A Huge Leap

im222sIt seems that everyone, at some point in their life, asks the question: Is there more to life? And, of course, religions and spiritual paths are all about that “something more.” But it is really a question that is fundamental to our humanness, because it is preordained in us that we can make this life about something more, about the everything that the universe is trying to do. But that is a life in service to the purposes of the whole, not in service to our personal agendas. That is how our freedom of choice determines our destiny. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I think I had two dreams, but the earliest one popped out. But the second one, I’m in high school and it feels like several years before that there was a boy I was really interested in and wanted to get together with. And we tried to get together one night at the school and his father separated us, and they’ve been gone several years.

Well now they’re back, and so the family still seemed to want to keep us apart, but all of the kids seemed to conspiring with us to get us together. And there’s some big event at the school, so when we go to this event at the school, and we ride on the bus, it’s almost like everybody on the bus is doing what they can so he and I can be together.

But they’re also, I think, smoking pot or something, so everybody is slightly stoned as well. And when we leave the bus, and go into the school, it’s like he and I go into a room in the school where we can be alone, and we realize in a way the family didn’t want us getting together earlier because they were afraid we’d have a baby. And I’m sitting there thinking about all this, even though I’m kind of a little out of it, and I’m thinking about we would’ve done okay, actually, with a baby. We would’ve taken care of it.

On the other hand, do I want a baby now? So I’ve kind of paused with the way the whole thing is going and have kind of put myself a little aside so I can start processing all of this, rather than just go along with the way we’re being kind of pushed by the kids, or separated by the family. That was that dream.

John: So the key here is to identify where this flow is at, in terms of the breath. So, initially, it was something that had an access that was taken for granted, and then that access went away. So, if it was an access that was taken for granted, that was there, that was kind of natural, then it would have been something in the order of an awakening that resulted in a kind of balance – which is similar to the way the out-breath comes down, touches something in manifestation, and awakens it.

But then because it went away, or moved away, the result of something like that requires a kind of responsibility to have to be taken into account, because when something is awakened, or when something like that happens, it results in a kind of connection in which there is a coming together.

And the coming together that is difficult to contend with has a feeling about it that is actually more light, more in-breath. And so on a cheerleader level, inside of yourself, there’s the idea that you’re entitled to that expansive lightness. But then in terms of a copability level inside of yourself in manifestation, there’s a lot to have to consider here.

And so to try to discern this, you take a look at the result and potential resulting effect. And the resulting effect is that the coming together of an energy like this, that awakens something, results in a birth – much like the in-breath takes something back to the home at the top, the deemed home of the innerness. To do that, and the idea of doing that, is a lot to consider, because if that’s all that there is, then it kind of seems like everything is all mapped out then.

And so part of you ponders that. In other words, yes, you could take care of it if it were to happen, you feel you could take care of it, but do you need to? Things are pushing you to go in this direction of easibility and comfortibility, but there’s something about the lightness of that, and the way that it removes itself out of the mix of things; it awakens itself and gives birth to something. In other words, it kind of becomes an end of the story kind of event where it becomes the end all means in and of itself. Yes, you look after the baby and whatnot, and is that all there is to life?

And so there’s a lot to consider there, whether one just draws up a script like this and leaves it at that, which is what people do. In other words, people take and they’re caught in a world in which they have their notionalities, their ideas that come down. They have to align those ideas in some way that causes something to make sense for them. However it is that they awaken something, generally speaking, it is of a defining way. What they define they attempt to make feel good as best they can, in terms of giving back, or producing something that seems to have merit or value. And what they come up with that they produce, or the result of all of that, becomes a definition, becomes a way of being, becomes something that is set in a particular modality and, as far as the way things work in a plane of density where there is these epiphanies, they seem to be as good as it gets – but you’re not so sure.

You seem to realize that there’s not necessarily any set thing, or any set appearance, or mannerism, no matter how good it looks to the cheerleaders. And what is the cheerleader energy inside of you? Well, the cheerleader energy inside of you is a feeling of okayism. It’s a lightness that you feel in terms of kind of an overall cadence. It’s almost like blasé.

And what does this do to you when you feel this? Well, it kind of makes you a little ungrounded. It kind of puts you on cloud nine. It kind of enables you just to kind of skate by, and to rationalize why it’s okay to skate by like that.

So the consequence, taking the dream and relating it all to an aspect of the understanding of what you’re doing with the breath, the understanding is that you don’t then just take and birth something and be done with it just as if you’re a crop product, you know, that has its season and that is it. That you hold and maintain in terms of the overall of manifestation and, when you do that, then you stay in the moment, then you stay viable, then you get outside of the clutches of time and space. You break the seasonality of the nature where everything has its moment and its time.

You break that because you find yourself having to stay relevant to the whole. Well, when you find yourself having to stay relevant to the whole, and you don’t just get into an accepted mode, two things happen. The in-breath quality enables you to open other levels and see things past, present, and future, whatever. It all becomes there because it is meant to be there. It’s not just a seasonality thing.

And the out-breath quality of your nature causes you to continue to conduct the play, and be in the play, of the outer in an ever present way. Well, you’re talking about a dichotomy that almost doesn’t make sense, and almost doesn’t seem possible to exist. In other words, you’re willing to be sacrificial. People in life crack to a point where at some point they get sacrificial, they’re willing to do something and do it for sake of what seems to make sense as a beingness. In other words, they give birth to something and be done with it, and let go of it, and say, okay, that’s their statement in life.

Just about everyone around you does that, and so they all have a season in their nature, you know a beginning going to an end. But a person who takes and recognizes that it doesn’t have to be that way is able to transcend the barriers between time and space, and they are able to be in a moment, ever present in a moment, with all that there is past, present, and future, a stillness.

In other words, they are a force of nature, they are nature, they are not something that comes and goes within nature. There’s not the amnesic effect. The average person goes back to dust, and goes back to losing all sense of a consciousness in this birth/death cycle. But that which holds onto a presence that awakens, and holds onto it in relationship to all of the planes including, and most significantly, in terms of the plain of manifestation, doesn’t just render something up and be done with it. That particular person stays ever present. They never really die.

It’s funny how you would dream something like that. If you just render something up, you have the baby that you know that you can take care of, that you can make this in this sacrificial expression, you see this going on all around you. This is what everybody does.

This is like a woman in life comes in and thinks that she can get married, that everything is hunky dory, and it’s the end all be all. And then she has a family and there’s still something missing, and it’s an intangible thing, but at this point in time she basically has to let go of it, she has to suppress that, because she doesn’t know that there is something more.

That something more is a huge leap. It’s a leap outside of this idea of birth and death. It’s a leap into a wholeness that never dies. It’s a leap into a oneness. It’s a proper and complete pulling together and merging of inner and outer, and of beginning and end, in-breath and out-breath. So it’s a big subject.

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