Finding Cohesion

Tungurahua-Volcano-Erupt0316In the realms of spirituality these days, an energetic shift is often spoken of. But what does that mean? Well, it has to do with increased energy arriving on the planet at this time, and continuing into the future. And when you increase the energy to things they become more powerful and potent – and that means all things. So if you are upset and emotional, it will be more intense. If you are inspired, it will be more powerful than ever. And we see its evidence everywhere: in international hostilities, in struggles between people, even in the increase in storms, earthquakes, and volcanoes. New energies are affecting everything, so we must choose what we let be powered in us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I had a bad headache and a slight fever, although I was dreaming. I remember bits of one dream when I’m trying to go with my family. I have my sister and my mom and my dad, and we’re all jammed into a little car.

And it’s like when I pull out, I’m trying to go to the right, the highway’s going to the right, it’s like a car pulls in front of me even though it’s going the wrong direction. But we don’t hit it, you know I stop in time.

Then wherever we’re going we stop along the way, someplace where I’ve been before, it’s like a big old house and seems deserted. It’s like we need to spend the night there. And when it’s time to leave, I’m having trouble rounding up my sister. I can find everybody else, and other people seem to arrive who are staying there, and some of them are kind of menacing.

One of them has this kind of big black coat on and it has stripes on it in yellow, and blue, and red. And he speaks Spanish sometimes, which I can somewhat understand, and I seem to be able to talk to him, and he can talk to the guys that are a lot rougher that I’m just trying to avoid and get us out of there.

At one point I have to go into an area and go to the bathroom, and the only thing I can find is it’s a black toilet floating on a black chain and water is dripping down over the toilet in the room. Then when I go to sit on it the chain suddenly swings it wildly all over the place. Then when I’m still trying to find my sister, you know she’s the one I’m having trouble locating, so I can get all of us together to get out of there as other people arrive in pickups or whatever. That’s about all I can pull out of it. I couldn’t pull out a lot last night.

John: The theme state that was being accentuated in the dreamworld had to do with the dysfunction of the cohesiveness needed, in the outer, to maintain what had been ordinary. And the reason for that is because things are speeding up and, because the collective can’t shift anymore because there is a lack of recognition of the interconnectivity that’s important for the wholeness to come together, because of that lack of intertwined interconnectivity recognition, as things speed up, as a higher frequency order of energy comes across, it’s creating a tenuousness in terms of attention span, in terms of a person’s ability to grasp what is a more conscious well being.

Of course to capture that more conscious well being, they have to go inside themselves to find it. They’re not going to find it in the collective. And so because this is permeating everywhere in the atmosphere and in the outer, whatever you do runs into these strange little hiccups that you never had to contend with before. Like in your case vehicles going in the wrong direction, and gets in the way. You try to proceed, but can’t find your sister. And it’s just a constant litany of things that were outside of a general, more natural, flow.

You blame it on having a headache and whatnot, but in this case it’s like the headache you could even say is caused by this inability to find a cohesion. It’s as if everything is in a state of a kind of disarray.

So the question is, is why is it like that? And the reason why it’s like that is because, as things speed up, that speeding up has to be taken in naturally, and you have to be able to hold onto that speeding up. You need to be able to ground that speeding up. You need to be able to be comfortable with that and, if you’re not, and if you have a wayward demeanor in your nature, the tendency, then, is for an unconsciousness to come up that has been suppressed, that’s like a defense mechanism that a person has in terms of fight or flight, or inability to cope.

In other words, a person always is trying to find a flow, and the grace in the world is such that it generally provides a means for a person to get by – even though they’re deluding themselves in another way, they are given this way, or means, to get by.

But now, the way things are speeding up, as something is having to come to a greater oneness, and there is a shift that’s designed to have to happen at this point in time because the way things are currently going is unsustainable, and that a new consciousness is required in which people come together and work more as a whole. Those who aren’t able to see themselves, and relate to themselves, in this way, find themselves unable to hold a focus, unable to hold a clarity.

The reason for that is what is suppressed inside of themselves, that has gotten suppressed inside of themselves, is they have gone about continuing to do what they felt was the way of living, when that comes to the surface, if you speed that up, if you spin it any, they get flooded with this denser quality that’s been suppressed inside and go into a greater bewilderment.

In other words, they kind of look better and act better when left to their own devices, but their own devices is a dead end track. So if you spin somebody who’s in a dead end position, the danger is that the result will be, with the spinning of the energy faster, the result will be more of the suppressed energetics coming to the surface.

So even though you didn’t address the reasons for why all of those images were bizarre in your dream, and where people were going backwards, and getting lost, and things were all twisted, you didn’t address the reasons like I was pointing out, you just experienced it as the environment that you’re in at this point in time, and are finding it to be kind of bizarre. And it is bizarre because of this lack of intertwined linkage.

