Meeting the Challenge

6dtTo truly be spiritual or, said another way, to truly become a life connected to the universal rather than the personal, is one thing in life that absolutely cannot be faked. That’s because the universe works in the energetic realms and things can only happen when the frequencies of one thing are fit to mingle with the frequencies of another thing, and this is governed by universal laws. So development is an upward journey, a process of becoming more able and fit to interact with the requirements of higher energies – and then to receive their enhancements. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dream is I seem to have a slight teacher role, just some kind of minor teacher role, because I’m looking for a classroom in which to talk to a couple people, but the classroom’s full or has some people in the background.

So, as I talk to them, it feels like I’m going to have to go find another room. And right before, when I was talking to this woman and her friend, it felt like we had been at the estate of her new boyfriend. I don’t know that he was there, but it feels like two of his brothers were, plus numerous relatives, and you had a feeling almost like they didn’t quite want her getting together with him.

And so I had left there with her and her friend, and then I’d gone to this school-type building, and it feels like it’s at night and there’s meetings and other activities going on, and I looked for a private room to counsel them, I think, but when I’d gone into this room and we were starting to talk, after awhile I noticed there were three or four students in the back writing in notebooks.

So that didn’t feel private enough, so I walk out through a gym space with them, where there’s even more people. I go into another room, but I realize that’s not really quite working, either. At some point we try to call estate or home where her new boyfriend lives, but I notice as I look at all the numbers and I kind of see faces associated with each phone number, I have a book with phone numbers in it for that household, but I’m having trouble sorting out how to get a hold of the right person because the household is so complex in terms of the types of people that live there.

So then I decide that we’ll just have to go back and use the original corner room we had. It was kind of a white room with just some tables in the back, and that was where the students were, because I realized I could ask the students to go somewhere else because it wasn’t really their room. We were supposed to be meeting in the room. But just to check it out to see if it’s going to work, I go there alone first, and then squatting next to the door of the room I see two of the men associated with her boyfriend’s family.

And I realize at that point I haven’t really met the boyfriend because she and the boyfriend live kind of far away, maybe they’re going to a college or something, and I even had the impression there was another woman that he’d lived with there before; maybe that’s kind of complicating the situation about why the family is not accepting her, the woman that I’m with, and her friend that seems to be with us, too.

So I kind of take all that information in as I’m looking at the two guys that are kind of down near the door. Since they’re here I don’t have to phone somebody for whatever information I wanted, but I still need to kind of clear the room to take the other two women in to talk with them.

And it feels like I do have a sense I’m going to be able to do that, but I think that was about the time I woke up. It was a hard dream to even pull out because it felt like it always had so many people in them and they always had such complex relationships going on that I was having trouble kind of finding the right space sometimes.

John: What you’re pointing out in your dream is something that actually is quite wonderful to have to finally be able to take in. In other words, ordinarily you find yourself in kind of a capacity in which the environment is so shut down, or repressed, or conditioned, that the variables that are able to happen in such an atmosphere are such that not much is able to go on. In other words, the life experiences, if they’re not very extensive, means that you can’t really go very far in terms of however it is that you need to come about in terms of facing and confronting things.

Now life experiences is both in this life and in maybe whatever prior lifetimes of existence that one has had, and that developed a certain depth in terms of their beingness. Now one of the advantages of, one of the opportunities of, being in an atmosphere such as this is you have a myriad of people who have extensive life experiences. Now maybe most of it has been tangential based upon an ignorance of what is really important in terms of let’s say the defined conceptual spiritual approach that goes towards awakening. And so maybe that sort of thing has to be quickened a bit, but as far as having delved into life, and having gotten themselves involved in things, you can’t fault them for that. In fact, it’s rather incredible to be in an environment in which you have this sort of thing pervasively all around you, and you see all of the means that a person has had to go to, in order to function in an outer world, that normally the collective outer is so repressive that it keeps things from emerging, or going very far.

So most people just get by, and so most people who are on a spiritual path who find themselves in an environment that is just getting by can’t do much more themselves than make little strides to stick their head up out of the ordinary common motif.

So in your dream what happened is you found yourself in a scenario in which there was a whole bunch of things that were going on around you, that you needed to somehow or another take into account and sort out, and these things had made major strides comparatively speaking to most people that hardly take a step at all in the outer that is, let alone the inner, that these people had made major strides in an outer capacity and, as a consequence, had a depth or an orientation from having done so that you could work with, that you could play with.

In other words, they weren’t just frozen caricatures, and this is not something that you’re generally used to doing and it tests your acuity to being able to sit in a container environment such as this and be able to bring about a relatability between the components, all being components of yourself, with all of this extensive mannerism that’s been accentuated in an outer capacity way, to sit in such a mannerism and being able to relink and reconnect the bits an pieces of what all of that is about to something more.

When you’re not familiar, or not accustomed, to conducting yourself in a situation that is like this, you can find it a bit overwhelming in terms of how to bring this to there, and that to there, and this to that, and that to this, and so on and so forth, because you just aren’t used to seeing that many variables all in one place. And yet all of it needs to intertwine.

And so you’re role, or your function, or more or less your calling, is to act as a means and as a container for all of this to conjoin. And so what you were describing is finding yourself in a scenario that has a mix that is stepped up in comparison with what you’re accustomed to contending with, and you’re finding yourself having to meet that challenge, which forces you to have to stretch a bit in terms of going to and fro, and back and forth, and this and that, to deal with all of those bits and parts that are really now bits and parts of yourself that have the need to be pulled into a cohesion. And that you’re finding this to be an interesting challenge, maybe a bit confusing because of the degree to which they go this way and that way outwardly.

Isn’t that interesting? A very interesting dream.

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