Into a Fullness

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc sitePsychologically, when we face disruptions in life, we often focus our efforts and hopes upon returning things to “normal.” But, of course, life doesn’t work that way. Something has changed, or shifted, and we have changed and learned something that adds to what is formed anew. In spiritual development, this is a process of breaking things apart and rejoining them with the addition of something that has awakened in us. It’s a natural, if sometimes disconcerting, process whereby we strengthen and grow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I had lots of trouble settling down last night, affected my dreams, too. So, in the first dream, it’s more of a fragment that I remember. It’s as though I had gone to an event somewhere, on an island even, and all of us that went there were staying in some kind of event center.

The problem I had is that I had gone and I had a bed in a series of rooms, and all the rooms seemed to be linked, like people come in and out of each other’s rooms. I’m staying in one area, but my luggage has been delivered to another area with some people that I’ve known from my past in New York. And so when I want to go to whatever the events are, it’s like I have to leave where I am, and the people I’m with, and find where my luggage is.

And along the way I’ll run into people from my childhood, and people I know, and I go into a room and it feels like some people are kind of being seductive, even if they’re married, and I’m trying to kind of stay free and just find my luggage and find my clothes. But the first time I do it it’s like I locate where my luggage is, and the people that it’s with, and kind of disentangle myself from them and go back to where I was.

But the second time, I realize that maybe I need to get my luggage into the same room where I am, because it’s too complex trying to find it all the time, because it seems to be dark out all the time, and you’re not sure which room you did see your luggage in, and then you’re having to go find it again all the time.

And, at the same time, kind of navigate these relationships that kind of want to glom onto you or something, and I’m kind of wanting to free flow more and settle down in one area where there are some people I know but, at the same time, go back and forth – but at least get my luggage in the same room with me. And that was kind of like the first dream.

John: Well, it’s kind of like you’re having the normal aspect of one’s assumed sanity twisted and confused. In other words, what it is that you are dependent upon holding onto, and actually believe that it is important, is somehow causing a confusion and a bewilderment in terms of you being able to hold your act together.

And so what is the challenge, or the struggle, that exists here has to do with an inner listening center. What is awakened in you has gotten to the point where it can recognize that there is meant to be an intertwined wholeness and a oneness about things – but that’s not enough. That is not fulfilling enough, and you still clamor for things that you feel are important, in terms of how it is that you need to be. And it’s true that there is something more that’s needed.

In other words, you’ve gotten to a particular point, but now something else needs to awaken. And that which needs to be awoken is, even though it looks like it has to do with your luggage or something that’s on another level, what it really is, is a quality of vibration that functions; for the masculine it would function differently, it would function more as a type of light. But for the feminine, it functions more as a quality of sound; a listening center.

And that way it pulls together the way something needs to naturally unfold that is in an ordered way, because the feminine principle just finds itself in the conditions of outer life, and it is either something that flows okay, or doesn’t flow okay, and that has to do with its intuitive instinct or naturalness, which is really a heightened listening center.

It doesn’t need to understand anything. That’s why it’s working with sound, and it’s working with the principle of an all-pervading energy that is described for purposes of reference as kind of an east/west, it’s creation. The masculine is thrown around trying to understand how it can effectuate differences, because it tends to codify the seed thought of things. It tends to have to have a grasp on what is just there, and behind the scenes in fact, of what is just there, and so it’s more of the north/south energy and it is more affiliated with light.

So, when you understand the distinctions, then you can come to understand what it is that you’re finding yourself doing in your dream. You’re finding yourself essentially reaching for, in other words, you’re trying to bring it more into yourself, listening center, such that what is unfolding around you falls within, or exists within, the parameters of a naturalness. And that the fact that something isn’t quite right, in terms of how you are able to feel somewhere the naturalness of the listening center, has you scoping to close that gap, to bring that together.

It’s a hard one to understand, right? I mean it’s like a type of schizophrenia when you’re doing it, because it’s easy to conclude that how you’re seeing yourself dreaming and evolving has fallen into a type of delirium, but it’s not actually a delirium, per se, other than that the fabric of things, of the collective, that normally directs you around and keeps you separate is becoming harder and harder and harder to reach to in and of itself.

And so the attempt to reach to that in and of itself is no longer possible on this side, which means that it’s not possible in terms of the energetic of a design, in terms of how you are inclined to want to protect, or shape, the world around you that would be kind of a personal nature way.

But it’s still there as an echo, and this echoes as a quality that you have your luggage, or your means to facilitate somewhere else. The fact that it is like that means that everything has become bewildering to you in the outer environment that you’re in, and so when you’re left to your own devices, in terms of how it is that you feel this is fixed, you’re trying to pull this back together, in other words catching up with your luggage and whatnot, trying to pull it back together under the conceptualization that had existed – but it won’t come back that way.

It’s going to come back as a listening center, a deeper listening center, which will have the qualities of kind of a displacement state that you feel within, that can’t quite go about its cognitive format anymore. It will have that quality with it, but that quality will be okay because it will have the listening center to the overall brought into its fullness.

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