Finding Cohesion

Tungurahua-Volcano-Erupt0316In the realms of spirituality these days, an energetic shift is often spoken of. But what does that mean? Well, it has to do with increased energy arriving on the planet at this time, and continuing into the future. And when you increase the energy to things they become more powerful and potent – and that means all things. So if you are upset and emotional, it will be more intense. If you are inspired, it will be more powerful than ever. And we see its evidence everywhere: in international hostilities, in struggles between people, even in the increase in storms, earthquakes, and volcanoes. New energies are affecting everything, so we must choose what we let be powered in us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I had a bad headache and a slight fever, although I was dreaming. I remember bits of one dream when I’m trying to go with my family. I have my sister and my mom and my dad, and we’re all jammed into a little car.

And it’s like when I pull out, I’m trying to go to the right, the highway’s going to the right, it’s like a car pulls in front of me even though it’s going the wrong direction. But we don’t hit it, you know I stop in time.

Then wherever we’re going we stop along the way, someplace where I’ve been before, it’s like a big old house and seems deserted. It’s like we need to spend the night there. And when it’s time to leave, I’m having trouble rounding up my sister. I can find everybody else, and other people seem to arrive who are staying there, and some of them are kind of menacing.

One of them has this kind of big black coat on and it has stripes on it in yellow, and blue, and red. And he speaks Spanish sometimes, which I can somewhat understand, and I seem to be able to talk to him, and he can talk to the guys that are a lot rougher that I’m just trying to avoid and get us out of there.

At one point I have to go into an area and go to the bathroom, and the only thing I can find is it’s a black toilet floating on a black chain and water is dripping down over the toilet in the room. Then when I go to sit on it the chain suddenly swings it wildly all over the place. Then when I’m still trying to find my sister, you know she’s the one I’m having trouble locating, so I can get all of us together to get out of there as other people arrive in pickups or whatever. That’s about all I can pull out of it. I couldn’t pull out a lot last night.

John: The theme state that was being accentuated in the dreamworld had to do with the dysfunction of the cohesiveness needed, in the outer, to maintain what had been ordinary. And the reason for that is because things are speeding up and, because the collective can’t shift anymore because there is a lack of recognition of the interconnectivity that’s important for the wholeness to come together, because of that lack of intertwined interconnectivity recognition, as things speed up, as a higher frequency order of energy comes across, it’s creating a tenuousness in terms of attention span, in terms of a person’s ability to grasp what is a more conscious well being.

Of course to capture that more conscious well being, they have to go inside themselves to find it. They’re not going to find it in the collective. And so because this is permeating everywhere in the atmosphere and in the outer, whatever you do runs into these strange little hiccups that you never had to contend with before. Like in your case vehicles going in the wrong direction, and gets in the way. You try to proceed, but can’t find your sister. And it’s just a constant litany of things that were outside of a general, more natural, flow.

You blame it on having a headache and whatnot, but in this case it’s like the headache you could even say is caused by this inability to find a cohesion. It’s as if everything is in a state of a kind of disarray.

So the question is, is why is it like that? And the reason why it’s like that is because, as things speed up, that speeding up has to be taken in naturally, and you have to be able to hold onto that speeding up. You need to be able to ground that speeding up. You need to be able to be comfortable with that and, if you’re not, and if you have a wayward demeanor in your nature, the tendency, then, is for an unconsciousness to come up that has been suppressed, that’s like a defense mechanism that a person has in terms of fight or flight, or inability to cope.

In other words, a person always is trying to find a flow, and the grace in the world is such that it generally provides a means for a person to get by – even though they’re deluding themselves in another way, they are given this way, or means, to get by.

But now, the way things are speeding up, as something is having to come to a greater oneness, and there is a shift that’s designed to have to happen at this point in time because the way things are currently going is unsustainable, and that a new consciousness is required in which people come together and work more as a whole. Those who aren’t able to see themselves, and relate to themselves, in this way, find themselves unable to hold a focus, unable to hold a clarity.

The reason for that is what is suppressed inside of themselves, that has gotten suppressed inside of themselves, is they have gone about continuing to do what they felt was the way of living, when that comes to the surface, if you speed that up, if you spin it any, they get flooded with this denser quality that’s been suppressed inside and go into a greater bewilderment.

In other words, they kind of look better and act better when left to their own devices, but their own devices is a dead end track. So if you spin somebody who’s in a dead end position, the danger is that the result will be, with the spinning of the energy faster, the result will be more of the suppressed energetics coming to the surface.

So even though you didn’t address the reasons for why all of those images were bizarre in your dream, and where people were going backwards, and getting lost, and things were all twisted, you didn’t address the reasons like I was pointing out, you just experienced it as the environment that you’re in at this point in time, and are finding it to be kind of bizarre. And it is bizarre because of this lack of intertwined linkage.

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