Across the Threshold

im3333esYesterday, the dream image was shocking in its unexpected turn of events resulting in a death (see Shock Treatment). Today, the image literally has sparks flying. So we can see that themes can carry over continuous days as our systems try to work through them and get the message to us. In this example, the sparks represent a power that is not contained, yet, in the dreamer. And, by understanding a dream such as this, a person can prevent sparks from flying in real life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I seem to remember one long dream in which I’m living in some kind of an apartment complex that has carpeted halls and everything, and I’m going from the place where I live, I think with you, and we go down the hallway of the apartment complex, and sometimes we go to a neighbor’s apartment because we like to use one of their two large bedrooms with really large beds in them and we like some way that we can record there.

I remember one point getting ready to go over there, but in order to go over there I need some kind of a card that opens up their door, plus I need something that I take over that allows the recording to happen. And it feels like sometimes I have trouble remembering where things are, like I maybe I laid the card down next to the bed, or maybe I have the things but I’ve wandered into another room and you think I don’t have them. So we’re having trouble getting it together to go over there.

But then we go over there and we record and we come back, but there’s another time when we want to go over there and this time we have company, and the company, or these other people at least, that have shown up have decided to go over there, too.

Well, we’re a little late because I think I was looking for this or looking for that, so when we go over there the other people have already been there. Well, I’m on my own I think, and I walk into the large bedroom and suddenly I see sparks coming from all the outlets. So whatever the other people had done, or brought with them, to do the recording, it looks like it’s doing something that’s causing this reaction where sparks are coming out of all the outlets, and I’m trying to figure out what’s caused that to go on, I think, when I wake up.

John: Wow, that’s a lot of power, a lot of power. So the average person goes through life and they have their personal predilections, in terms of how they look at things, and they react and they conduct themselves in terms of the way they contend, or adjust, to do whatever it is that they do.

And all of these adjustments are done in a way that works within an outer world in which you have these separation and the gaps. Now a lot changes very quickly if you’re able to take and go into a space, a place, outside of yourself, in other words, if you’re able to walk a mile in the shoes of someone else. You take and you go across and you are able to conduct yourself with this inner flow, instead of it just being something that’s inside of yourself that is biased in some capacity based upon the degree to which you’re still identifying with things personally.

You’re able to go across, and you’re able to do this in another setting, in another place. And then you develop the ability to be able to take those who relate to you, and shift them to being able to look at things in a new way, in this new way, in which you’re able to function outside of the personal cognitive.

In other words, your dream is taking this kind of quality of the way the energy works and is portraying it in a dream image, whereby in your dream you basically learn to be able to take this across a threshold into a whole other zone and make it relatable there, similar to being able to take it outside of yourself and put it into a setting that has nothing to do with you – but has an atmosphere in which there’s a different kind of letting go and acceptability – because the tendency when it involves yourself is distorted a bit.

That’s step one, and then step two you can even take others and cause them to recognize in this new motif way, meaning you can have the guest that instead of just hang out with you are able to like take and go across and venture across into this new zone themselves.

However, step three has to happen, and step three is the container energy for that. In other words, your expansiveness in terms of the quality of how you’re able to hold the overall field of things, the overall vibration of things together, is step three, and that involves this quality of auric presence, or however you would say that. And so that can be a bit much if there isn’t something there that can take and absorb, and sweep up, the transition of things.

And so when your guests or company go over there without you, it’s well meaning, but it kind of requires a certain kind of container protection that wasn’t there. And so you’re being shown a kind of dexterity in terms of being able to experience, or to be able to live, in a more fluid, greater, overall way. And you’re being shown that this has to do with you catching up with capacities that let go of the stigma of yourself, or a motif of yourself. In other words, when you do that you can take on the other, and the other being a greater wholeness, and that greater wholeness can be within others.

One is always going to have a default mechanism that is apt to get in the way when they take and they look at their own position in relationship to something. If you can take yourself outside of that, then you can put yourself into a demeanor in which you can free yourself, or free something, more easily.

What this all does is it just goes to show the degree to which how we tend to see ourself, and how we tend to get involved with something, and develop some sort of predilection in terms of how our signature note mannerism is, is a big problem, how it gets in the way, and how being able to take and live something out through someone else, in other words, being able to be them, take them in, take that in, let that run, and rise above that, leads to an amazing, amazing distinction and transformation. The danger all the time is the blowing of the circuits of things.

And that’s what you were doing in the dream. In other words, this part of yourself that went across ahead, thinking that they had a handle on what was going on over there in this other apartment or other space, really didn’t have a handle yet, and therefore they got shocked in their signature note. They got shocked and, in terms of getting shocked, it becomes then something has to then happen to pull all of that together because that shock is throughout the ethers. That shocks hits you as much as it hit them.

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