Levels of Stillness

7essIt is said that a spiritual path only ends when your time on the planet is over. And this dream analysis digs into the fine details of how that works. Because it’s often not understood that, as we develop, while more things become possible for us, those new possibilities also have new requirements. So the process is one of cleaning and clearing as we go, with always more to discover and work on, and new elevations to reach. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So now I’m explaining how it is that this process works, how the shift is like and how you do this shift inside. In other words, it’s like in the outer it tends to be experienced in terms of its miserableness, and you don’t get beyond the miserableness until you let go. And when you let go, it goes away.

So, in order to shift to new levels, you have to, on an inner level, let go. On an outer level you suffer it, and you suffer and suffer until you reach a point where somehow you come to grips with enough of it so that you just let go. And when you let go, you go into a stillness.

This is how you make the shift. You go into a stillness, and in that stillness, in that stillness you heal. It’s like when you sleep at night you go into a state where you let go of the mind, and you let go of the attitudes, and the anger, and the mannerisms, or whatever the burden of the day has been, and you go into a rest. And in that rest you are released from all of that – and you heal.

Now you’re not going to heal if you don’t fully let go. In other words, you’re going to wake up and you’re going to be exhausted from having been exhausted when you went to bed, but normally the purpose of sleep is you go to sleep and you rest and, in that resting, the body heals and you’re ready to face the next day again. That’s a degree, that is a level, that’s working with a level that is naturally given as a cue, and as a hint, in terms of something so much more inside of us, and how you work with this process.

Well, you have to learn how to use just the way that it is when you supposedly get a good night’s rest and sleep. You need to use that as a hint, recognize that as a hint, and apply that in a constant way. In other words, when you sleep your mind is not active, your senses aren’t active, and so your breath is not regulated in some sort of motif way that has to do with a neurosis and mannerism that you are clearing, and so then you go into a naturalness. And that becomes an emptiness that you’re not aware that you’ve done, and you heal, you heal in this zone. So, all healing is conducted by going into this emptiness.

But then there are steps of emptiness, and that’s what this dream is about. In my initial meditation dream I went to a place of stillness within, but this time there was a part of me that looked at me in the stillness and wanted something more to happen.

In other words, once you hit the stillness, then you can take on something more. In other words, you keep opening up and opening up. You go into a stillness, and in the stillness comes an awakening. In other words, it works that way in the Dhyana meditation, for example, in that when you meditate in the Dhyana meditation you go into this quietness, this emptiness where you’re just soothed, it’s a stillness and you’re just soothed, nothing is there.

At some point something is there, and that something there is something that you then have to bring through, and flush through, that has opened up from inside of yourself. You have to bring that back down. And, in doing that, you’re living out then yet a trait that has to be lived out.

Now, what you don’t realize is what comes out of the stillness, and the stillness works in a very interesting way, you can have a stillness where you could be gone and gone and gone forever and then all of a sudden this gets hit, and then you have to bring it back out, you have to contend with it. And when you have gone through this level of a stillness to where you own that and you can be like that, and then something more then can arise that normally couldn’t arise otherwise that had been repressed, then that is an action, that is a motion, that is something that quickens, that has a visibility. And that visibility throws you around, and that visibility then that comes out, that awakens as a consequence of the stillness in which it couldn’t come out before until you had gone into a depth of yourself to where this could now come through, you now have to live this, you now have to experience this and you have to take it into the outer.

So, this is really a tricky little thing in terms of how consciousness works, because you can sleep at night, you can hit the stillness, and in the stillness you can hit you might say a type of guidance, or information, and that guidance and information has to do with being able to have accessed and pulled out a higher consciousness side or part of yourself in a whole other level, a level that is far superior than how you are in the denseness of yourself – but still is something that also has to be surrendered or released, because if you just took this guidance in, as if it was black-and-white and absolute, you’d have a spiritual illusion, because it too is a level, and there are still levels after levels after levels.

So you have to take this in and do what? Live it through, process it through. You bring it into the outer, and bring it to a stillness, and you repeat it again and again. And this is how you catch up with each level.

So the way you experience this, in the dream state, is you get to a point where before when you first initially would go into say the Dhyana meditation you just disappeared. There’s no memory, there’s no nothing of anything. And then, eventually, something can come through as a dream within the meditation, or a dream within the stillness, and a quickening within the stillness that is still going on somehow, still a motion. And the way to look at that, when it first happens, is it’s like a guidance, it’s corrective.

