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feWe can say that an aspect of development is to bring things from the unconscious into the conscious realms. But, of course, direct routes are rarely found: we move forward, we take a step back, we test the waters and try to adjust to the change ahead. In this dream example, an aspect of the dreamer is going from visible to hidden, from the conscious back into the unconscious. It shows another type of inner resistance that must, ultimately, be overcome. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My initial dreams felt like they were really restless and populated with a lot of people and I didn’t really hold onto them.

My last dream it’s like I’m this woman, and I think I’m wanted or needed in this village, almost like a witch doctor. And initially to go to this village they want me to be hidden, initially. They take me into like an inner room that’s like this wooden, almost like a tearoom. I go in there and I’m having tea.

And then I can sense that there’s this woman, a blonde woman, who’s coming and peaking into the room through the boards or something. She’s wearing a blue dress. It’s like she wants to know what’s going on. So I think we kind of capture her, because they just don’t want people to know what’s happening. Then I left the tearoom.

I have the woman that had peaked into the room with me, and some other people, and it feels like we ride a train up to the village. We ride on the outside of the train, almost like in a coal cart or something, but we get up there. We get to the village and, as I go in the village square and I’m looking around for what I’m going to need, and it feels like I want this bright colored cloth that has a lot of orange and yellow in it.

John: Whatever the color of that is, whatever the tone, because it has a particular color appearance, that appearance would also have to, then, find its correspondence in you getting in whatever you’re looking to do. This is energetically speaking, too, but also it becomes something in an outward sense that would have to have its correspondence. And you don’t have that going on, so somehow something has gotten lost.

In other words, it’s like if the train stops, and if it’s on one side, and not the other, you can’t find, but if you got off on the other side and it was meant to be a red chair, for example, on the right side, then you have to get off on the right side. So, in other words, you have to include all of this. So, you’ve gotten off and now what happened?

Jeane: When I got off I’ve gone to the village square and there are some huts around, and there’s people, and I’m trying to figure out what I need. I see a cloth that I feel like I need that I’m going to wrap around me. It’s in oranges and reds.

John: Yeah, I knew it was going to be reddish, and the thing of it is you’re not going to make that need work because you’re not including in this process this other part that got on the train with you, that you captured, or however it was, that got on the train with you. You’re not including that in this finding of something – unless you’re addressing that aspect that’s subrogated inside of yourself but, you know, that then has collateral damage.

Jeane: So, what I’m actually looking for in the village square, before I go to do whatever needs to be done there, is I feel like I need a staff. So I’m looking for the right piece of wood to use for a staff. And I also come upon an older woman who has a son, who apparently does have staff or cloth or things, and so I’m interested in meeting him. But I can tell that that kind of concerns her, so I’m looking at myself and then I realize that maybe I need to civilize myself a little bit, you know like go take a shower, or dress a little differently. It’s like I suddenly need to maybe shift my appearance because I’m a little bit of a wild woman out there looking for my staff and my cloth in the village square for whatever needs to be done next. Then I feel like I need to civilize a bit, but that was about the point in which I woke up.

John: Well you have a sense, but you haven’t flushed the sense through. You have a sense. The sense would be through and everything would be fluid and you would know what you were doing and you would cover the whole spatiality.

The key to the whole dream is what occurred at the very beginning and how it suddenly just disappears. That’s an important beginning because what’s involved there is, first of all, you have the energy of something that can stand up against the collective force. A witch doctor is someone who can take and, no matter what the direness or the vibe of the tribe is, or whatever, the witch doctor has to hold onto a resolution or focus.

It’s why he’s a witch doctor. In that sense he can do magic. In that sense he can take and shift things. In that sense he can kind of not be caught in the malaise of what’s going on. He can find that alternative, that other answer.

Well, in your particular case, you have taken in that. You know, in order for a witchdoctor to be effective it’s not like they are impervious to their surroundings. They absorb their surroundings. They take in what’s going on in their surroundings. It’s just that they don’t get caught or lost in that.

In your particular case, you took in that which was imbalanced, on the energetic level, and it disappeared. You know, it didn’t get integrated, it just disappeared. And so, once it disappeared, or had its effect, that just kind of went into you, you disappeared it into kind of an unconsciousness, or subconsciousness, because what you were then trying to find, as a need, or as an answer, or as a solution like a type of potion or something, now all of a sudden comes from an echo of out of the subconscious.

