An Everlasting Way

egypt-c-1275-bcThe idea of awakening runs through countless spiritual and religious paths, and it speaks to the idea that what we are, and what we are designed to do and be, is designed and coded into us. So our journey becomes a process of becoming conscious to our preordained purpose, and then using our freedom of choice toward the aspects of life that support our greater understanding of life. In this sense we are in service to what is higher and, through living that purpose, we become part of what is unfolding rather than separate from it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My next dream, I’m a young woman. I have a somewhat older boyfriend. I’m living in the city and I’m going to take him upstate to visit my family; and I know the way there but he doesn’t.

There’s another young woman, who’s kind of in the background, that’s going with us and, somewhere along the way, we pick up this other kind of roly-poly man, too. Well, I’ve seen on the side that the roly-poly man is actually kind of a saboteur. He belongs to this organization and the man there and he, at some point, are going to turn the car that we’re going into that can go underwater and become a submarine, they’re going to do something to take over the guidance system of that car.

I go across the city with my boyfriend and this girl that’s going with us, and we go see his place, and then we go out in the street to get into his car. At first I’m a little surprised because since I know the way I thought he’d have me drive, but he’s driving, and as we head out at that point I become aware that as we go up there, and we come to a point where we’re going to go across a lake, that the car will turn into a submarine and go underwater, crossing the lake.

At that point I also see, kind of in a vision on the side, that this kind of roly-poly little man that now joins our group is going to do something to program the submarine. His boss wants to test something. I don’t know exactly what he’s testing, I just hear what they’re setting up. He’s going to do something to the guidance system of the submarine and is just going to have them test something.

So meanwhile we’ve gone on. We’ve gotten our little submarine. It’s gone underwater. While we weren’t looking this guy did something to the guidance panel in the submarine. We’ve gone along and we’ve gone to the motel. I notice that several times when you think I’d be wearing shoes, because it’s kind of cold out, I’m actually going barefoot. And, at the motel, I also realize that my room has like a blue bedspread on the bed, and my boyfriend’s out of the room right now, but I’ve come into the room with the other girl and we’ve kind of cornered the roly-poly little man because I realize he’s done something to our submarine.

Now, meanwhile, our submarine has been out in the lake and it’s actually been going underwater a little on its own, and it sees this little spy tiny submarine on the bottom of the lake that must be something to do with those people that have tried to take over its guidance system. It looks at it kind of like suddenly the car has a certain intelligence. It’s looking at this thing and realizes it’s kind of stalking him and is going to try to do something and that will have to do with what’s been done to the guidance system.

So meanwhile back at the hotel, the boyfriend, and I’m not even sure where he is right now, I’ve kind of cornered the roly-poly man on the bed and I’m kind of making him cower a bit. And when he does that one of his eyes… he thinks if he makes me look at his eyes it’s going to throw me into some kind of a trance, and even makes one of his eyes go into this great big bug shape where it gets all dark – as though that’s going to intimidate me. Well, the truth is it doesn’t faze me a bit. I’m just trying to kind of cow him a bit so I can figure out what I can do to help the submarine.

I don’t know whether the submarine can overcome that yet or not because it hasn’t really, thus far, shown a behavior that’s unpredictable – but I can tell he thinks it will. Anyway, that was when I woke up.

John: So in this dream what ended up happening is the car, that seemed benign to begin with, became something with an intelligence as a submarine. So how did that happen? How did that get in imbued in it when, to begin with, all it was was kind of a process or a means by which you were going to take something and hand it back to the top, take it to your parents?

You were going to make a journey where something came together, was consummated as a result. It’s somewhat similar except the first dream had you birthing something into life.

The second dream, without using the birthing, has you, because that still carries an inflection of like another kind of an aliveness if you’re giving birth to something, the second dream takes it another step and shows that there isn’t another kind of aliveness, that there is something that is awakened, from a dormant sleep, that is somehow already alive. But it wouldn’t be alive, and it would not have a chance to wake up, if you had just followed the process of taking this all the way back and introducing it to your parents – or taking it home.

Instead there was a more latent, deep vibration at play here, which is typified as this person that’s the madman, that comes into and interrupts the surrendered conceptual flow, and causes a chain of events to occur in which the aliveness stays and continues to go to depths. In other words, to the degree that there’s the idea on one hand to go home, or to a place that returns, you know, that offers back up to the source, there is simultaneously something that wants to go to greater depths, the submarine, the car becomes the submarine instead of a vehicle that travels to a destination and that’s it, revealing up something and leaving it at that. In other words, becoming an end all be all flow.

