All the Parts

2__2010We all have the experience of making promises to our selves (think: New Year’s resolutions) that we feel very strongly about, and yet find ourselves letting them slide a short time later. And that happens because we have many lives within us, and a few of them may be in agreement and support of the idea, but other parts are not in agreement. So whether it’s a promise to go to the gym, or to keep on with our spiritual journey, we have to get all the parts of ourselves on the same page, and in agreement, for us to succeed. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then this one is more like what you dreamt, because what you dreamt was levels. Even though you didn’t know that, you dropped into a level to rescue something, to pick something up. Having shifted, you came back. You go back and forth and back and forth. That’s how it actually is done, anyway. You go back and forth and back and forth

In this dream, I climb upon a platform that requires me to use all the energy I have to get there. To begin with I go back and forth, not really cognizant of much, as I am mostly engaged in the challenge and task of just being able to make the shift. A major part of the shift has to do with embracing other parts of myself, as a form of letting go, so that they can come along as well.

So the way this dream is going is when I’m climbing on a platform I’m actually bootstrapping myself along where I have to reach beyond whatever it is that tends to hold one back in kind of a collective mode. And so when I do that, and climb on this platform, I’m using all of the energy and strength that I have – which is a type of consciousness and speeded-up nature – in order to climb on that platform. And, when you do that, sometimes it takes all that there is out of you so, to begin with, you’re not cognizant of much.

In other words, you’re mostly kind of still doing it in maybe even a personal ideal way, as if it’s a kind of challenge and task to make the shift. And so when you start to notice that, you realize there are other aspects to the shift. In other words, first of all, all you see as the central shift, but there are lesser aspects, or other parts of the shift, that has to do with embracing other parts of myself, as a form of letting go, so that they can come along as well.

To begin with, as I mentioned at the beginning, I just go back and forth to establish a faith, trust, or letting go in terms of such a flow being at my disposal. This is a dream in which there is kind of like two levels that have to shift, so that’s kind of like the platform or setting the stage of something even more significant that’s time to see. And so then the dream goes into that. This part was able to be just looked at in terms of one quick image, and then the kind of transcendent understanding of it.

And now I go back into the dream to take on the next significant thing, level, that I’m meant to be able to understand, and see, that wasn’t possible until I came to recognize how there is this additional feature of a faith and trust that is essentially important in order for a true merging to occur.

So now this breaks into more of the outer dream again, or the inner dream, or whatever you call a dream, where the time comes when there are things that the lesser parts of myself have yet to face in order for the shift and transitioning to be complete. That is, complete for them, but actually it’s really complete for me because it’s all part of a wholeness.

This is seen in the dream when, on the level I find myself, underneath kind of a blanket on this platform there are drum flutes, three of them, that are under a blanket. I don’t remember doing this because I didn’t think Dee could do this on her own, but I helped her up here, and so now that she’s up here I ask her about this. She says they have a wonderful quality about them, but doesn’t indicate anything else. In other words, I’m of the impression you’re happy with the drum flute you have, it works fine for you, and here’s three other drum flutes that you recognize, you know, that are really well-made drum flutes, but one should be enough yet and here’s three more and they all have their quality, maybe each is slightly different in its way.

Suddenly a guide who is with us, who observes the way I’m looking at these drum flutes, and apparently I might be even thinking that Dee could use something like this, says to Dee as he looks at a document he’s holding in his hand, that he can’t let us or her have them until the owner, who is dying, has signed the release. At that moment is when I realize that there is more going on than meets the eye.

It’s got a very deep meaning. What this means is, first you go to the first part of the dream which involves going within and finding the means to access other levels and, to do so, not just for myself but for other parts; in other words, to bring other parts of myself even though it requires lifting and whatnot, it requires holding an attunement and everything, it requires holding an empty space, even. It requires a bunch of things for these other parts of myself to realize that, in a oneness, they’re coming along and they, being part of me, is essential.

And, of course, in terms of now looking at it like this, I can’t help but notice that there are aspects that seem more advanced and fluid in their beingness than other parts of myself. So as I shift, some parts have a harder time keeping up. Energetically speaking, I must contend with different limitations on these other levels, it being like having to deal with what is there anew as being part of being acclimated into the shift. A deeply conscious side of myself has pulled me to this point, but the lesser parts of myself slow me down and, in doing so, undermine the unfoldment.

As another way of saying this, the teacher has students who have a connection he is able to relate to, and they to him, as octaves to the whole. As the teacher in front of the student does the heavy lifting with his inner power and sight, the student awakens. In other words, there’s a mirroring effect, although to begin with it is mostly reflective, but the student has to then challenge himself in the ways that he’s bifurcated. So the student yo-yos back and forth struggling to sustain the presence.

Eventually the student is able to keep up, but only to a degree to begin with. I say to a degree because there are a holdout attachments, hidden and subtle, that come out as part of the awakening that act as an anchor, you know, or defense mechanism or whatever you want to call it in terms of a remiss and asleep past. The teacher wants the student to be free of this anchor, but as long as there is a stickiness, or clutchiness, it can’t happen. The student must let go and be in an empty state free of identification, on both physical and spiritual level, before this can be so.

In other words, what I’m describing is, on this level with other parts of myself I can be free, or not impacted, or affected, but I see that other parts are still holding out, or still not quite clear or clean, and I want the best for those parts. I want them to have what they want, actually, because in a way it’s what they also need. But it’s a desire that gets in the way if there’s identification, if there’s stickiness, if there’s clutchiness so that can’t happen then, which is another meaning behind the statement, a human being must die before they die. And then it can be.

Or another way of saying this, a full awakening is not possible without having absorbed, taken in, and thereby aligned all parts to my deep essence inner self. What I mean by all parts invokes a oneness and beingness that includes everything in creation to be reached in a full consciousness state. The journey continues for those aspects that remain unconscious and yet seeking to catch up inflectively, only to then hopefully reach a point where they are able to live in a wide awake merging beingness, merged beingness.

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