You’ve taken that and you’ve made it unconscious, or subconscious, and so you’re probing for the need of what you need to find having gone into the village, or the town square, or gotten off the train or however all of that was, and you’re looking for what is needed, but you no longer have the kind of remembrance because you have subrogated and made something subconscious.

When you describe the woman, the woman changed to me to being something like a chair, or like something that you can rest in, and did, and subrogated inside of you. And then when the train stopped the train stopped and what was visibly seen was reddish, like red chairs. But the tendency that you had was, because you were acting in a subconscious state, the tendency was in terms of how this dream played out inside of me in its own hallucinogenic way, your tendency would have been to get off on the left-hand side of the train instead of the right-hand side of the train where you had the same kind of chairs that would coincide with the chair that you were holding and residing in inside of yourself.

So that was like an amnesia. Well, it was like a subconscious thing. And so then you would be trying to somehow sort this out from something that you could no longer see or put your attention upon.

So the motif of the dreaming has to do with, like what I was even talking about before we started doing the dreams, it involves having to know how to bring everything out into the open, into the fore, not have something repressed or held back. There are parts of yourself that prefer it repressed and held back. That’s why it happens, that’s why it’s going on like that, but this is where you’re still lying to yourself. This is where you’re still maintaining yourself in some sort of misalignment.

And it’s like the dilemma is, not only do you maintain yourself misaligned, but you have the energetic of that misalignment. You are embodying the energetic of that misalignment. In other words, you changed the note, only in a denser way, when you’ve made something from conscious to subconscious. Like the witch doctor, per se, has a certain clarity that can function in a magical way. He’s not able to take that clarity, however, outside of himself very well because if the magic is spilled out there for all to see, then somehow or another, he loses key, or meaning, or value, or virtue or something. In other words, it’s like the idea of scattering pearl before swine is the term in the Bible means, in other words, it’s like, you know, you let your treasure out there in such a way so that it gets shot and undermined by the collective.

Well, in this particular case, there was the peekaboo, there was the seeing of something, or the indulgence in this case type thing, to which then it was repressed. It was then hidden again. Well, it can’t be hidden once the genie is out of the box. It has to be included.

That’s why you have a certain kind of level of consciousness that can unfold invisibly in a hidden capacity, and not be noticed. And yet in order for it to have its effect in the world it has to permeate into the outer. It has to find a way of coming out into the outer in a visible way.

Now there’s all kinds of different ways of being visible. It can take into account the denseness and then speak and function in a reflective way, and be visible in a reflective way, outside of the time and space of maybe something that is so dense that it can’t grasp it in one fell swoop. That’s a very subtle refined development to be able to do that, but it has to bring this through. If it doesn’t bring this through, then it is denying a kind of closeness and proximity that’s necessary in terms of finding the God mind of its own being, you know the creator, the inner essence of all that there is.

So, you know, the conundrum, in terms of what’s going on out there, is nothing is intertwined. Everything is more bizarre than ever before. There’s all kinds of malarky going on. People talk of all kinds of conspiracies, all kinds of manipulations, all this, all that. Well, it all looks like that when you take and you have this modality versus that modality, and you carry these things on to an extreme.

Well, you’re exploring and probing this quality, or this trait, when you start off with the witch doctor that takes then and gets too caught up in an exposure that it cannot handle in terms of the collective, and then finds itself going stupid again as a result of that, and then is trying to work in kind of an amnesic way to find what is needed inflectively. And now you’re kind of caught in a problem that the mind has created.

In other words, the mind is cycling around. It has the sense of something, but it can’t shift energetically. You have to shift energetically, and the mind will just keep going and going and going. You can’t pop through a veil with the mind. You can develop an understanding and whatnot, but you can’t change the vibration with the mind. As the vibration changes, the mind/God vibration changes of the mind quality nature, which means you get a higher mind, instead of the lower mind or something.

But you don’t reach that process through working with the mind through the senses. You reach that process by working through with the vibration that has to do with an interconnectiveness, which has to do with the breath, and the wholeness, and an acceptance of all of the components in life, acceptance of everything as being intertwined.

And it is a horrible dilemma to suddenly be in a position where, somehow or another, you have opened a door towards where you need to have a particular kind of insight, and you’re not following through, you don’t know how to follow through. You’re too weak, in some regards, to follow through, but your sensitivity somehow screwed up and got you into taking a peek, and then that then disturbed the synapses of your being. It’s not making an energetic shift.

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