A Need to Proceed

opporteWe have been looking at all the ways we chase connections, or miss connections, or run from connections in dreams. These are all indicators of where we are in the process of letting something new from the inner arise and become a part of our lives. But sometimes a connection is only available for a moment, and that moment needs to be seized or it can be lost. In this dream, a brief pause loses an opportunity. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I start off already charged, so to speak, and am in a building in which there is a person who is making a public address, in other words is communicating, you know, to kind of an auditorium of people that are there, who have come for something in a connective nature way.

And he is there to disseminate and facilitate the intertwining of various orientations. Well, this speaker is located in kind of an area in what would be almost as if there’s a front area, and then there’s the auditorium, but behind him there are aisles and corridors and they connect to tables where people sit to eat. And behind that these corridors and aisles continue to various objects or orientations that need to be interconnected.

So I’m sitting in the auditorium, in the third row on the right-hand side, and I have no trouble being there because the inflection of the first dream propels me with ease to this, I clearly see what I seek, and it is located behind there in the back. It’s currently blocked off from direct access, but the means to get to this, to notice how I can appropriate a cart and go down, and how the aisle can be cleared from whatever it is that’s blocking it, and I can visualize that even though things are preoccupied I know how to change that.

And I also am kind of… because I can tell by the way people are sitting at tables up there and I can read their general mood and mannerism, I can’t see behind me. I don’t look behind me. I just know that what I seek, and what I can see up there, it’s a little blocked off, but I can see a means to get to it. I recognize it’s unusual, meaning rare, it’s not something you tend to find or recognize to be in common with others that are here. And so I feel that I’m in a position where things that are meant to be will find their course.

So the final link between myself and this object, which is an energetic thing, comes from a person who is directly facing everyone who is seated. In other words, that’s that person that like makes a public address or something, or tends to pull an overall orientation together, and the time has arrived where he asks: who would like additional information on the items behind him?

That orientation, or that information, actually disseminates those items. In other words, when you denote it, then that additional information is all you need as kind of the click point to where now the two come together.

So the hands go up, and I know that you just need to say something now and it will be. All kinds of hands go up, more than I had expected. In other words, there’s like a more general clarity than I realized, and yet then you have to flush that from the inner inflection into something that just breaks it through into life. And all I would have to say was the name of the company, or the object.

But I know that what it is that I seek to be rather rare and unique, in my opinion, so I pause thinking to let some of the more common items to get announced first. To my surprise, shock, and dismay someone on the other side of the auditorium, and more in the back, calls out that which I seek. And there’s only one of each, and he calls it out, and right at the very beginning. I almost said it, but then I paused. I could have, I knew it. And the announcer then hands him the packet of information that then links that, and connects that, and starts that process. There’s a bit of a stutter shock into my nature because everything was all laid out, and then I paused.

What is going on here, and the meaning of what is happening, is I am describing an outer maze in which connective links are blocked and veiled. I have visualized a means to open up what is needed. All that is needed is the okay, and this can happen.

Everything else is set in terms of the place, in terms of the visualization, and such. The only thing I do not know is the unfoldment timing. I think that, you know, you have more time or something, or that I can settle back and be more discreet, or whatever it is.

The dream is pointing out that I am hanging back thinking more general matters come first, but that is a stupidity. I don’t have that kind of discernment. Who am I to think I know? This is not yet for me.

In other words, when the connection is viable, and the means to read the connection is possible, I just simply need to proceed at the first opportunity and not think that, in a oneness, life will wait for me to step forward at my leisure.

The reason it’s like this is that the matrix is in constant flux, which is to say that the inflections occur via a greater inner will than I am able to access. I guess there was a tendency to forget that and, instead of acting forthwith, lose the understanding of how the meting out is to happen. I don’t know that, and that’s what makes things clumsy in terms of direct intertwining.

In this dream I am shown that where I am at in terms of the unfoldment process is not a secondary matter, like I am inclined to think. The way is direct and to the point in terms of connecting, opening up, and revealing what needs to be, in terms of life. The tendency to minimize this is foolhardy.

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