Resealing the Barrier

4rigHere is a very clear example of how our inner psychologies operate. The dream image shows the dreamer in the basement, the depths of himself, where there are zombie-like creatures. After making a breakthrough to open a window and bring in the purity of snow and young children, the reaction of the zombies is such that the dreamer reseals the barrier and shuts out the young, more pure energy. And so it is with the traumas we repress: we may think we are ready to face them, but it can often take a few approaches to succeed because what is repressed has its own fears. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I feel like the dreams we had last night were pretty much kind of a direct breakthrough to things. I’ve been struggling for quite some time, in terms of my meditation dream going anywhere, because there was some big dampening effect that kept the flow from going through. But this time something changed.

In the meditation dream, I am in a basement area of a building. I see myself scaling along the top of the walls. In other words, it’s like a daylight basement kind of thing in which there’s one window that’s at the very top, but the window is closed, meaning there’s a sliding thing that closes the window and there’s vines growing on the inside of it that protect it from being broken into from the outer.

And I’ve seen myself doing this sort of thing before, with a little bit more dexterity at least in the climbing and attempting to stay off the ground, only this time it’s as if I have one arm incapacitated, whether it’s tied behind me or whatever it is, I’m only able to use one arm to try to move about up there, to dig my fingernails in or whatever to climb at this height.

In other words, what I’m doing is hard enough with two arms, but I just have one, and I have to gauge each movement carefully because if I were to slip I would plunge to a great depth below that… well, yeah, I just can’t be doing that. I don’t know whether you plunge to your death, or you lose the position where you’re at, or just what that all means.

I don’t know this at this point in time in the dream, but I come to find this out later, that at the bottom, if I were to fall to the bottom, they’re unconscious at this point: they’re like dense zombie-like creatures. You know, they’re actually kind of like human beings, but in a creature mode, and they are trapped in the darkness of this room. I do not notice them because, like I say, I am placing my attention at scaling along the wall.

Apparently they do not feel it is worth their time to pay any attention to me either, or that I am no threat to their well being, because I’m not going anywhere. And I come to a point where I’m kind of at a corner, and across the way a wall, in which there is a closed window that’s slid shut, you know, like boarded up even, and there’s vine growing there that helps keep the window from ever being used.

And I can’t reach over there to it, so I’m going to have to leap. And so inside myself I’m gauging whether or not this is going to work, because those vines and various branches and whatnot, and if I do this, will they just break away and down I fall? Will it be able to hold my weight? You know, I’ve only got one shot at this with the one arm, and if that doesn’t hold, and down you go, there’s no way I can try to regrip things, or to get another hold on things with the other arm that’s incapacitated.

And so it’s almost as if I can perceive, even though I haven’t quite done it, that that part won’t hold, but perhaps this main stalk that comes straight across the window that is slid shut, you know, kind of like a side blank thing that keeps even the light out, I suddenly guess that that’s as good as it gets, that’s my best guess. And also it’s the only chance I have.

And this is the only thing that I perceive in the room, in which where I’m at that there is a possibility of trying to get out. So I leap across, grab this vine with my one hand, one arm, the vine bends but doesn’t break and supports my weight. Somehow I am able to steady myself from the effect, from the leap, and I’m not sure quite how I do this, but I’m able to slide, whether I’m using my head or just how I’m doing this or shoulder or something, I’m able to slide the window door open. And I’m able to somehow or another steady myself in a way so that I’m able to reach out and pull the cold snow that’s piled up on the outside into the room.

And so this cold snow falling down below is what awakens this ghoulishness down below, because they’re fearful of something now. And yet, in doing this, I’m seeking to extricate myself. As I pull the snow down so that one can possibly crawl out into the outer on the outside, suddenly there are these naughty kids who want to get inside. But until this happened, they couldn’t figure out how.

And then when I pulled the snow inside I reveal them on the outside, and then there’s the exposure to that which is inside the room, which emanates as a loud groan from the ghoulish creatures below over what I’ve done. These kids seemed to know about these creatures and are interested in coming from the outer to where they’re at, in other words, to torment them or something. That’s the view anyway of the ghoulish creatures, but these are kids that don’t have their best interest in mind.

I climb out and do my best to honor the wishes of these ghoulish creatures that are moaning inside as I close the window, and reseal it, so these kids can’t get in. The kids step back watching me because I am of no interest to them. In other words, they’re sport is just to terrorize the ghoulish creatures in the room, or to come to where they can play with them or whatever it is that these kids are up to doing. In my particular case, they don’t affect me so I have no trouble crawling out and stepping back and then resealing the window.

Well, the meaning is that the ghoulish creatures represent the repressed aspects in the solar plexus, or the gut, in the area called the Hara center of a human being’s energetic makeup. The ghoulish creatures represent this. In other words, it’s hidden, it’s in a darkness, it’s in the depths below, and it is something that you have to contend with. And if you don’t contend with this quality that’s hidden, and repressed, and been there for a lifetime, you can’t go beyond a physical condition bondage.

A human being must find the emptiness of this illusionary state of physical being, and of course to do that you have to face it. And you also have to contend with the emptiness of a merging heart that exudes love and a transcendent overallness in which an empty space exists with other levels that take in all there is.

In other words, thus the whole process penetrates the distance of time and space. So this is an image of rising from my seemingly hopeless conditions to a freedom not deemed possible given the circumstances that I was in. It is only when I broke through the barrier that I realized the incredible illusionary bondage of my situation. And so I’m sitting, you know, as I’m resealing the window so that the kids that are probably well meaning and just playing, but to honor the Hara center inside that maintains the outerism of, the outer quality of time and space, I come to the conclusion that those ghoulish creatures I need to honor their wishes. I can’t do anything about them if they’re not interested in making a change.

So to honor their request to remain pent up in a permanently long-lasting Hara center way, I reseal the barrier as I have climbed through. So the potentiality for those who wish to yearn and seek is revealed, but in doing so there’s more that needs to be taken into account. In other words, one has to contend with the fear of change and exposure.

I know the kids and their playful human nature means no harm. They are just being kids enjoying their play, which is something I can’t tell to my physical psyche that is steeped with a repressed hiddenness it elects for itself. The self cannot get to a no-self, a dying before you die, as long as a Hara condition presides.

Significance: This is one of the loudest dream images I have ever had, and the image describes the plight I am in. The images indicated that even when I reach the emptiness of the greater overallness an emptiness of a heart center, in which love exudes, there is still the need to absorb the Hara center of my physical beingness. There may be transitioning that occurs, but this is not the same as reaching the station of absolute consciousness.

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