Rescuing Yourself

aloudTaming a wild horse evokes the perfect image of how we harness a natural power in ourselves. At first we won’t have the skills and abilities needed. Yet with continued effort in the right way, slowly we will gain control over the wildness. And it works both ways: we gain the skills of how to act and be, and the energy (horse) moves toward us as our repetitions show our devotion. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in this first dream my brother, who is about four years old, or six years old or something, races straight out, and there’s a horse that’s standing looking straight out, and he runs up to the back of the horse, and he just jumps up, from the back, from the ground. It’s almost like he catapults himself right onto the back of the horse, so he’s positioned on the horse to ride the horse.

I’m stunned by what I see. This is like a wild horse, but it’s a horse that hangs out, or that is part of the environment. In other words, he’s in the backyard, and he’s standing next to a barn that’s there. If I hadn’t seen this whole thing happen with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it to be possible. I mean that was pretty big, a person 4 years old and running up, and then jumping up, and kind of catapulting themselves right off the ground, right onto the horse, and just suddenly then, boom, as if, you know, in riding position.

And so the horse… when this happens the horse is appalled, and it immediately bucks the boy who, you know, is too young to have a good handle at staying on the horse. He bucks the boy off, so the boy goes falling off almost in the direction where he’d come up and, as he’s going off the horse then kicks with his hind feet and propels him. He goes flying and smashes into the ground, and he extends out and he smashes into an object.

But instead of my brother just taking this in as kind of a realization or recognition, in other words realizing that this idea that he had of just jumping on the back of the horse – it wasn’t a good idea. He gets up, and the next thing you know he’s back on the horse again. Well this time the horse is really mad. The horse this time is not going to put with this anymore, so he’s going to rub against the barn, and this time he’s going to injure him so that he doesn’t do this kind of goofiness anymore.

The horse knocked him to the limits of his senses, but didn’t actually hurt him. And I’m sitting there and, even though this whole thing is bizarre to me, and I would not have guessed that it could even happen like this, that my brother would do something like that, my little brother, doing it in some sort of blind stupidity without any common sense. Nevertheless, seeing that the horse has developed a mannerism that could injure him, I step in to protect this from happening.

Very deep dream actually. The simple part of this is, as if I am invincible, invincible meaning like in a quality or characteristic that’s pure or, because it’s in the physical, not yet mature, conscious, or old enough to know that you do not go up against raw power over and over.

You can’t keep that up, especially if you’re not conscious what you’re doing, and know what you’re doing, because from the eyes of an innocent observer, which is a part of the whole that is impervious to my plight and how foolish things are… in other words, there’s a knowing better, there’s a knowing how it all comes together as one.

But when you’re in this amnesia, and you’re seeing this stuff, and you see it in the outer, you don’t see what it really means on the inner. In other words, you don’t see that this is how power is, how there’s a power that penetrates over everything, and instead you’re seeing it in some sort of literal, reflective sense. You know, even the inner has its reflective way. When it’s like that, you’re just kind of stunned and, to begin with, you just stand there frozen. But as you come out of the stupor, you come to recognize that you need to close a gap, bring something back into a union, which is a form of rescuing yourself, i.e., through your brother, doing unto others, to keep him from being hurt. And as long as you see things as separate there is always this condition of something getting hurt.

The deeper meaning of this image is that there is an inner power I feel in my beingness, that wells up inside of me, and in that there is an all-encompassing characteristic and quality that all comes together. And thus it’s like an invincibility because there really isn’t anything going on. It’s when you create the separation, or the bifurcation, that you get all of this other acting up that does it in kind of a defensive reactive mode – when instead it’s meant to just come together as a wholeness, as something that is created in perfect harmony, that doesn’t know that, is still misaligned.

Well, it’s like that on a vibrational level that is, but in the outer world, the collective is committed to keeping me subdued and unconscious. I take a stand on the side of the bold and beautiful, in other words, the innocent, the quality of that 4-year-old, to overcome the power of the collective outer system and flow.

And, of course, we understand this outer system is held in place in its illusory way because of the gravity of things that kind of create this whole appearance that there’s things going on. And now we’re at a point, you’re at a point, your dream is really, really pretty poignant in everything you’re doing you’re doing unto yourself. You’re creating your own spells on yourself. My, oh my that’s a hard one to accept.

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