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stairway-to-heaven-australia-1How often do we reflect back on our life and see the logic and usefulness for what, at the time, seemed like a detour from our personal view of things? Because we think we are in charge of our lives, yet if we believe there is a purpose to our lives, are we sure that we know what that purpose is? Sometimes we need to learn things now so that we are prepared and able to handle something on the road ahead, and those things will be put in our path – even if we don’t understand it at the time. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember one dream from last night, and it seemed to go on for a long time. Somewhere near the beginning of the dream, I think I had come across a friend of mine that taught me to kayak, a man.

And then I had gone on from there, and I had gone into a hotel, a fairly large hotel. And I had gone in, and then it felt like I came out of the hotel and I was near the back of the hotel, and there were some people in a yellow car, sports car, like a little Porsche or something, and they wanted to find their way into the hotel.

So I’m trying to show them how to go into the hotel, but they just start driving their car through a back, almost like a workman’s entrance, and I’m trying to get them and their car the right way into the hotel through this strange kind of workman’s entrance. And we go around some corners, and I don’t see how they’re going to make it to the front desk this way, but we run in, you know, we go through some back passageways and make some odd turns, and then a workman shows us, points us a certain way. And somebody there is able to lift almost like a rubber door that the car can drive through, or my guess is this is a way you can get to where we’re going after all, and after that I can kind of point them to a direction to the front desk.

But then I continue on looking through the hotel, kind of almost like trying to get back to the front of the hotel. I walk through a room, then I realize that somebody that I know is taking a shower, you know, in the bathroom of that room, so I kind of get out the front door before they see me because I don’t want to disturb them. But then I hear them come out behind me, and then I’m walking along a passageway that seems almost like hidden, and I’m aware that one of the girls is suddenly complaining about this man that I knew that I used to kayak with, like they’re not trusting him or something.

As I’m walking along, there’s a man on my left that I can barely see, that’s someone that I knew from childhood that’s died, you know, in outer reality, and he’s talking about how he knew him and he liked him just like I did. And so I’m hearing that comment, but I just keep continuing moving along and looking for like the front of the hotel. And it just seems to kind of go through a lot of passageways to get there.

John: So do you have any guesses in terms of what is in common between the kayak energy and the energy of something being able to be brought into the hotel of your being?

The theme of the dreaming is looking at the energetic that facilitates, it enhances and facilitates, a presence for an inner and outer. In other words, it’s like if you didn’t have a certain, we’ll say, dexterity, you having related with something that was, and can be considered, a dense energy, this guy was kind of a rough character, but he did cause you to understand how to ground yourself in a certain way, how to kayak, right?

And that developed a kind of confidence, or rootedness, in your nature, so that you could then take that as a foundation and facilitate something else, bring in something else, in this case into the house of your beingness, which is a huge hotel.

You’re able to travel in that. You’re able to bring something through, because the greater general thing is the inner being able to come into the outer. But the little tweaked dynamic is the charisma, or the precedence, or the confidence, or the magnetism is also important.

Most people don’t understand that because they correlate it so much with an outer image, and so you often run into people who are weighed down by all of this, that, and the other, that they think they need in order to be effective or to hold a statement in life. Instead, you can do this with just a certain zest, a certain zeal, a certain quality of something that can sparkle through, like for example the idea of going to India added a certain element to things. It helps in terms of making a point, or presenting something. It holds a charisma. It establishes and sustains a key.

And so this was kind of what the dreamworld was trying to point out, that there are things that one can do in life that don’t necessarily work against the inner process, that can help to facilitate it in some regard, especially when it works towards a groundedness, or a key, or an auric overall quality. It is enhanced in some fashion so that something more can happen.

And that something more that was shown that was happening was you carried something as a consequence of a confidence, or dynamic, from kayaking, that you would have the audacity to attempt to tell someone else how to take their fancy car into the hotel – when normally you would have just ignored that because you wouldn’t have had the presence to even begin to think that you could hold their attention in that regard.

So, just that alone gives you a platform from which you can work, in terms of relatability, in terms of being able to bring across a certain quality of expression and mannerism.

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