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Shaking it Through

consciousness1216We’re all familiar with the concept of the unconscious, semi-conscious, and the conscious levels of our inner selves. But how does that show itself in our lives? On a spiritual journey, our systems get information first on an unconscious level, then it can move to the semi-conscious and, if we listen and can pick up on it, that information can become conscious in us. That’s part of what it means to bring things from the inner into the outer. If we don’t bring it into consciousness, it is lost to us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, the only dream I remember, I was on the grounds of where they run the Kentucky Derby. First I’m in one of the business offices meeting with a man who’s involved in the handicapping, and he also has a horse who’s running in the Derby.

And then when I go from his office, I’m actually sometimes driving and sometimes my car turns into my horse, but sometimes it’s a car. I’m kind of driving around the area to find a place to park, and it has to be a little ways out. It’s in a circle, but it’s a ways out because my horse is also going to be running, but not in the Derby because it’s running in one of the other races. I have to park it a little ways further out and again, like I said, sometimes I’m driving my car and sometimes it turns into my horse that’s going to be running in the race.

And as I get closer to where I park, and I’m trying to find the right place to park, I’m studying the whole idea of how the horses are handicapped for how much weight they’ll carry and such and, and how they run in the race, and everything seems to be represented by these lines that go back towards the wall where I’m studying where to park, and sometimes they link from where I’m going back to the office of the man who’s in charge.

And I’m just trying to find the right place where I’m supposed to park before I go about what I’m supposed to do next, as I kind of study the energy lines, too, that go back and forth, that represent how all of that works there.

John: The oddity of your dream is that, it’s as if when you go to a depth inside, because you’re naturally in manifestation, you go to kind of a place where there’s just the energetic. In other words, it’s kind of like you’re playing with the displacement of energy.

In other words, in the outer, the energetic that is at hand takes and unfolds in a particular way. And on the inner, there’s just the energetic that is in existence, that is in place, and it can be displaced at a deep enough level in the inner, it’s displaced from an outer consequence, or unfoldment.

So I guess this is your way of seeing how it is, that the way that you somehow see yourself, or perceive yourself, or understand vibrations of yourself, that what it is that you’re about can be looked at in an inner way as just vibrations and energy lines. You might say, without the outer, they can kind of even sit latent – or do they sit latent?

Is the outer just the illusionary reflection for those vibrations to unfold, and that otherwise they are there but sit in maybe some sort of imaginal or something, that can’t run its course? Well, it just shows that there has to be many, many levels to things that, at the highest self of one’s self, you can be in just the overall energetic in a larger wholeness capacity – that’s the macrocosm. At the microcosm of yourself ,it unfolds as an aspect of manifestation.

Interesting how you did this displacement. The dream is told it had the displacement in it. In other words, you’re on the grounds of the Kentucky Derby, and you were actually, in a roundabout way, by being on the grounds there was something intended to happen, but it wasn’t readily apparent. What was readily apparent was whatever you were doing with regards to the owner of the stable, or the grounds, had something to do with the horse, but that horse not necessarily being you, or your horse. But then, ultimately, being your horse and car and the whole works as well.

And then even that gets displaced again by the fact that then there’s all these energy lines that portray what is an intentionality that’s meant to be. If you were to break it down, you could chop things into layers, or levels, a level in which you’re the overall equation, a level in which there is a latent energy that is out of touch, so to speak, but you’re in the vicinity of it, the level in which whatever that energy is, is you, an energy in which it unfolds as both being a horse or as a car, in other words a vehicle that drives or something that takes on motion, a quality level in which you can go back to a stillness and just portray the energy lines of what can be.

That would be like taking and going back inside of one’s self with something that is already, potentiality-wise, on a number of these other levels unfolded, but now back to the energy lines as if you’re still holding onto it in some capacity. It’s like what you’re doing can seem very odd without recognizing what the theme of the dreaming was, and the theme had to do with shaking things through into a conscious clarity from some depth deep within.

What you did is you found yourself kind of like, plop, in all of it, so that you had a bit of a piece of yourself like this, and a bit of a piece of yourself like that, and a bit of a piece of yourself like that, of which it all could be aligned into an unfoldment. It’s kind of like snapshots that can pull together and appear to be a motion picture – and yet each snapshot can appear to be something that is separate in a process, as opposed to an aspect that is intertwined and flowing from beginning to end.

In other words, the levels can seem disjointed, and an unfoldment, or awakening process, can, from the perspective of a person caught in the outer, working with the five senses and their idea of wanting to see something happen, conceptually that is, there can appear to be large veils that sit in between the knowingness.

And yet the theme of the dreaming is showing that it all shakes through in its own way, over time it shakes through. But at any given moment in time, when you are caught up in something, it can appear to be awkward.

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Establishing a Base

Mars by Bryan Versteeg (2013)
Bryan Versteeg

In this series of images we can see the process of development. It begins with removing limitations in ourselves and, as new possibilities open up – as new energies are connected to – we have to re-orient and rebalance ourselves. Systems always seek balance and equilibrium, so when changes are made, there is a phase of regrouping. And then we will reach a point where we can no longer be satisfied with being a “student” of the things we are learning, instead we must remake our lives to make the work a reality, rather than a philosophy. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the initial dream, which I think was actually more about the theme, it’s like there’s been a contest, and then you get down to two that are left in the contest, and then those two elements are put inside something. I don’t know whether it’s a cave, or a microwave, or just some container, and an adjustment is made.

