Sorting it Out

71229We can all seem superheroes in our dreams, and the unconscious can use exaggerated images to make a point. Here we have a small-time actress who also likes to scale buildings. When she gets stuck on the buildings, the escape route, or resolution, lies with the male characters in the imagery. So we can see this as an inner conversation between the masculine and feminine, with the feminine pushing some boundaries and the masculine reacting to that. It’s all part of the process of working through inner separations to create a wholeness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in this next dream, initially I’m in a building, rushing, and I seem to have this kind of long, out of control, kind of bushy blonde hair, and I’m rushing to get to a dress rehearsal for a kind of melodrama play we’re putting on. It’s got a little Shakespearean touch to it, but it’s really just a melodrama, it’s not a real serious play. And we’re putting it on, and this is the dress rehearsal.

So I’m nearly late, so I have to read some of my lines, but it all seems to go okay. And then I leave the building and I’m with somebody I know from the play, or a couple of guys. I go with them towards their home but, when I drop them off, then I start doing something that I like to do, which is scale buildings. It seems like I like kind of the thrill of climbing the outside of a building, maybe even jumping from one building to the other.

Well, I scale one building, but I get to a certain point where I’m a bit stuck, so I have to tap on the window of this condominium, it’s almost like a loft apartment, and when I look at the person inside, then there’s a lot of cupboards he has going all the way up to the window.

So I get up to the window, I tap on it, somehow he’s able to open it, and I’m able to drop down over his cupboards and get to his floor and go to the door. He’s willing to let me out that way. I get to the door, and I open the door, and his girlfriend’s there with a German Shepherd she has and it’s kind of barking at me, and kind of shocked to see someone coming out of his apartment. But I just kind of shrug that off and I leave there.

And then I go along to another building. Well, this building, when I start scaling the front of it, at one point it’s really tricky so I kind of even knock off a railing, which I feel a little bad about, and I go way up higher in the building because it’s a very large kind of stone building and has lots of little things you can grab a hold of but, as I get near the top, it also has like a little glass barrier that goes around the very top of the building to protect from the wind, I guess, and I’m getting a little stuck up there, kind of going back and forth.

There’s just some little pegs to grab a hold of, or little nubs to put your feet on, and I’m kind of wondering about this and that. I can’t quite see my way back down. I’m probably going to have to haul myself up over the roof. And the custodian for the building has come out on the roof, and he sees me before I can figure out a way to get off the side of the building, and when I get up on the roof he’s just furious at me. He’s just furious that anyone would risk their life just for fun climbing up buildings, and knows that the landlord would be furious anyone was climbing on the façade of his building.

He’s really chewing me out for the longest time. He’s just really indignant that anybody would just do this for fun, you know. To me it’s just like a way that I have to be a little bit, but I understand his upset. I keep trying to calm him down and calm him down, that you know I have done this for a long time, but I totally do see his point of view, too.

So we’ve been walking from that building now and gotten down to an alleyway and walking in the direction of the theater because it feels like, about the time I get him calmed down and he’s left, I realize that I have to really rush or I’m going to be late to be in the play. I don’t know if I’m going to get there on time and, you know, be able to remember my lines and everything because of the delay.

John: So it’s suggesting that the way something of this quality nature, that emerges inside, that comes together inside, another interesting feature about it is that catching up with something that emerges inside because you need to pull it together as a wholeness in an east/west capacity. It’s actually technically not readily seen by something that looks at life in a north/south way. That energetic tends to be more off the ground. It tends to be inadvertently incomplete or aloof.

And so what you’re doing in the second dream, is you’re figuring out a way to come closer to that because it has a sheer east/west energy that catches up with the trait of some inner wholeness, and it’s done in a feminine way that is considered a listening way, or an intuitive capacity, when the masculine way is more of a seeing capacity.

When it catches up with that, it has to figure out a way to be recognized, because there’s a gap, and this gap has always existed, and that it is not readily understood and therefore it creates a lot of delusion. And so your way of trying to get this so that it can be seen and recognized and taken in in terms of life, is to figure out how to extend yourself in a capacity that more fully encompasses, you know that accesses the building, and the building in this case is like the city, or the trait of the surroundings around you, that ordinarily a feminine nature sits quietly nurturing something inside trying to catch up with a deeper essence.

Now you’re trying to take that vibration and carry it in such a way so that it causes something to start sorting itself out, in terms of the masculine. And according to the feminine, too, because even the feminine could be confused, so when you find yourself up in other parts of a building, what you’re doing is you’re surprising situations – and thus causing things to have to come into an alignment, or sort themselves out.

So what this dream is kind of describing, is it’s describing an understanding of how it is that you catch up with the masculine energy. In other words, you don’t become the powers that be, or masculine energy, but you become something that can create a recognition, a getting it, you know, just in terms of you holding true to how it is that you’re meant to hold true in a listening capacity unfoldment way. In other words, you’re strictly talking about all of this in a feminine way.

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