The Bridge

BridgeIn the universe there is energy and there is matter, which is a condensed form of energy. And human beings are the only form of life that can bridge these two states, and that means they can take an energy, say, for example, a feeling, or emotion, or a color, and make something else from it: a poem, a song, or a dance. But higher energies also have intelligence in them, and we are also meant to connect and gather intelligence energetically and then bring it into life. People who do this are called geniuses, like an Einstein, but it is something we all do and that we can train ourselves to do much more effectively.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I only had one little fragment of a dream that I remembered, and in this dream it’s like I’m trying to investigate what had happened, like I think somebody’s been murdered. But the only way I can track down what had actually happened was to use like rhyme and poetry, and I would start rhyming something just as nonsense words, and then that would give me an answer. Because at first I thought maybe even the policeman involved had committed the crime, but using that I think I found him in a locker. He might have even been murdered himself, but he was in a locker.

And then I would use this other rhyme, and it was almost like nonsense rhyme sometime, but I would just link one word to another and then that would lead me to another solution. And I realized I don’t know someone was actually murdered other than the policeman, but I think his daughter’s missing.

And I figure out that she’s missing. And then I do it again, and I kind of start getting a clue as to who’s at the bottom of all of this and, you know, it was just that kind of thing. It was almost like I didn’t even know how to relate to it because it would be like I would just link one word to another that might sound similar to another; then something would pop in that had occurred.

John: Yeah, that’s how it works. It’s correct. When it’s not readily apparent, in an outer way, all you have is actions and mannerisms that are wayward or, as you depict it, in a crime-like condition.

And you’re not going to take a crime-like condition and manipulate it around to an answer, because the reason why it’s a crime-like condition is because something is missing. And the reason why you’re having to resort to rhyming, or trying to create a symbolism or something, to inflect something from what is latent into an aliveness, is because the crime scene itself is missing what it needs to sort itself out.

All of life, as it currently exists, is like a crime scene. You know, you have imbalances that have to do with looking at things with the same mind that created it, in terms of the economic turmoil or the Middle East crisis, or whatever it is that you want to look at, and yet there is an answer to it, but it’s as if it’s extinct in terms of the outer.

And so when a human being, that has a nature that includes all that ever was, can take and try to find that latency, hit the ring, or the ping, or the rhyme, the note of it, and in doing so bring this back to the fore. That’s a feminine principle.

The masculine principle would be to act like they can do something about something, but the feminine principle knows that until there is a means upon which a reflection can occur, in other words, if it’s a matter of extinction, and if something has gone awry because there isn’t the bridge, you can beat your head on the wall as much as you want and you won’t get anywhere.

And so you’re actually going inside and trying to find the answer. You’re not trying to find the solution in the crime outer, you’re trying to bring it to the forefront inside of yourself to hit the note, the rhyme, the inflection that is missing as a reflection in the outer.

And that’s a trait that we still have as a quality of beingness, and as a responsibility that is befitting of a Crown of Creation, created out of everything that ever was, and can find all of that, as a tool chest within, to mirror.

That’s an interesting dream right? I liked it. It was a great dream.

Jeane: To me it was just frustrating because it was so nonsensical.

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