The Greater Context

Inner-Process72How often have young children described “invisible” animals, or friends, only to be told that it’s nonsense? Or how many times have we heard about near-death experiences and have them explained away as a trick of the brain? The point is, humans are incredibly sensitive creatures, in tune with many different things going on around them – seen and unseen. Both the seen and the unseen have a wealth of information for us, if we pay attention, and listen to what our systems are telling us. To do less is to deny the magnificence of the design we are born into. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I don’t remember as much of my dream last night, even though I know it was active.

It feels like we’re in some kind of a world that’s changed, where we’re living communally now. And I remember it’s like I come into this room, and then go out into the world, and one time after I’ve come out, or left, and come back and I look up at the ceiling I notice that there’s all these silver disks up on the ceiling. That’s something new.

And it’s like I feel it’s monitoring, or watching, our behavior, or doing something in some way. And so I bring it up, and everybody’s kind of telling me that no, you know, maybe it’s just observing. But I’m not so sure that’s all it’s doing. Maybe it’s changing something. I’m suspicious of this.

It’s like everybody wants me to just ignore it, but I just don’t quite trust it. And it’s like as I go out then like I’m trying to observe what it might actually be doing. That’s about all I remember out of that dream. I know that a lot more was going on in that, but I just didn’t pull it out.

John: In this dream you’re in the collective outer condition of things or, basically you could say, you’re in the overall. And your dream is portraying that there is, in the overall, something that is intended, that you are meant to be able to pick up, to catch up with, at this time.

Others aren’t catching up with it, therefore you can’t get any common feedback from them because they don’t have this aspect of their beingness opened up to flow, and to listen, and to see, and to acknowledge in this particular way.

And what it is is, within this overall atmosphere of things, there is something more that is trying to get your attention. That something more has to do with you being able to denote, to recognize, to hear, to see, to take in a subtler level within, upon which there is a guidance, and a communication, a connection, and a linkage.

The fact that you’re in the world, and able to be amidst things as they are in the outer, is one thing, but there is more, and you can’t just go along with how things are. To learn in the outer, you’re realizing that you have to catch the inner cues, and hear the inner memos, and realize that there is more going on than just the general appearances that exist collectively for others.

You can’t disregard this simply because they can’t see it. The fact that you see it, the fact that you recognize it, it needs to be something that you access and open up. And yet, at the same time, you’re still in an overall outer way of being. But it’s like you have access to something that enables you to partake, and to recognize, and to realize, and to honor, and to be intertwined more completely, and more fully, because of this inner acuity.

The theme of the dreaming had quite a bit of things to do to break one free from indulgences. And a typical indulgence is, one could be in life and miss all the cues, miss recognizing that everything is talking to you, and everything is alive. And that this subtle stuff is extremely important in terms of a person recognizing that they aren’t separate, that they are intertwined, and they have to accept that intertwined nature, the greater context of it, in that this is what changes, and affects, and facilitates the modality of life.

In your case, you looked at it from a standpoint of the fact that yes, the feminine may be completely immersed in having to contend with things in the outer, and that the outer has a certain perceivable way about it that has a commonality with everyone else, that goes around collectively in the outer. However, just because everyone else goes around collectively in the outer, doesn’t mean that you who have the ability to recognize something else triculating behind the scenes in a subtle way, that you can put your attention upon, and get information and guidance from, doesn’t mean that you ignore that. You have to take that in.

It’s not an option to take and point it out to others and, when they don’t see it, think, okay, you can ignore it, too. And so when you tune into that, it is something that may become a greater and greater loudness to you, and maybe the fact that that’s so, maybe to some degree that will inflect to others. But you can’t start from the bottom up, you have to start from the top down. You can’t take and try to throw others out there and say, okay, there she be, can you see it? When they can’t.

You have to let it come about and be something that affects you, and when it affects you maybe it will have the effect that communicates beyond that.

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