A Signature Event

mr_nAt the core of what it means to be a human being is the ability to allow energies, specifically higher energies, to process through us and into life. Those higher energies will not find an outlet into the world through anything else, like a cow, or a snake, or a cat. So that is a service we humans can provide for the high essences that want access into this planetary realm. In this process we will leave our print, because no two of us will process it in the same way. But, with development, we can put less and less of our print on it – letting it through in its purest form. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I just remember a rather odd dream. It’s like I’m living in a world where I’m observing, and I’m observing my father and whether he has enough to eat.

And it feels like there’s these people that are almost like aliens, even though they look like people, that they have space ships, so they’re in a little bit of a different dimension than where he is. And they can deliver food to where he’s at.

And it feels like I meet with them to see how this is going to work, in terms of looking at what he wants and what they can deliver, and it feels like they’ll deliver, and they wont deliver too much or too little, and they’ll deliver the food. So I look at that. I look at how it works.

When it’s needed they’ll deliver what’s needed. So I leave. You know, I know how we’ve set it up, but then I come back to see how it works. Well, how we designed it, and how it’s worked, is just not going the same way. It feels like now there’s only a certain time they can deliver, and they can only deliver brown bread and certain things, or part of something, and they have to hope it just coordinates with what he needs on that day.

As I look at it, I see that it feels like it’ll be okay, but it’s just not quite how we designed it. It’s working differently than it was designed. It’s all brown and it’s not what we had set up. But it will probably work okay anyway. It’s just not working like one programmed it, essentially. That’s all I really remember of the dreams last night.

John: Well, the theme of the dreaming has to do with the distinction, as if there is kind of a distinction, between the essence which is everything that permeates all that there is, that is kind of like a common oneness, and what arises up, therein, as a signature quality.

And so, in this dream, you hold a certain focus and attention that is important in regards to sustaining or maintaining an overall motif. And, in doing so, you are providing an energetic space for that which can come through as a design, or signature, event of a beingness that is able to have an effect that is important to the whole; it’s part of the whole.

I mean underneath all of that is still the overallness, but this is a distinction and differentiation in terms of the design. In other words, it is a quality that has included something in terms of an effect on the physical level or, you might say, it includes a human nature that is added to the essence that is everything. And that this is memorable. And it is what you have referred to in your dream as part of the unfoldment design.

So what you’re looking at, is you are looking at the signature event, which is slightly different than how you know it is supposed to or is meant to be, and you’re looking at it to see if it is going to be memorable because it plays with something in a slightly different way than how you feel in terms of the overallness that you support as a quality, or function, of who you are.

You’re looking to see: is this going to be okay? Is this going to work out, is this going to be fine as an unfoldment? So, in other words, you’re providing the spatiality of your beingness for this to come through and, what you’re concluding is that, it seems to be okay. It may be slightly different than what you had thought was possible, or needed, but that nevertheless it is an okay memorable unfoldment of consciousness. Isn’t that interesting?

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