And whatever this adjustment is, it removes the limitations. And so I’m studying what happens then when limitations are removed. I don’t remember the detail of that as much as I remember the theme.

John: The theme of the dreaming had to do with orientation and alignment. What you looked at was a process of seeing contrast. But then ultimately you had this peculiarity in terms of how time played out. So it was very odd in terms of how to contend with this quickening of an orientation.

Jeane: In the second dream, it’s like I had retired, or quit work, and now I’m going back after being gone a couple of years. The same people are there that were there before, but the office structure has changed somewhat.

I have a desk that’s out in the open, and on the desk will be manuals and things that explain what the procedures are now, and it’s all kind of set up. But as I go there, because the whole place has moved on some for two years, what I’m doing is going around and observing, like I want to go to one area that’s on another level and notice where the administrator is, and which ones are there and which ones are gone because there will be like a referral base and you want them to know you’re back.

But I’m also just curious to see what everything’s looking like now. And it feels like after I do that on my own, because I don’t really have any business the first day or two because it’s like I’ve just come back so people don’t necessarily know you’re back.

and then I go, and I take you, and I go to this… it’s kind of like a theater, but it’s like a semi-circular theater in blues and whites, so that when you go in and you walk around a circle. And you look through windows down below, where whatever we’ve gone there to watch, and I take you in there and walk you around the semi-circle to where a woman and her family from work are sitting, coworker. It’s like I want to introduce you, but after I’ve introduced you it’s like we walk back around to the right because they were at the left to a place where we’re going to sit. And that’s all I remembered out of that dream.

John: As you told the dream there was like another level, like I say, I’m having trouble with these other levels that shift in. And, of course, the dream significance was obvious from the standpoint that something has to be shaken through, or brought back, or reoriented, or understood in terms of how it’s to be.

But the awkwardness is how to get anything done because something is so different. And that it’s almost as if whatever is introduced goes up against… In other words, your presence is introducing something. The introduction of me is trying to introduce something. It’s trying to cause something to be seen in a slightly different way. Whatever that is goes up against what is already in place.

What you’re doing in this dream is, even though it’s an image of going back to like something that you’ve done before and that something has changed about how it is, that’s the image, but the deeper meaning is that something is an awareness is rising up from within and, as it rises up from within, it comes full force before what is. And to try to soften things or to lead to an orientation or something that enables things to unfold more in keeping with how you remember it to be, you’re even trying to introduce or orient through your presence, and through introducing things like even the image of introducing me.

But when you told this dream in kind of a matter of fact way, as you were telling the dream, what was overlaying, which is something I don’t normally do, there was overlayment after overlayment. The overlayment that existed is, how is that going to work out now, because something is askew? Again, in keeping with the theme, how is this orientation going to… how are things going to be reoriented? Because what is, is, and what was, was, and there’s a gap.

Jeane: And in the last dream I’m reading a letter that Shadeen has sent out, and he’s explaining changes that he’s going to make, either what he’s going to do or won’t be continuing to do. And I’m just trying to figure out the implications of that.

What I would say is that in both the two dreams that came later, also in the back of my mind is the theme from the first dream, which is that there was something where there was an adjustment being made where a limitation is removed or not, you know, and how does that impact things?

And so when I’m reading Shadeen’s letter I’m trying to read it through that lens, in a way, trying to figure out what are the changes that will be made because he’s making some kind of change.

John: This is the process of an emptiness that consciousness approaches. One way of saying it is, the teacher’s role is the hand out, as fast as they can, that which is important for life to awaken. It’s kind of like that’s their duty, can they do that/ And in doing that something changes and something shifts.

At first they kind of stand out as something that maybe you see yourself leaning on, or having no way to function very well on your own without making a bigger mess, or being askew. But over time there’s a change that occurs, and that change is the result of something speeding up inside, or the catching up with what is being handed out. That’s a very unusual way of looking at things because people aren’t inclined to think that it’s that way.

The problem that exists is people are such takers that more generally than not it doesn’t get taken in, and therefore it doesn’t unfold. And yet one tries and tries, and that’s what the teacher does. They are handing out this essence, and it’s up to the student to figure out how to catch up with that essence – and not some of the gibberish that’s also part of perhaps a teacher’s personality. But the essence overrides it all.

There’s one movie, that was a kid’s movie, that portrays the way this works. A movie called [Nanny] McPhee, or whatever her name is, that starts off as kind of a person who checks in to look after the kids, and she’s kind of an ugly looking wench. But then, as what she has to teach, or show them, to bring them back from their distortions, distortional approach, as each lesson gets learned, or as something gets learned, she changes, until she kind of comes back to the youthfulness and beauty of who she is. And then she leaves.

And the punch line to that was, the more you don’t want me, the more it’s important for her to remain. And when you think that you need me, that’s when I have to go. And what she has done is she’s handed out life lessons that cause something to change.

In other words, a process has run its course to some degree, and he’s checking out. And that’s kind of how it is. That’s how it is with everything. You know, you’re not here to make something out of this, you’re here to use this as a loci from which you, so to speak, establish a base that goes forward.

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