Delving Down

recreate-underwaterOne of the things that every seeker on a path will need to confront, at some point, is the issue that what the universe may want and expect from us is different from what we have “planned.” As has been said, new levels have new requirements and responsibilities, which can mean certain aspects of our life must be left behind – if we want to stay with what has awakened. After her house burned down in the first dream (see A Rescue), we see that there is no time to rest as there are further hurdles that must be faced. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, when I shift, it’s like because of the fire I’m going to go to maybe another town and find work. But I don’t necessarily have to. It feels like I have a husband somewhere in the background, and I could take some time.

But I’ve gone by this one employment office, and it feels like after I talk to the employment counsellor, and I have some ideas in mind of different work I can do, for some reason I decide to go to another town to the employment office there.

And, as part of this office, I guess before they kind of show you jobs and things, they make you go through this thing that’s in the water. You have to go in and swim under a gate in the water, and then there’s another gate or another gate, and some steps, and you have to swim through this kind of narrow channel past all of that and get up out of the other end, and then I guess they let you have, you know, job leads or whatever.

Well, I swim under one gate, but then I look at the other gate. I see that it’s blocked half way across. There’s even some weeds down there. It makes me feel really claustrophobic, and I thought, I’m not going to do that. I just climb over it and swim out.

And that makes me decide to go off to a town that I already know about, and I find myself in a job interview at an agency where an ex of mine works. We even seem to be doing a job interview with him sitting in a bed that I’m in, because something falls on the floor and he has to reach over and pick it up. I’m looking at how they work with people, and I find a little bit of how they work with people in this agency somewhat restrictive, but what that means is that I could also bring something about how I work with people there, or it can be too restrictive. I don’t know yet.

So I leave the interview, and I find myself walking with a friend of mine from high school, kind of bright person. She’s wondering why I even have to look for work right now. And I realize that I don’t, and I don’t have to do it in this town, either, but it’s like I’m really looking at some different options. And I tell her, actually, I could even go to the city and do certain types of secretarial work because I have that ability, too.

But then I feel like I suddenly have to go to the bathroom and I don’t see anyplace around, but there’s a place where I see where there’s, it’s almost like a hotel room that’s already made up, and on the stairs outside the hotel room there’s a place where you could actually sit and they have a potty there. So I don’t see anybody around. I think maybe I’ll use that, but of course I go over to use it and then the hotel owner shows up and he’s throwing a fit.

So we have an argument and I leave, and then I realize I have my purse there and I go back and they’re taking all the things out of my purse. So I insist they give everything back to me. I have to go to both of them separately, because one person took the identity and the other took the money.

And I’m talking to them for a minute because I kind of tell them look, it’s bad enough I already lost my house here, and now you guys are like being jerks or whatever. At the same time I have kind of an indifference to it. You know, I’m gonna go back. They’ll give me back what they gave me. You know, I shouldn’t have gone down there in the first place, you know, and I need to get on to where I’m going next. That’s the end of the dream.

John: So what you’ve done is, in the process where you take something back you introduced the fact that you can’t actually get away with getting out of Dodge completely, because you are meant to facilitate.

In other words, what you have opened up inside, what you have found as the treasure inside that can be taken back into an inner state, if you take all of that back, if all of that goes back, then how does something in the outer benefit? And yet you have let go of the dross of the misaligned aspects of the outer, so how can you stay in the outer? Because if you stay in the outer you have a tendency of becoming more and more taken advantage of, or amnesic to the powers and controls of things in the outer, which is the masculine kind of misaligned effect.

But so you realize you’ve got to bootstrap yourself. I mean, things have burned down. You have these particular qualities that have opened up, so instead of taking them back as if you are just a cow in the field that’s producing something and there’s nothing more than that, you go and you start looking for employment. You start looking for something that you can do.

And, in doing that, you’re actually now taking this heightened quality of something that you have awakened and caught up with inside of yourself, as the imbedded essence of what is meaningful, and instead of it going back to an inner essence which then would not do something in terms of manifestation, you found it in manifestation, but you don’t get out of Dodge, per se, instead you go back in with this and you look for different employments.

And so as you’re now dealing in the nuances of the outer, you have many, many, many, many, many levels to explore where you have this inner treasure that you don’t just go and hunker down with and lose the connection to the outer.

The result of this is a kind of transmuting back into the various levels of what is all revealable and there in the outer. When you do this, there comes a point in time when you will run into things in which you have to delve more into the depth of yourself. In other words, you have to go under a barrier, under a gate. You have to go into a depth. You decided to skip that. You went up and over the top.

In other words, maybe as far as you’re concerned, enough is enough. I mean, your house is burned down now. I mean, enough is enough. You have what you have, but you’re not going to subject yourself to something further or more. And so you think you can go up and over, stay in more of a lightness.

And when you do that it doesn’t work out very well for you, because had you gone down to the depth and challenged yourself again, you thinking of course that you had done enough and didn’t have to do that, but had you done that, then you wouldn’t have had the results that happened in the latter part of the dream in which you’re becoming dumbed down again, where things could try to take advantage of you, where you don’t quite have the ability to function as a container, that there is expectations that can be imposed or directed at you. You can see how that was a step down in the energy.

And so the importance of the dream was for you to realize that when you put it all together, the feminine is inclined to from the outer come into cohesion, or into an alignment, with what is important as an inner inflective trait, or in this case treasure, what’s to be kept and having made the sojourn, and can take this all the way to kind of a home on the other side. But then that doesn’t do anything for life, so when you come back into life then you have to go through, and you have to contend with, all kinds of employments or ways of being. In other words, your environment is going to constantly change and, as it changes, you have to hold onto this essence that you’ve caught up with, the gifts that you’ve caught up with.

You have to bring those down through and into the outer, or into life. You have to bring those through. That’s like a light rising up to touch light, because the disconsolate energy of the light coming down runs into its problems in terms of trying to come down and through. And to the degree then you still have work that has to occasionally, depending upon whatever your given task might tend to be, you know, that varies all the time, you might have to do some delving down, but you can get a little sloppy lazy and say, you know, I’m not going under that gate, I mean the house is already burned up, enough is enough, I have what I have, and then attempt to take the high road. And that leads to a lack of a quality of rootedness in your being that is necessary in order to be able to properly touch something in manifestation.

So it’s interesting; that whole thing is a big story, a big trek.

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