In the Abundance

parablesA young life in a dream, whether at any age of childhood or still in the womb, can be a representation of an emerging energetic in the dreamer’s life. And like any form of life that is too young to fend for itself, it needs the attention and care of an elder to help it grow bigger and stronger – until it can manage by itself. That is very much the nature, too, of spiritual connections we make as we proceed: we need to be protective when they are new and fragile so they can become a part of our life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the second dream, it’s like I’m a woman who seems to help care for some teenagers, but I’m also kind of an observer. And I notice that one of the teenage boys has gotten a girl pregnant, and it feels like it was a very casual contact and she’s really too young when she’s had the baby.

So I’m observing them to see what’s going to happen, and then I realize that she realizes she really is not ready to take care of the baby. And so then I’m curious about whether he, because he’s a little more mature, and maybe now he’s met another girl that’s more mature, if they’ll take in the baby or if they’ve given the up for adoption. And the question really isn’t answered for me. It’s just the question that I have.

John: So the nature of the dreaming, the nature of the theme last night, was first one direction and then 180-degrees in the opposite direction.

So the first direction you’re in is, you find yourself kind of oppressed in a way because of you not being able to fully accept yourself as being in a completeness and essence in which there is nothing going on, that there isn’t something held off to one side for the benefit of another, or some sort of peculiar dance like that. It is all one and the same.

In the second dream, what happens is it’s all provided, but it’s provided in such abundance, and before some sort of fullness is possible in terms of knowing how to care for what is provided; when it is like that, you can’t deal with it, either.

So it’s as if, you know, your dream is actually using a context in which there is a gap, or a distance, that’s having to aspire and reach to something that is like a longing, and if longing was all there was to the issue, in other words, if longing was all there was that could carry you to a particular point, that being in the out-breath, the interval of the out-breath, then home and where you would need to go would be to the interval of the in-breath.

But at the level of the in-breath, everything is provided to you. And it is in this direction, when everything is provided to you, is something that you can’t accept either. First it’s something you can’t reach, and then it’s something that you can’t accept. What a horrible condition.

In the physical you’re inclined to think that there is something that has to be attained, whether you like it or not, you have to attain it. And, of course, attaining of that is one particular thing that’s at the essence of all that there is, and that you get to that and it is who you are. You are that oneness.

But what if, instead of you having to struggle to get to the oneness, what if it was all provided? What if everything that there is, as the lap of luxury of what life is about, in other words, creation has this means of life and that you are at the epicenter to which everything is at your disposal? You can’t accept it either, because that isn’t how it works either.

In other words, there’s nothing there that can make this… there’s no Rubik’s Cube combination that works. That’s why you have the idea in Christian mysticism that a person doesn’t want the joy of love because they don’t know how to handle that, because that’s a realization that all the treasures of the world get you nowhere as well, even if they’re there at your ready disposal.

And neither does the illusion of the pain of love gets you there either. These are modalities. So, indirectly, the theme of the dreaming is to be able to flip it one way, and flip it the other way, and realize that you have to let go of both.

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