A Futuristic Way

4623637255Everything in the universe is connected through energy. Some energies are drawn together, other energies repel one another. What a human processes energetically, internally, connects to that same energy outside of itself – adding to its power and potency. And the energies that a human generates – by passion, or anger, or fear, etc. – radiate into the environment around them. A developed person comes to understand this, and begins to take care and responsibility for their energetic footprint. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I have to describe this dream in an overall, because it’s like in the dream like I’m lying next to somebody, a guy, you or someone. And there is a dream going on, and there’s a certain flow or action going on in the dream, but I know if I could just shift something in the body, if I could just touch the body in a certain way, or shift my body in a certain way, then what was really going on, or a whole other level, would open up. And it just wasn’t opening up.

So it was almost like what was going on didn’t matter because I was searching for something, and it felt like it was something that would happen with the body that would shift everything into another level. And I never found it, so nothing that was really happening mattered because even as we would discuss it in the dream, I knew that there was this whole other level that was possible and I hadn’t found like the key to it yet.

John: What you’re describing is a recognition that you have to take something that appears to unfold, only to the average person this is something that appears to unfold only in an outer physical level. In other words, the conduct and action that one does.

However, that is something that you know to not be true. You know that whatever you do has a consequential meaningfulness in some other level of being way. To know this means that you have a sense of how an energy unfolds outside of physical existence, or the planes of manifestation. See, in other words you have this image, but you haven’t identified, in the masculine way, the theme of what is going on. All you’re doing is feeling the sensation of how that is in terms of something more than just your physical orientation.

Well, the way you look at it is something like this. You have a perception that you carry in terms of who you are, what you look like, how you think, what your interests are, basically your mannerisms and your modes, and your orientation and relationships. And so when you conduct yourself you tend to conduct yourself in a way in which the energetic coming through, or from, you is in correspondence to all of that.

But a time arises when you reach a level of responsibility inside, so that the energy that you release has to be viewed in a futuristic sense – meaning that what you do, or what happens, how you are, has to set in motion something that goes from you to another, because everything is intertwined, and then as that comes out of the other, what appears to be the other, you also have a responsibility for. And as that flows out of the other, in a way that you have a responsibility for, and then progresses into affecting something else, you then have a responsibility towards that something else that is affected in terms of what transpires as it goes through that.

What you’re doing is you’re working outside of the physical orientation of time and space as we know it, and so like in your dream where you have this whole sense that something else was supposed to be there, in other words, you had the physical orientation that noodles around, but it’s not enough, that there has to be something more, that quality is what you’re trying to actually catch up with, is that something that goes into, we’ll call it the after-effects of energetic that evolve in an ever unfolding way.

If you put this into more or less a kind of progressive motion way of saying it, the accessing of other levels of your greater beingness, or soul, is transcending time and space. And that energetic that is coming out is honed with the note of everything in existence. And as you hold the focus of all of that, because you as a beingness comprise all that there is, and you have this energetic, or in other words there is this energetic, or world soul now, is really what we’re talking about, and you have an attentiveness to that and not to some aspect that you’re trying to delineate in a me, myself way, when you learn to listen and see in this way, I guess the word you would use – inside of time and space – is you’re being futuristic.

In other words, it would be like the expression of someone sitting around a campfire 600 years ago and dreaming what it’s going to be like today, and they’re able to dream what it’s going to be like today in terms of their imagination, in terms of their discussion, in terms of them looking at the propensities of an unfoldment of energetics and vibrations, because they have taken a responsibility that permeates and intertwines, and can see, you know, how the variable comes across in it’s a spitball fashion. In other words, how it goes, how a certain focus can hold it in its pristineness such that such and such, over such and such period of evolving, unfolding time, it becomes this and that.

And therefore that is an interesting kind of creating potentiality, made possible based upon the play of time and space. In reality, of course, none of that exists because how you are in the beginning is how you are in the end. And so the beginning is actually seeing a kind of end all or flow all. In other words, it’s seeing as far as it can see, and of course it goes way, way, way, way beyond that in the ever evolving way of energy, which evolves based upon the sequentiation of time and space into the equation. Without that there would be no motion, there would be nothing going on.

In other words, we already know that gravity has something to do in terms of setting in motion expansive and contractive qualities so something like this can exist, I mean that then leads to having to sort something out in relationship to the way you’re impacted because a density of your nature is impacted then, by gravity, and then you’re senses have to make sense out of that. And that creates reactions, and that creates atmosphere as it’s called. And then because density is something that has an impermanent state about it, that then creates a kind of appearance of decay of which yes, in a sense there is because species are dying and certain notes appear to be going into a different transformational state, but within a human being they are always found, even though very latent somewhere. And it is through this, and through the honing of this, and playing with the pretension of the illusion of time and space, that you’re able to then take and recognize something in terms of a honed vibration in the future.

It has evolved to the point where the greater beingness of a human being is not in terms of what they do, but in terms of how that energy that goes across, how that energy is in terms of this consequential action. In other words, we’re so inclined to take and look at something that happened, and say, oh, it didn’t happen to us. Maybe we did something and somebody else got the blame. That is not taking a responsibility for the energy that may have started with this, but somebody else took the heat.

All of this is talking about an energy, in other words, that you follow out in a futuristic way. And when you follow this out in a futuristic way, that is what bringing and catching up with the other levels is all about. And when you catch up with what these other levels are all about in that kind of a way, you are then taking a responsibility to a wholeness and a oneness, otherwise you’re still working with some aspect of a duality, and ego of self.

And so you’re sensing this. That’s what your dream is doing. Your dream is sensing that there has to be this otherness because you’re not content with the way your body just gets shifted around by this, that, or the other, which is the same thing as saying that the cause and effect upon you just doesn’t do for you what it may have done once upon a time, that there has to be something more, you have to be aligned in some other kind of way. And whatever that is you have to shake it through, and bring it through. That’s quite a theme, isn’t it?

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