Something has occurred, thus the question: was the thing that was to be offered up as a sacrifice of completion, was it in cahoots with that quality of energy that comes down as an out-breath? In other words, this is a dream that works more in the nature of the masculine out-breath coming down. Why is it considered a masculine out-breath because it brings something through that can touch and awaken something in life? The feminine then can maintain a role of effusing it out, or the feminine can just be affected by all of that and think, okay, and then render it up, just give it up. But no, the feminine’s a container. It holds that, it doesn’t just release that back as if it’s a robot. And when this process is recognized to have to work this way, you never ever really do leave the plane of manifestation, that you are everything – including the plane of manifestation. That’s when you get outside of this birth/death cycle.

The thing that occurred in your dream, there was never a giving up. There was always the challenge of the two, of the innerness of something, and then the outerness of something, and that you could be put into a trance, perhaps, but you kind of had to hold both places. You had to abide by the essence of a depth deep inside of yourself, and you had to also abide by having to stay and contend with and go to the depths of manifestation. This, as I mentioned in the first dream, breaks the whole process of there being a journey. It all just opens up and you have to contain both of them at the same time.

Now what I didn’t quite say, that I was about to say, in the first dream, is that this whole idea doesn’t make sense. The reason why it doesn’t make sense is because what you’re really, really talking about is you’re talking about some aspect or something that permeates as the true aliveness in both the inner and the outer. And so when it’s in the outer, meaning that you’re walking around as a physical human being body relating to everything created out of sound, created with sound, in other words sound taken out of the light. You have a kind of physicality to it that is transitory, because the light is the faster vibration in which none of that exists. And yet in something that is like this, in a physicality, it is said to have access to that which is everything. It is everything. It is composed of everything. It has the molecules of everything and yet, at the same time, it has the physicality.

So there’s a mental literal way of looking at it and saying, how can this possibly be so? Because if this other exists, that’s an infiniteness, and this is a physicality, a finiteness. And yet that is how it is. But because we can’t break this notion of something that’s finite and something that’s infinite, we can’t seem to pull the two together to grasp this inner and an outerness, we’re inclined to think that we are creatures that are trapped in kind of a physical origination or modality and, therefore, if we’re something that is trapped like that, then we find ourselves thinking that we need to relate and be much like you see everything in nature, where everything has its season. But we don’t have a season.

In other words, we’re not like a crop of weeds that’s planted as a seed, grows, and gets harvested, and then keeps having to go through a reseeding process and reseeding process and reseeding process as it continues to grow – or any and everything else as far as that goes. We can act like that. We can get caught up in that with our ideas of, you know, growing up, getting married, having a family, living to old age, perpetuating things with grandchildren, finally fading out and thinking that that’s all there is. Or we can break the birth/death cycle and come to realize that there is a way of twining and connecting with everything that is going on – and doing it in an everlasting way, in an all-pervasive moment.

So your dreams are playing with this as kind of the subject matter. Your dreams are playing with it in kind of a way of flow in kind of an overall sense, in other words, you have this overall sense that’s looking at, so to speak, the options, and somehow or another you have a focus and attention that doesn’t allow you to just get out of Dodge, you know, or do the same thing that you see in terms of a form of being that has a season, and only a season, and at the end of the season there is no more.

In other words, then it would just have to keep going and going and going and going, which would get into the idea of reincarnation and all of that sort of thing, when you can get so that there is no such thing as that because you are ever-present. And you are looking at that.

In other words, you’re not willing to accept the fate of something that takes and becomes surely sacrificial. If you were to look at this from a wild man’s standpoint, which is that little quality of the masculine there that actually got in cahoots, even though you didn’t quite notice this, you know, it had to have gotten into cahoots with the other energies that was a little misaligned in the masculine in order to bring something all the way through, to keep it coming all the way through, instead of just grabbing what it could take and going sweeping up as the feminine energy back to a home.

You had to notice that this process awoke something. It made an inanimate alive, which means that you can hear all you want that you are everything and that everything is alive, and in this dream you did something, you recognized something in terms of how a moment works, in terms of how you can transcend time and space, in terms of how you can break the birth and death cycle, in terms of how to quit looking at yourself as a seasonality, and in doing so then, everything around you becomes quickened, becomes alive, so then there is no birth or death, there’s only the moment – and that everything is speaking to you, everything is you. Isn’t that interesting?

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