A Rescue

Tristan Savatier

If the house were on fire, what would you rescue? If the house on fire were an image for an energetic shift on an inner level, then it would mean that not everything could be saved, because new energies have different requirements and needs, just like when we reach a certain level of maturity we have to let go of our comfy blanket or our pacifier, or we get a work promotion and we have to take on a new level of responsibility. It works the same way as we develop, letting go to make way for the new. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I felt another night my dreams were all over the place.

The main dream, it’s like I have a house. It’s maybe not too far from my mother’s house, but I still have some of her things in it. And the house is catching on fire, so I’m trying to load up things and get them in the car, and especially maybe things that would have some meaning to my mother, but just things you want you want to get out of the house anyway.

And, initially, I have people helping me and we’re putting things in boxes. I think even your brother at some point was helping, and getting them into this kind of white car I have and driving it somewhere and come back. But then the fire speeds up, and the house is kind of gone.

I had to go back and even make sure I had the car, and bring boxes to the place where I’m moving to, which is maybe where my mother’s at or somebody else is at. In that part there’s almost like there’s a lot of going back and forth and trying to see if the car is even okay, and what did people actually pack, and was it packed okay, and to unpack.

That dream was like very active, and then it shifted a little.

John: Well, what you’re doing at this point, in this aspect, is there is an awareness of something in the outer that you have, that is in a state of transformation, it’s in a flux towards transformation. You perceive it as a type of getting burned up, or going through a process.

At the same time you see it as the journey being important, in terms of catching up with something that was important as part of this general overall process. In other words, it’s like you don’t just come down in life and leave, and have nothing to show for it. Even though it is said that everything is an illusion in the outer sense, it is there for the purpose of facilitating an awakening, and a catching up with, something more deeply imbedded in the overall

And so it’s just like looking at the Ferris Wheel and you see the scaffolding at the top and you know that the scaffolding is going to be taken down, but it is there as part of the construction of the hub. And the outer is there as part of the construction of something that you catch up with, in terms of a quality of acceptance, and a quality of recognition, at a depth of yourself that is important to the inner journey. In other words, the in and the outer journey come together.

The feminine way of presenting this is kind of the opposite way in which the masculine perceives it. The masculine can perceive the inner essence, and then can see images and inflections of a similitude patternized in the outer, because the inner and the outer were actually one, just somehow or another veiled a bit from each other.

The feminine sees this as catching up with things that are in its surroundings. In other words, they’re rescued from the malaise of it all. That they’re able to embody or maintain instead of it just being an overallness that is unconscious. And so it’s almost like the taking back. It’s like a taking back of something in the outer, back into the inner, and taking what is important in the outer back into the inner – and that’s the in-breath.

The out-breath image is where the masculine would have the inner and recognizing a similitude coming together in the outer. The feminine way of perceiving it would be an in-breath taking something of a treasure that is important to retain, or to hold onto, or to catch up with, bringing that back into the essence of a home on the inner.

In other words, it’s like you could say that, in that regard, if you wanted to be crude about it, it’s like the human being is like something that is tended in the field, like a cow in the field, and the cow is tended in the field because the cow has something that it produces – and what it produces is brought back to a home.

The difference is that you are the cow, and you are also the person that tends the cow. You’re all of that, but in a bifurcated way of saying it, the milk and such that the cow produces is taken from one level to another. It is important in terms of sustenance. It is important in terms of a greater realization.

You know, all of this is flirting around with the quality of the breath, and you’re dreaming in terms of something that is brought out of or from a depth of the outer in which the dross of the outer, that is the misalignment, is parted so that the product, the essential part, that is hidden, can be brought forth.

That’s an interesting in-breath description of what it looks like to the feminine to awaken to how it is that she embraces life. She embraces, she rescues, she catches up with those qualities that are meaningful in terms of the whole.

So, in that sense, it’s like a light rising up to touch light, you know to use that expression, and then the masculine is like a light coming down to touch light. And the pulling of those together is a cycle of creation.

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