all the way down into the planes of loci in manifestation – without the constraints of gravity.

Because if you play with the rules of gravity, you then get caught in duality. You get caught in the images and reflections of things. And so the masculine has to come into matter to find the essence of something. Through the pure focus and concentration, they need to find that essence of things in matter, meaning the spirit energy in a state of emptiness, in a state of nothingness.

In a condition of gravity, in a situation of this kind of atmosphere that we live in, it’s like you are trapped, or prisoners, to your senses and what you perceive, in terms of all around you. And so, because the feminine carries that spirit energy, she is matter, and she carries then that in her beingness. It’s not off the ground, so to speak, or in this on high or other zone of lightness from which the masculine carries it.

For her it is a condition of being trapped, needing to break free, needing to escape, and that’s what she’s trying to break free of. In the higher-self domain she is trying to extricate herself from the condition of being caught in a poison, in which she can’t see herself in terms of her real image of who she is, because the magnetism, and the density, and all of that creates a density in which, as matter, she remains unconscious in terms of the spirit energy of her wholeness, of the oneness.

Isn’t that interesting you dreamt that?

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