Shock Treatment

1u8When something shocking happens in a dream, it is often because the earlier cues have been missed. So our unconscious dials up the volume louder and louder, image after image, until we get the message. This is why dreams can start off simply and then become confused horror movies. Our systems are trying to help us see how best to proceed, and if the message is about something really important, the images will escalate in intensity. We also see this in waking life, where certain upsetting events will wake us up and cause us to change our course. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in the next dream I seem to be like in my 30s or something. I have a husband, and I have a sister, and she has a husband and one or two children; boys. And we’re driving them cross country. It’s like they’re moving to Texas, and we must live in New York or somewhere, but in the dream it’s only like a two-day drive or something.

So we’re about a day out of Texas and we’ve stopped at this place to get refreshments, and go in and, you know, in the yard of this place I must be walking behind everybody else because I see another couple with their children; little boys that have stopped.

While their parents are kind of not looking, one of the boys has gone over, he must have been really thirsty, but he has dunked his head in this toilet that’s sitting out in the yard, that had filled up with water, to drink. And I think that’s kind of gross. The water’s probably clean, it’s just rainwater or something, but I find that a little gross, and wondering why the family was letting him do that.

And I kind of go into the store with everybody else and, while we’re in there, then I hear my sister scream or something. We come out and her son has drowned, something happened to him. So everybody’s sad and they’re upset, and I seem to be taking a bag out of the back of the car and rearranging the clothes in it so that we can lay her son’s body in there and transport it down to the funeral home, or something, in Texas.

And meanwhile my sister’s pretty hysterical and she tells me she’s leaving her husband, you know, as soon as we get there. And I tell her she can stay with us as long as she needs to, but I don’t think that she should leave him. But she says she’s leaving him because he has no rules. But I feel that she is hysterical right now, so I’m kind of just trying to encourage her to not make any decisions until she is more recovered.

John: You’re now started to describe the principle upon which you can tell the difference between what is a best-guess way of being, in the outer, versus something that has an inner reflective rejoicing quality, and a sweeping quality of the heart, as well.

But you break it down in just a couple of the components. The first component is you get the sense, the inflection, of something that cringes inside. And, typically, you would know the cringing or the shrinking quality that comes with that, which, you know, you can rationalize, or justify, even though what is taking place can have kind of a naturalness about it, in terms of a flow.

If you ignore that, then it gets louder. The reason why it’s getting louder is because, as a force of nature, as you’re walking around as the Crown of Creation human being, you’re setting off reverberations that are confusing. They’re confusing because you’re still subtly reflecting a having caught up with, or understanding of a, latent vibratory energy that is meant to be in manifestation but has gone extinct or something. And when that comes across it sets off, to begin with, the outer world way that you perceive this is some lower sensation quality that is there in the gap of a distance that is meant to be filled as a flow, and as an intertwining.

And so the first part where this comes across is the boy who’s drinking out of the toilet, sticking his head in the toilet. There’s a cringing sensation of something misaligned in that regard. And it can be dismissed as, okay, which is the tendency to do, because the water’s probably fine, and the whole process that the boy is going through satisfies his thirst that way. And so the means justify the end, or something, could be an easy way of trying to rationalize it.

But when you take and go a little dismissive and let go, then that means that you are missing the first inner heart cue and, as a consequence then, it has to get louder. And so how it gets louder for each person varies. For some people it can be a real huge sinking heart sensation of being. For other people it can be anger. For someone else it can be fear, but that gap that exists is unnatural to a wholeness of yourself that you carry.

And so the wholeness that you carry, from that latent nature that needs to sweep through into the overall, because as above so below, it needs to sweep through into the overall – it can’t do it. It screams, it goes through this drowning sensation. I mean it could be fear sensation, it could be an anger sensation, but in your particular case it’s this huge, loud, appalling drowning sensation loudness – which wouldn’t have had to happen if you had noticed that the quality, that’s very subtly within, that is missing in the outer, misaligned you might say even, in terms of how the masculine principle functions in life. If you had come and swept over it to give it a better sense of flow, this wouldn’t have been necessary.

But you didn’t do it, so it then takes on this louder quality effect. Now it can seem appalling that things have to function in this kind of loudness and shocking way, but that seems to be what causes a human being to catch up with this latent, inner vibratory essence that is meant to come into a flow in the outer, having been repressed, suppressed, and made extinct so that between two forces in the outer, between two underlying qualities in the outer, this gap is not closable unless you bring in this inner vibratoriness that is needed.

And you’re either going to notice it by the contraction and bizarreness that you pick up, that hits inflectively as wrong and off, because it hits the center of a greater knowingness or, if you proceed to try to dumb that down and remain blind – if you are a person who is lucky enough to have this quickened inside of yourself in terms of this latent dormancy – it’s not going to go silently away and yield to the density of things, like it is inclined to do under ordinary human condition circumstances. Instead it is going to insist upon being there to sweep something through, to sweep something up, to facilitate a natural flow. And if it requires a horrendous scene, you know the screaming and the shuddering, and the appallingness of something in order to make the bridge through the gap, it will do that.

So your second dream actually described how you can take and recognize this, basically a flip side way of being able to recognize that which is awry. You don’t have the good feeling side of it, you have the flip side feeling of it. And, initially, you go through the flip side, the negative feeling of it. You go through it over and over and over again in life.

And the way it comes across is you’re doing the best you can in terms of living life, and then something comes up and it throws you off. And you walk around feeling off. And you walk around being in some mood or some mannerism. For the longest, longest, longest time it works that way. It’s kind of a Pavlovian strange way of having to cope. You don’t know how to function according to a natural flow. You instead function according to shock treatment, so to speak, that shudders the heart. Yet there is a way of discerning that doesn’t have to be that way.

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