It’s a byproduct or attribute of the stillness, yet at the same time it’s also the next barrier. And so then you have to take that and you have to noodle with that. You have to throw that out there, and because it’s like a spiritual illusion, it’s a little harder to let go of because it makes more sense, it’s more practical, it is an aspect of the higher self. And you have to get to the point where you let go of that, and you bring that into a stillness, only to find another depth, a whole other way of being able to relate.

That is why it’s a big mistake for a person to think and say that they can do more work on the inner. In other words, they get tired of the yo-yoing in the outer and just finally say enough is enough, and think that they can be more productive on the inner. No, they then have resigned and given up on the idea of accessing, and therefore penetrating, and therefore bringing through the levels. And you do this by absolving all of this within.

So in the dream, when you come to a point within the dream where you aspect the stillness and then you start to very subtly see a double yet, and the double is a part of yourself that still has something going on. You have this total stillness and then it’s almost as if like a boredom to the stillness because then there’s this other going on.

Now, this other is interesting to you. It’s also nauseating, but it’s also very liberating. But the way you reconcile this inside, the way you feel this is, where the stillness was once the end all be all, the stillness is now boring, because you have been in the stillness long enough that now you want action. And so then there’s this little action and it’s almost like an inner double inside of yourself to have to live that, to bring that to the same place again, but to a deeper stillness.

So maybe this is easier to understand when I read it. So from this state of stillness that, to my surprise, was now deemed to be bland and ordinary, a motion now was observable again. This was like having reached a whole other new level within and I was starting over therein. I was going to have to take in this motion, be thrown around by it all over again, to eventually bring this to an absolved stillness. So that’s the first aspect, and then still staying within this dream, there’s a shift that shows that these are all states.

See, this is how the levels were. So now I’m describing it. What is going on? I’m accessing another level within that exists beyond the stillness, that had been a wonderfulness, that had absorbed my denser beingness therein for a long, long time. I got accustomed to going there and letting go.

To my surprise I have exhausted my welcome in the state, and have pushed on to a whole new level. In this level there is a motion that has now emerged, a kind of uneasy boredom within, a boredom exists with regard to the stillness of the prior state, as a new uneasiness that I must go through opens up.

Like I say, it could be like a spiritual illusion until you absolve it, until you learn that the process is to keep taking it into a stillness. So I’m finding that I am not as empty anymore and am going through something more now that was not possible before. I know that this is a new level based upon this newfound sensation. I no longer reside in the prior soothingness like I had on prior meditations. I am affected by what goes on at this other inner level, and come out of the state after a bit of it, because I am starting anew and can only take so much of it.

Until I experience this within, I wouldn’t have known that there was a different sensation and beingness to have to contend with anew, that had been asleep and unconscious until now, that until now it had been suppressed within so deeply so that I did not know that it actually kind of existed, you might say, because it was too much for my psyche to handle. But now I am ready to face this, face to face, as the next step. This is a whole new level that is opening up for me that I will have to come to grips with inside of myself, and bring this innerness from its latent hidden amnesia, into the outer.

And so it goes over and over and over as level after level become accessible, there is an awakening in which it comes from a hiddenness into this plane of manifestation. In other words, you learn to live it. See how important it is to bring it through? That’s what magic of a human body. It can do this, and it all has to work all of this in conjunction with what is considered the lowest plane of existence – which is manifestation. You might have heightened senses and whatnot that you can catch up with, that you can sense inside, but they’re not valid, they’re not real, unless you can own them in this lowest plane as well.

What I am saying is that the inner world process comes alive and knowable when made conscious and livable in the outer. This has a sensation of being in which an awakening occurs based upon bringing the innerness into the denseness in order to break an amnesic hold and spell, thus opening to greater degrees of oneness.

Now of course what I also described in your dream is, you can actually know this, or understand this, or it could be taught, but it can’t be lived without a certain kind of getting it that has to do with the way the outer is the greater teacher.

So when you suffer in some capacity, and learn to then hold and go to the stillness and the letting go, you make the breakthroughs. But if you suffer and then get righteous, and attitudinal, and everything else, and instead adopt and act like, you know, you can manipulate the outer aspect of things in order to make something better, in other words, you can move the deck chairs of the Titanic of yourself around, then nothing changes and, instead, you just go around and around in the karma of the trance that you’re in.

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