Lost in Technique

Real-human-aura-KirilianSomething has been lost in many religious practices, because they have become just that: practices. Repeating rituals that are no longer understood in their original purpose makes them empty of meaning, which means they don’t have the energetic connection. Religions, like everything else, are made up of energies, and those energies change and move over time. The techniques that are taught are meant to give a person a doorway in, a way to initially connect energetically, but the rest of the journey is toward deepening that connection and practice, then, is replaced by the living of it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream, the same man’s around, with a woman who I don’t see very clearly, and we’re at a hotel conference room type center.

Must be around mealtime, but he and the other woman seem to kind of go off to eat – and I haven’t had anything to eat. I don’t feel necessarily that I’m invited to go with them, so I’m kind of not sure where I’m to go.

So I go up to my room, and then he seems to come along and, while we’re standing there in the room, the door opens and some people bring in a large platter of food and put it over on the table. Well, I go over and look because I haven’t ordered any food, and there’s a card on it, so I pick it up and I try to read the symbols on the card and figure out what it means because I wonder if I should go out and tell them they’ve delivered it to the wrong room.

And then I turn around and these little workmen have come in behind me, and they’ve gone over to the television and the audio system in the room, and it’s like they’re setting up a demonstration of how it all works. So then I tell the guy that, you know, is across the room from me I’ve figured this out. This is food that’s here for us to eat while we watch their audiovisual demonstration. They must be wanting to, you know, market their system.

Then I’m going over and I’m looking at the system. Well, the television system isn’t as good as what Rick has trained us to be, you know, accustomed to, and so I’m kind of cautioning the guy, I really don’t think he should buy this system, you know, just because they’re demonstrating it to us and they’ve brought in this food because I just know there’s better systems out there, you know, in terms of how it works. But I’m kind of studying what everybody’s doing.

John: The scenario for the dreaming is that inside yourself what you’re doing, is you’re looking at the dynamic in which you have been through a process in which you’re thrown around this way or that way, in which you’re throwing the breath around this way and that way in order to accentuate something that has to do with a quickening of the brain awareness.

And that having gone through all of that, somewhere deep inside of yourself you realize that the connection you already have, that doesn’t have all of that other going on, works just fine. In other words, it doesn’t require a lot of hoopla. It doesn’t require, you know, a whole schematic built up in terms of it, because when you have a schematic built up around something, it does limit. A person leans on the schematic and doesn’t go beyond the schematic.

And the tools are there, in other words, it’s like having a teacher who takes and looks at a student, and is able to see from the position that the teacher is in, what it might take to affect the student – hopefully positively. And so you have this aspect where things can be thrown around, or something can be moved this way and that way, where you can get closer to this and things like that, so that you develop a sense of transitioning. And you have a sense of movement, and you have a sense of going somewhere.

And the problem with that is you can get caught in all the hoopla, the food that’s served, all of the action that’s brought to hand, but the result of having to sort all of that out is not as clear a picture as you’re entitled to – so it knocks something down a little bit.

That’s the danger of a bottom-up approach, that has to do with chopping through the rust, and chopping through this, and chopping through that, and then those techniques that are brought to bear, they can have a powerful effect. But is that powerful effect natural?

The powerful effect leads to a screen, leads to what is projected, that has to take into account the hoopla, the tools of the food and workers and all of that, and if that is clear a picture as the picture can be, when you normalize something and balance something, in an even keel way, big association with an even keel way.

Your first dream was what again? Where you’re moving around. So, what all of this is showing you is the significance of following an unfoldment process that has any design built into it. The process is fine if you don’t get caught in the design of it, because what opens up is the levels of awareness. But if you get caught in the design of it, and you work overtly in relationship to the design, that you throw something this way, or that way, to do a type of Astral traveling, to do a type of shocking and expanding the brain, and it is tool oriented, you disturb the cadence of everything.

In your first dream there are people walking around that are just fine, yet you are steadily making a motion that is evolving distinctly from them. You’re moving closer to the desk, or the teacher, or something. And you see yourself doing that, and in relationship to everything else that’s in the environment. If you see yourself doing that in relationship to everything else in the environment, is that positive, or is that negative?

It’s kind of like everything rises and everything falls, and what rises then has to fall because everything has to operate in a completeness with a balance in the overall. You can’t have anything that stands out in some sort of accentuated way over something else.

You could go into someplace inside of yourself, and there is a real clear picture that arises that comes up from something that you’ve naturally figured out how to connect to. So it’s as if everything is always there. You don’t necessarily need to go and sharpen one tool over another tool, when the result is such that you create an imbalance.

The problem is, how do you do all these techniques, how do you create all of this shifting and subtle awareness, without there being a never-ending dependency upon technique? And technique goes to technique goes to technique goes to technique, and you can lose the attention to the naturalness.

When you have these inner experiences inside, where did they come from? These profound inner experiences that are closer to what needs to be, do not work with the techniques like this, they’re just there in a letting go natural way. And it’s awkward. It’s an awkward naturalness that’s unfolding because you’re constantly trying to understand it, to figure out why you’re not holding onto more of this and more of that, and how is it possible that this just kind of keeps descending, and keeps happening, and keeps happening, and keeps happening?

And you keep coming closer, and developing, and unfolding. If you do have tools, there’s a big danger in those tools because the tools can work, but they have to work in a naturalness.

So, the key of your dreaming is you’re trying to look at all of this in some sort of overall way. You’re trying to get an overall handle on things, and you’re trying to figure out how it comes together in a meaningful overall way, and you haven’t figured that out yet.

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