Lines of Energy

4As a general rule, when we are confronted by situations that we don’t like, or struggles we have to face, it calls up a resistance in us. And that resistance could arise from many different internal aspects, depending on our life history, in terms of what we have struggled with before and how things turned out. But that resistance is not what is called for; rather we should be seeking the most natural path through the situation. But to find the natural path requires that we be aware of how our resistance appears in us and let go of that response. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had one main dream that I recall, and in this dream it’s like I’m trying to get something licensed and that’s represented by like two strips that are maybe on paper that are made up of two or three blocks each, and I’m trying to get them timed right, and parallel to each other, and paid for. I think I pay for them, but I’m trying to get them now aligned and the timing right to get the licensing done.

It just feels like a real struggle to get everything in place so that it happens.

John: The theme of the dreaming had to do with having to contend with… In other words, we have in our nature certain things that we, in my case, react to, or in your case I guess you could call it a reaction, too, in terms of being able to take on an overall presence in terms of the wholeness of things.

The importance of the presence in the overallness is that it’s important in terms of being able to usher something through in an overall way, and you call it licensing. And the two strips that you’re looking at have to do with either facilitating it, or acting as a means to restrict it.

Now when you see something, you see it so that you can look at it, and you can feel it, and take it in in more or less both contexts. So, there’s a way of looking at those two strips as important in terms of understanding how something is to be licensed or brought forth, brought into the wholeness and the overallness. And then there’s a way of looking at those two strips in which an improper way of looking at it or contending with it will actually act deleteriously to the objective that needs to happen in terms of the wholeness quality that you’re beingness seeks.

So the key to understanding this is to understand what is there in terms of the vibration of those two strips, that is important to the process of the wholeness and overallness, and also a way of looking at it that is something that you contend with even, as a barrier towards that overallness. And so what you’re meant to do is to be able to use that to sort out, to see better, how the overallness is meant to happen.

So how do you see that? I mean it’s meant to be positive, but it’s a vibration. It’s a trait that you have to work with in terms of ushering something forth into an overallness and you see it as parallel lines. There is an oppositional aspect to it, but the way you’re supposed to look at that is you’re supposed to see the oppositional aspect in a positive way, in other words, how it is that you contend with that in order to facilitate the bringing of something through.

That’s how you’re being shown in your dream; of course you can feel it as overwhelming, and the weight of it, too, and see it as something that is holding you back, or making it hard for you to bring it across – but that’s not the intention of this. The intention of this is for you to be able to, through inflection, see how to go through and bring something, license it, or bring it through better. That’s the intention of it, and there is a vibration therein that you catch up with a quality of that’s important in terms of the overallness.

What there is about the vibration of those lines that you have to take into account that facilitates the licensing, or the bringing forth of something, in an overall context. This is a teaching thing. In other words, you have to already recognize it as a done deal, as opposed to looking at the lines and somehow or another getting flabbergasted by those so that you cannot bring something forth. An acceptance, an overall embracing.

Because the key to breaking through, whether your breaking through in terms of a mannerism that’s masculine, or breaking through in terms of a mannerism that’s feminine, the key is in the adoption, or the taking in, or the quality of being in an overall state naturally. In other words, just allow yourself to be in the mode that is that.

It almost sounds like gobbly gook, because how do you do that? We’re so used to looking at the news of something and giving it kind of a negative spin in order to use that to denote that something’s going on. But in this context you let go of that racket, you acknowledge that this is how it is, and thus you support in that process the overallness, as opposed to contend with the barriers. You don’t fight the barrier.

Plus, the barrier is the illusion that you have developed as a defense mechanism, and it serves no useful purpose. You fight the barrier when you still have the defense mechanism nature and, in this case, you see the overallness as energy lines and you relax into that, and when you relax into that you’re able to bring forth and license something through.

The importance is the ushering forth the essence of the vibration that you did for yourself to know this, so that you facilitate this as a process to the overall well being. And the feminine has to concern herself with it being introduced or brought through or, as you would call it, licensed or ordained into the overall. And so she has to work with the principles and hold true to the principles that she naturally carries, that bring about the alignment, the parallels of things.

And when things operate in parallel levels you can have a negative parallel correlation that you never overcome and, therefore, you’re never reflective in making something transition in an overall way. Or you can see the positive parallel; you don’t fight it. You find the naturalness in that because it’s meant to be natural, but over a course of evolution one has gotten twisted and contangled and therefore isn’t able to let the naturalness just be the naturalness that they actually deep inside themselves know.

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