A Long Lost Place

kingdomofheavenIt seems a common desire in human life, both in current times and throughout history, that people have an urge to search for something, and they may not even understand what it is they’re looking for. Many would say that that is the inner urge to reconnect to what created us, to find our purpose. And why would it be that way, when what created us could have just as easily made us understand what to do, just like an animal understands what to do with its life? It is because with our freedom of choice, we each need to choose to do what we are designed to do – that is the mystery of being human. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: That dream corresponds to my second dream. The first dream reveals new information about things in life that is pretty profound. but the second dream more or less portrays how it is that I’m actually finding myself at this time. In other words, it’s working with the profoundness of this understanding, but doing it in kind of a journey way.

In this dream I’m trying to get back to a place where I have stayed a long time ago, and my sense is it’s kind of in the center of town, or even near a market place. Things have happened to destroy my connection to this place. Whatever it is has barred me from getting back or, in other words, veiled me from getting back, because I wander up and down streets and corridors.

My concern was that it has been destroyed, or condemned, so that even should I get back there, there won’t be anything to be found. And I’m destitute. I don’t have anything to my name other than my quest, or yearning, to try to get back.

So, ultimately, I get away from the streets and corridors and seem to come into a bazaar area. In my mind’s eye, I still believe that there is a sanctuary here, but I’m not sure quite how yet. I don’t expect much as I seek to find it. I’ve been away for a long time, and so much has changed between now and then. I mean at least that’s the impression and, of course, I carry this impression from the long struggle to try to get back. The struggle itself creates the whole sense of a long, long time having elapsed.

Even if there are no utilities at this place, in other words, no services or anything, I’ll be okay. I just need a place to rest. I have been out and about for such a long time that I need a reprieve of any fashion.

As I seem to be getting closer and closer, in my mind’s eye I’m able to kind of visualize this long lost place just a little. I know something is there; I just do not know what. As I go through the bazaar, there are gypsies throwing a spinning disk up into the air. This disk has something to do with their trade in this area, and it’s like a pie tray or something. It has little rim sides on it. It’s kind of like people who take pizza, you know, for example and throw the crust up in the air and catch it.

And so at first these disks seem to be out of reach, and my initial impression only the gypsies can keep up, with this but something changes – and I’m suddenly able to catch that and I find myself making amazing graceful catches, when initially it all seemed out of reach. Even I am impressed that I am suddenly able to do this effortlessly. Once I start doing it, it’s consistent.

The thing about gypsies is they know how to read people. They’re also pickpocket thieves, but I am not worried because I have nothing to lose, or I can sense that they won’t try to take anything off me even though my pockets are full of junk, which is all that I have, and it’s all on me. And the pockets are even open to reach into, so to speak.

Suddenly a gypsy on my left says, Jay has put something into the pocket jacket on my right side. At first glance, I think it is ham. I am very hungry, and they must somehow know. As I look more closely, it is a fruit pie. Suddenly I am at the door of the place I seek. It is next to a bunch of gypsy stalls, or marketplace stalls anyway, and directly in front are a number of baskets, you know, with goodies of some sort, placed there. Out of place you might say, but maybe to be picked up by someone who can go into the store from the other side of the door, or for me to find upon my return.

Although no one has been through this door in a long time, it looks fine from the outside, actually kind of surprised. It looks like it has never been violated. I’m really liking the setting that it’s in that I’m amidst in returning to. I wake up as I am reaching in my pocket for an old key I know that I have somewhere, that I am now ready to retrieve after having been gone for a long, long time.

So the meaning is that this dream portrays the journey we all must take from the alone to the alone. To begin with we wander, that is the masculine. You’re in the marketplace, naturally in life, but I must wander about confused and bewildered with only a flicker of attention to go by.

I go through the alleys and corridors wandering endlessly at first, but eventually things kind of start tuning in more and more as I come into the area where activities begin to unfold. As I get close, the environment naturally becomes more and more welcoming. For many people it might be pushing them away because it’s too much, but it’s more and more welcoming and my heart even starts to sing a little inside for no particular reason.

At first I think it is because I am able to ham it up a bit, but before I refine myself it is because I represent something and this is being made known by what is given to me, and by the whereabouts that I reside. As I find myself, all seems well, and I feel right at home all over again. That’s what’s going on as a meaning.

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