Unnecessary Torment

Thinking-Machine_AOne of the greatest stresses for a human life is to not know why it is here. It wasn’t always the way it is now, where we are so disconnected – as an entire species, not just individually – from our purpose for living. What we experience at different moments in our lives, that feeling of yearning for something more, is the natural urge to reconnect with our reason for being, but the world no longer supports that journey. Still, it doesn’t mean our systems won’t keep trying to wake us up. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I had a headache all night, which seemed to affect my dreaming some. I didn’t feel like it went as deep. But, in one dream, I’m a man, and it’s almost like I’m to the side, and I feel that I’ve been kind of watching over a fortune that is going to be passed to a girl.

And you feel like this fortune was earned in the family maybe through a franchise, you know like if someone owned the McDonald’s franchise or something, but I just seem to be kind of watching over it, almost as though people might think it’s my fortune, but it’s really not. It’s getting passed on to somebody else that’s coming along.

And I just seem to be observing more, you know, like I see her and I see that this will go to her. That’s all I remembered of that first dream.

John: Well, you kind of have, on an energetic level, two things going on. The fact that you have a headache, the headache is symptomatic of you fighting something in terms of a quality of not properly letting go.

And so the headache is kind of like a… when something is intended to come through, the headache then functions as, well, for some people, it can even be the degree to which they have to contend with things like that as part of a process to get them aligned, or oriented, to recognizing something more that is meant to be there before them, that they keep at bay by some mannerism of density in their nature, that just won’t go away – and thus there is a strain.

It’s almost like there’s a strain because something needs to come through, and how one is, in terms of a direct presence knowingness, is sitting in a horrendous position kind of veil in which the echo of what needs to come through is still kind of amnesic, but loud, louder than one realizes. And the way one keeps trying to maintain themselves is a harshness that is unnatural to this way of being, and thus the reciprocal byproduct is a headache.

And so then your dream tells you what is going on. In other words, what’s going on is you have a headache. The headache is like setting the table of the situation, and then your dream portrays to you what the situation is. And the situation is that something needs to come through, or is passed on. By passing on, it flows through you. But, for some reason, it’s just not quite happening. In other words, it’s like it’s sitting yet in suspense. It’s as if something has to fall away yet.

The veils have to be lifted, and so it’s sitting in a guarded, protective, innocent state, and when it’s like that and it’s so close that some part of you should know, and does know, but is amnesic yet, the result is like a headache.

So your dream is telling you why the headache, even. In other words, in your sleep you’re affected by the headache, and so the headache becomes the context, and then the dream provides you information about that, because the nature of sleeping, in a general context, is that this is designed as a healing, by which the inner soul, which takes a beating in terms of having to live under this way of a physicality of the senses, which results in a strain that is reflected in an outer sense as if it is real, has to be soothed, or there has to be a relief. So that one can continue to keep it up, to wage the sojourn in life.

And in your sleep there is the healing process. And so you find yourself using this modality to try to get to the bottom of a headache, an explanation for the headache, and you got an explanation for it. You explain it to yourself very well.

So think of that. He’s holding a franchise, he’s holding something of great meaningfulness that he’s going to be passing on to a young girl, so nothing is created there and nothing is destroyed. There’s just something that shifts. In other words, there’s just something that gets revealed, especially when you realize that in the dream the old man and the young girl are yourself – so how can there be anything going on? And yet the idea that there is something that is going on, or that there is something in between, or that there is the sense of something still being kept as an in-betweenness, is a huge strain. It’s a torment that’s completely unnecessary.

Now on a subtle breath level, you’ll notice, then, when it’s like that, there’s like a kind of grief even, so that there isn’t the soothingness of the breath. You can’t soothe yourself with the breath when you’re like that. Some part of you is fuming.

But now in terms of relating and connecting to something on an inner capacity, you have to allow the vibration to sweep as an energetic that permeates. It’s also a focus that permeates, that affects everything in the environment, and it does it as an in-breath. It’s like the energetic behind the in-breath. It brings the clarity. It’s the pathway to the clarity. You feel that energetic, the energetic goes all the way up to the point where everything is still.

You have that pathway opened up, but it’s not going to be opened up, and you’re gong to have a headache, if you can’t find that quality of that in-breath that is meant to be there now. Instead you’ll have the headache.

And when you follow that pathway, when you have that pathway, when you hit that energetic, then there’s no holding out of anything. That which the old man has, and that which is for the young girl, are all one in the same. It’s all a vibration, a very subtle vibration, instead of a distinction. But you would settle for the density, if you’re not careful, and therefore there would be a deprivation that would lead to a headache.

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