Do Not Disturb

stillness-300x260Here’s a way to think about things: what if we stayed the same, and just let everything change around us? Of course, nothing is static, but we humans do change to suit the situation we are in, or the people we are around. But to be a developed person is to let go of all those personas and to become one person, a person who processes everything that is come in contact with, yet at the same time is steady in the way an equilibrium is always sought out and found.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I slept pretty solidly last night, and I feel like my dreams were a little more on the dull side.

The first dream I remember it’s like I’m working at an agency. I think there’s at least a man and a woman that I work with, and then at another building is a supervisor, or at least another area of the building.

For some reason something must have changed in my status, because I move to a desk that nearer to the supervisor. And I feel like I’m even going to have some different responsibilities. But this causes a little bit of estrangement with the other workers there because maybe I’ll be doing some things different than what they’re doing.

And so that dream seems to be more about trying to figure out how I’ll be doing the procedures, the same or differently, and just noticing that this is creating some stress with the other workers because there’s so many unknowns. That’s the best way to sum up that dream.

John: The theme of the dreaming, and the image comes around to it, it isn’t easy to see, is how is it that you progress or unfold in a way that is smooth, rhythmic, and doesn’t disturb the surroundings?

As you were telling the dream, what I was looking at was how that notion can look when there is an imbalance in one’s nature. In other words, you can have a shadow effect. And so, as you move up, or as you progress forward, it’s like a shadow herky-jerks with you, and you jerk along and that jerks with you.

In other words, it’s an image of a lack of cohesiveness, a smoothness in the flow. That wasn’t your dream though. That was the image that you created when you told the dream. I could see this going on as an energetic.

Instead what you were dreaming is that you were in an environment in which there were a lot of other people around, and that you were moving up, you were moving closer to the main office desk. And, in moving closer to the main office desk, you have to evaluate whether you’re doing this naturally, or not – which means with an evenness, with a consistency, without any herky-jerkiness.

Because if you do it innocuously, and especially if you can do it invisibly so it’s not even noticed that you’re doing it, however that is possible on an energetic level, then you don’t disturb anything. In other words, what is wrong in life is that everything has an accentuation about it. In other words, either something like this needs to be done, or something like that needs to be done, or if something breaks down it’s going to have this kind of affect. Everything has a loudness, and an overtness, and a lack of evenness.

And when things are like that, and when things are taken in and experienced like that, in other words, there’s a lack of harmony and equanimity in one’s being, and how they experience the surroundings and environment, when it is taken in like that, when it is addressed and denoted in one’s nature like that, then there is a tearing down or rubbing off that distorts and unbalances.

Completion involves evenness. It doesn’t involve jerking first up, and then jerking first down, jerking first up, jerking first down, although that seems to be the process by which one evolves and sees themselves having a dynamic experience. It’s not what opens up consciousness in a steady flow way.

Consciousness that’s opened up that way has extremes to it, has an imbalance built into it, has something that’s a little on tilt built into it. And you are looking at the rhythm, the steadiness, the non-chaotic unfoldment, something that isn’t loud, that doesn’t have to see itself in a noticeable way – that can just be there.

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