Losing Continuity

edw1Here is another example where the relationship of the dreamer to his surroundings shows what it’s like to be out-of-sorts in life. We’ve all experienced it, yet there’s also a better way to flow. And that requires that we pay more attention to our listening center, which is the intuitive aspect of our system that can steer us through the maze of life – because it has a much better sense of the overall than our brain does. As we let it guide us more and more, its signals to us will become more obvious. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: That dream that you dreamt corresponds to kind of my last dream. I mean I have the building blocks of the listening center.

In this dream, I’ve gotten up from my meditation and I’m going to a hall where the teacher is going to speak, and I can tell there are others who have gotten up and are behind me. They are part of the setup, you know, getting things in order, so they go in early before they allow in all of the attendees.

And so I’m walking up front and I have this large quilt that I had used in my meditation, that’s multicolored, and I’ve got that wrapped around me. I never look around to see them. I can hear them talking behind me and, somehow or another, I can inflect where they’re going, and they’re just kind of following me. And I walk all the way to where there’s the side door that goes in for those that are doing some sort of setup service.

I walk in, and the first thing I do is I realize that I have to pull my pants up. The pants are hanging down, and so I set the multicolored quilt down. And apparently others came in with their accoutrements, and some of them are piled here and piled there, some are dirty clothes, and some are other blankets, but nothing as interesting as my multicolored blanket.

And by the time I get my pants up and I’m prepared to try to do something else, I look around and it’s gone. Somebody picked it up or something, found it more interesting and high-graded to the multicolored quilt. And so I’m disturbed by trying to figure out, and at the same time I’m walking around in kind of a whole other zone.

And in this zone, I’m trying to figure out a formula, like sacred mathematics or something, and in terms of understanding what’s transpiring like that I know that the multiplier for gold is 0.0133. That’s helping to explain something that’s unfolding, and I forget what the formula for silver is.

Well, anyway, this being thrown around by not finding this quilt, by the time I walk into the hall it’s as if the general attendance doors have been opened and that whole front area is full. And then there’s kind of an east/west aisle that runs down through the back one-third of the hall, and then you have a front row there, and I found a seat in the middle of that.

And I’m still in a daze, because I’m still affected by this kind of shifted state that I seem to be walking around in. And it’s about that time that I remember that, as I woke up, even as I was awake I was laying there and I was almost able to tune into the words that were coming in a musical thing that was going through me, that I seem to be hearing from within, but could not quite make out what that was. And it makes sense to me that I would kind of forget that because that’s another abnormal state of attunement.

So what is going on is I am in a vibrational state affected by what seems to be more than I am able to handle. I’m not integrating it well as I’m moving about. In other words, all of this stuff is not something that you have in relationship to life around you. So as I move about, the choices I make are actually kind of causing this to dissipate in a way, but as it dissipates I see myself as even more disassociated from everything and everybody else.

But I’m okay, you know. I mean I can find my seat, I can do this, I can do that, things open up so that I can come in the side door, you know, nobody’s putting any heebie jeebies on me. In other words, I can see myself in a condition that can come and go as I wish. It’s just separate from others, as if I’m in some sort of invisible-like trance, invisible in relationship to relatability.

The meaning is, is this dream is taking me to an extreme, imbalanced in its way, as I was, and now I’m learning to hold an auric space and going to another extreme in which there isn’t the intertwining now.

So I’m on this other level with myself, not having an effect upon those around me. I go about in this energetic way that’s open for me where I go. In other words, it’s a natural unshared knowingness. I hear what I hear, and I proceed as if in the cocoon. As I look about me, I notice that I am all alone in that regard.

The reasons for bringing this to my attention is to point out that my inner awareness may be quiet, but it is most quickened in an auric sense, but it’s un-relatable. What I make out of this is, in touching the world around me I am not aware just how it is that I am meant to be. Losing a multicolored quilt I wrap myself in has me bewildered. In other words, it’s as if I lost a continuity there. I’m not adjusting in the outer.

How to come out, and what I can say, and where, is a mystery yet for me. The intoxicating state of inner listening is still being sorted out. I do not know where I fit in as an aspect of beingness. This is like having the condition of being in some sort of other sideness of one’s self to such a degree that you forget how to intertwine naturally.

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