A Preserver Energy

388In daily life it may seem difficult to understand what is unfolding, or why. Yet, when on a development path, one of the aspects that helps bring us closer to the way of universal understandings is to realize that certain energetic laws run through everything. They affect everything, and they cannot be avoided. So when we learn to know them and see them, life becomes a bit less of a mystery. In these dreams, we see natural processes at play: the creative act, and then the need to preserve or maintain what has been created, and when things don’t work out, then the destroyer energy comes to clean out and allow a new start. This can easily be seen everywhere in the world around us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in the next dream, I work as a nurse’s aide, or a nurse or something, in a hospital, but for the moment I’ve left the hospital and I’ve gone out with you in a car that you’re driving. And there’s been a huge snow, and there’s ice on the ground as well as snow.

I know at one point when we go down and we try to turn around the car, I don’t know if we’re going to be able to turn around and not get stuck. But we stop for a minute, because I see that people need some help, and there is a doctor or someone at the hospital that had taken out a group of people.

Some of them had fallen in some water that was near the snow, so I’ve gotten out of the car and I’ve gone over and started to rescue the people. And I also recognize this doctor as someone who’d sexually abused some of these people, so I’m just grabbing them where he would just let them drown or whatever. I’m grabbing them, and getting them out.

And the last few people, I look down and they’re only about an inch high, and they’re all under the water, and some of them have turned a little blue. But I still scoop them all down and bring them out because, you know, maybe you don’t know if maybe you can revive them, maybe you can’t, but at least I can get them all out of the ice water.

And then after I have gotten everybody out, I’ve gone back to the hospital, and I’ve gone in now, and because he was seen to be abusing one or more of these kids, or people, it feels like I can finally do something to get him fired. And I’ve gone over in another position or someone who’s kind of my ally in that because I think people had felt something was wrong with this guy, but they weren’t able to do anything.

And at that point I reveal that, in the past, he’d actually assaulted me. But it was done like with no witnesses, and I’d never been able to do anything about it. But now that it’s out in the open, or he’s hurt these people that we rescued, it’s like I can finally do something to get him punished, or evicted from the hospital, or whatever.

John: So that’s another example of preserver energy, you know trying to maintain something in terms of how a wholeness is, how the outer is. But, at the very end, it progresses to where it starts to take on a little bit of a tilt that can be like a destroyer, in that it’s going to do something about something, but it’s all done within the motif of the preserver energy.

And so it helps to notice that, because it’s a slightly different way of processing your orientation. And there can be a bit of a friction, or a chaos, in terms of the intertwining of creator and preserver energies.

Jeane: So in this next dream I’m with you, visiting some of your relatives, and the first relatives we visit are like a grandmother and one or two women that are living with her. The strange thing is they’re actually living in a house, or an apartment complex, that used to belong to my dad’s grandparents, or that they lived in.

But, in this dream, they’re your relatives, and I’m kind of noticing the dynamics there that the grandmother is kind of dominant, but they don’t share really readily in that household. And then we go to visit another group of your relatives, and there’s a grandmother there, too, and a couple like aunts, and maybe the daughter of one because she seems younger.

And we visit them, and they’re really gracious, but I know I go into the bathroom at one point to change my clothes. I’ve taken some clothes in, and one of the girls comes in while I was there and, for some reason, that makes me aware of the fact that in this household they’re barely getting by, like they would readily share in some ways, but if they don’t get help soon, they’re probably going to even starve.

They’re kind of in a bad shape, and I realize the other relatives could help them, but I don’t think they would. It’s not quite their nature. So I’m kind of stewing about that, and what to do now that I’ve found out about it.

John: That’s an interesting dream, showing the deficiency in the preserver energy. So when you have a deficiency in the preserver energy, what it causes me to ponder is, a repressed preserver energy probably evokes the creative in order to try to bring something back into the forefront of things. Because, as something gets created, then there is the need to kind of sustain it, or preserve it.

And so, if there’s something that’s not preserved then, I guess you have to start with the creative energy again. And then if something is sustained and it gets all mucked up, and gets to be a dilemma, because in the preserving or sustaining of it something becomes overbearing, then you have to have the destroyer energy. So it’s interesting you’re starting to look at that kind of dynamic, and how all of that comes together, and intertwines, and ebbs and flows, because also the theme of the dreaming had to do with how all of this stuff interlinks, and intertwines, and comes together as a flow.

In other words, when it’s used to looking at energy being projected, which is kind of the masculine way, energy being projected outwardly and orienting towards a change with a recognition to the wholeness. One’s not used to looking at holding a stasis in relationship to a wholeness, and that also being an intertwining.

And so, in your last dream, you’re kind of putting all of, you might say, what would be considered the Hindu traits of God together, in which they make those three distinct correlations. And they also break those into energy in which the creative is a light, the preserver is a sound, or a music, the destroyer is the overall vibration, the overall vibration like the vibration you’d feel as the whole breath, an in-breath and an out-breath, the overall, that’s the destroyer. They actually kind of break that down.

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