An Unfoldment Process

24776441Sometimes the images in a dream can be very clear in their meaning. Here we see the old and the new, together. And no matter how attached we may feel to the things that have been important to our journey thus far, a time will come when we need to let go of that past and embrace the future. Because everything has its role to play in our unfolding process, but our attachments must always give way to what offers our next growth and possibility. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream I’m standing with two others in a driveway area of a yard. This is a circular driveway to this place. In the center there are two trees. One is old and perhaps dead. It seems like it could fall over but it hasn’t.

The other is a vibrant young tree that I haven’t been paying much attention to because I feel it was placed there as an afterthought. In other words, it doesn’t command my attention. Because I feel it is not genuine, I tend to have a rather cavalier attitude about it.

I’m pondering the old tree that I feel must go, however, and a person there sings the glories of this new tree that is straight and pure. There are no knots in the trunk. The person is saying that, whether this tree was part of another tree, was placed here in some other manner, all of that is irrelevant. What is important is it is here, and it took a lot to be a tree with no knots. He finds this to be quite remarkable.

And as he’s making these comments, it’s like he’s looking at this tree leaning on the old tree, and as soon as he steps back from having leaned on this old tree it falls over onto the circular driveway.

And these other two are just nonchalant about what just happened, and I’m looking at this tree that fell over because they’re enamored instead about this other tree that I am, through what they are saying, realizing that maybe I’m not properly appreciating.

In the last scene, I’m trying to mobilize their help to get rid of the dead tree and free up the driveway so we can go as we need when we need.

Meaning: My attention is being diverted to that which is anew, and away from that which was. That which was has nothing further to offer. It is now in the way of an unfolding process; it needs to just fall away. And it may be in the way of a person properly flowing because it falls across the driveway and needs to be removed.

And that which is new is what is anew. It didn’t get the respect it deserved from me for the longest time, but something has changed as I am finally figuring it out. The old patterns, notions, and mannerisms and ways of expression are no more. This new awakening is where it is at now.

This is not as new as it seems. It took a lot to make a tree trunk that is straight and true with no knots in that whole trunk. I am not appreciating it because I was attached to the gnarly branches that this tree has dropped.

Now there’s one more thing, too, in that their attention and focus is upon this new tree, and I’m realizing that this other tree, which I kind of liked even though the branches were dead, gnarly, and sticking out, and this other tree doesn’t really have a lot of branches so it’s just kind of a straight tree, you know, having dropped the lower branches, but now that this old tree has fallen away I’m feeling that we can’t properly eat or do anything unless we get this out of the way.

And so I’m debating, do I just do this on my own, do I try to solicit their help? But we need to clear this out of the way so that we can come and go.

So you might say the old tree and the new tree that something new is arising and that thing that is new is, just because it doesn’t look old, is ancient in its own way as a newness – because it took a lot, and even though no one knows where it could have come from, it had to have gone through a lot to be able to be a tree with no knots in it, meaning having dropped its little branches.

It’s a lot like a ponderosa pine, which is a real knotty tree that can look good and everybody can like just stand under it for shade and whatnot, but when it turns into a yellow pine it drops all of its lower branches and becomes a very regal tree, and takes on a yellow hue even. In the West, it’s the best, and most valuable, and most useful tree in terms of making certain speciality things.

So that pointed out an unfoldment process, a shift in one’s attention, in other words, that there was something in the nature of how something had to be taken on in terms of how it encompassed a greater whole.

Enough had happened that you just needed to be, and you just needed to catch up what it was in your nature that just needed to be, and, in doing that, you would drop all of the other attempt to figure something out ,or to jerk something through, or to push something, or to try to shape something and whatnot. Just the way of being did that naturally. It caused everything to take and adjust accordingly, to glance, and to see, and to be able to feel in a new way.

You have to know how to approach life in terms of putting things into a proper perspective. But in the presence of a pure essence, a surrendered pure essence, there is a whole other inflection that is possible, that can take you outside of the knottiness of all of that waywardness, that one has in a world in which one’s senses and mind are correlated in a lower-self way.

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