Breaking Free

Picture 2 leapingIt could be said that our dreams are always seeking a state of flow. And in our sleep, as in our waking life, more often than not, things don’t flow smoothly or fall into place. To look at how events flow, image to image, and in relationship to what is trying to unfold, can give us a good sense of whether we are struggling or being carried along by the unfolding itself. In this example, the images show that the dreamer is struggling to make things happen. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I found the dreams last night kind of exhausting. The theme in both dreams, it felt like I was going back to work. And in the first dream I’ve gone back to an agency, it’s like a hospital, and there’s two people, a married couple that I know, that seem to be with me and they’re going to spend the night wherever I am.

And so I want to feed them, and I go to the refrigerator and I look in the top of the refrigerator where there’s a bunch of meats, and I start to take out some meat. And then I start to have some second thoughts, because I realize I’m actually still at a hospital, or somewhere where I’m working, and then I don’t know which of the meats are mine and which might belong to doctors.

I look in the back of the fridge. I can even see some of the meat starting to get some freezer burn, but it looks like cuts of meat that the doctors have bought and I think, well, if I cook some of their meat, and then they get hungry, and they’ve been working hard, they won’t be able to go out and replace it.

And I look at some pork chops, and then I kind of reject them. It takes me a long time and I kind of talk with this couple. I don’t really know what they like, either. So finally I tell them I think maybe I’m going to have to just send out for some Kentucky Fried Chicken, or something, because until I talk to the doctors I don’t know which meat actually belongs to me. So that was the first dream.

John: So in this dream you’re weighed down by the fact that you’re not able to sort something out and, because you can’t sort it out, you’re not able to be fluid, you’re not able to handle what lies before you, in terms of a flow. And, as a consequence, you’re having to feel what it’s like to be in kind of an awkward, stagnant place which you find to be unnatural.

The imbalance is in terms of sight, in other words, not being able to know which is what and how. In other words, something isn’t able to flow. Sight enables something to flow. That’s the masculine energy.

And then when it’s able to flow, you develop more of an auric enhanced overallness in terms of yourself. You are able to expand. But, in your particular dream, you’re not able to have that occur. That isn’t occurring, because you see yourself as being repressed and unable to break free from something that is a weightiness upon you.

The theme of the dreaming had to do with breaking free, and experiencing how that opens something up, and enables you to shift and let go. Some cases let go, some cases just act in a way that is more in accommodation with what’s balanced. And in this dream you’re portraying what it’s like to not have that happen.

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