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3333nloadWhat is a spiritual journey? Before one makes it, it can seem that it’s just living life with a deeper consciousness – which is true. But it also entails continual change and letting go, so that all the aspects of a life that are not in alignment with the universal purpose are set aside. This is how a life connects to the whole, and also how it gains the intelligence to proceed because the process is incremental and we need inner guidance all along the way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My last two dreams dealt with what you dreamt with, but the precursor dream to all of that, the meditation dream, is quite interesting in terms of the journey of the human being.

The meditation dream kind of sets the table of it all, or the consequence of it all, in that I was shown last night in the meditation dream the way the underlying essence dynamic, how this underlying essence affects manifestation – kind of how it works, in other words.

The process refines a human being into intertwining with manifestation. The inner essence vibration goes into physical existence, in other words, that’s how the intertwined essence comes to pass is it goes from inner into outer, eventually. The more a human being is consciously aware of his role as the Crown of Creation, the more readily and succinctly this works. But that’s not how it is to begin with.

To begin with in life, a human being sees everything as separate. Chance and nature are deemed to be in control. What happens is deemed to be unpredictable and generally disconcerting, so you’re always on guard, because a human being who is unconscious sees himself as separate from his environment, and sees himself to be kind of a victim of circumstances.

Slowly this changes. To begin with, the effect seems more coincidental, that you get a break or something, that something happens that seems to go along with how you are, or something. In other words, little by little a human being begins to see themselves intertwined with life in some mysterious way.

And then, eventually, you come to recognize and learn that this connection seems to stem from the heart, not from the mind, because a heart that is awakened is able to touch life, while the mind, which is a function of understanding, is based upon input such as the five senses that interact with manifestation. That way of being is seen to be a shallow, lower-self awareness.

The higher self opens up as the heart center intertwines, and, to begin with, that intertwining is seen as something that has kind of a type of natural and instinctual quality, much like animals, to it, and over time this awareness deepens and is able to touch and affect even dense outer objects.

And as man becomes more aware of how the principle of oneness exists, the alignment through the heart deepens. When the heart opens up the brain, a knowingness from deep within awakens simultaneously. The insights flash automatically. There is a sense of being able to operate outside of time.

This occurs initially as a split second, in a split second kind of thing, in which you are both inside and outside of time. In such a moment a person is able to see vibrational outcomes. You have a sense of what’s going to unfold for the future, bringing the future to the present, in other words. This insight happens so quickly that, to begin with, the human being calls it a flash of intuition. Until a human being is able to realize that they are able to affect manifestation continuously, they explain the instantaneous inflective knowingness as an accident, or as a type of intuition, or as something that varies and sometimes comes together as a meaningful coincidence or synchronicity.

As the separateness caused by the mind ego is even further set aside, or let go of, in terms of the need to control the physical environment, and the need of seeing manifestation as being separate from them, the inner into outer relationship awakens. I believe that the veil that separates mankind from arriving at this conclusion is getting thinner and thinner. I believe that there are souls born into this world who, at a very young age, already understand the principle of life deep within. For such a person who is born this way, the awakening process is just a matter of alignment.

In the dream, I saw myself affect an outer event. What happened took me by surprise. I also noticed that the effect could arrest the flow, just from the way an inner presence was able to emanate. What I saw is that I have a huge responsibility in that the changes that are effectuated need to be positive or, in other words, the effect is to an overall well being consciousness.

I also notice that the intertwined simultaneous effect arose from another level of my being, in other words, not the one that’s associated with the mind, and the senses, and the ego. For lack of a better word, I am caught in this connection to the world soul and, as a human being caught up with a Crown of Creation flow, the transformation comes from deep within into life. When this is possible, the outer is seen as being an extension of the inner. When this is natural, the differences between inner and outer fall away.

As this further evolves consciously, time and space fall away as the essence for all there is opens up. It is hard to believe, from our mind ego senses that keep pointing out separation, that when the separation goes away, time and space dissolves, and it is as if nothing is going on. The closer we come to this consciously, the more we are able to see that everything that our mind perceives to be separate is but an illusion.

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Spiritual-ConnectionsOn a spiritual journey, how does one proceed? It can be thought of this way: Humans can connect to higher things, but nothing else can. So a human can bring spiritual connection to everything it comes in contact with, if it carries the connection. Even internally, when we stir up issues or defense mechanisms, we can apply a spiritual solution to the issue, thereby elevating it. In this way, bit by bit, the universe is touched by consciousness of higher things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: One dream I just kind of remember glimpses of, it was like I was staying in a household, and the focus in the household seemed to be on what we were cooking. And also the son in the household he was gone, and I had a girlfriend and I we would use his car maybe to go do the shopping or something.

And he had one of those little roadsters that’s kind of open, you know kind of the thing that Gatsby was driving in the movie, except smaller and closer to the ground, and so she would drive but I was always having trouble getting all the way down in the car. Sometimes I seemed to like to sit a little bit on the seat, you know up on the seat, rather than all the way sliding down into the car because it was so low to the ground.

And I used to wonder if it was really going to bother him that we were borrowing his car, like they’d said to go use a car but we were using a pretty fancy car. And it felt like when I got back to the house, mother informed me that I had an apprentice that maybe they’d already kind of put to work in helping fix the meal.

And the whole thing seemed to be oriented around some kind of gourmet cooking, so the apprentice is already starting on fixing some dishes, you know, and I haven’t met the apprentice yet, you know. She’s in the other room, or he is, I think it’s a she maybe, and that person would be helping us put together food for a certain period of time. And that was all I remembered from that dream.

John: Interesting dream. It also brought light to some symbolism I hadn’t noticed existed in the Gatsby, whether that was intended to be in there or not, hard to know, but it was there. Apparently you picked up on it; your higher-self did, anyway. That’s why you had the car.

In other words, you start off and you have a certain overallness or wholeness in your being, and in that you grow, or you mature, you sit in that, you are washed by that, you’re cradled by that. It’s a container kind of energy. The way I’ve always seen you is you have ample abundance of that, but you don’t carry it defensively. In other words, you’re not an energy, for example, that maintains the died and true, that one has to not look around too much or be careful because, you know, you could lose the devotional thread or something.

And so you sojourn off, you spring from this place, and you take the yellow car into life. Do you remember how the Gatsby car was yellow? And that of, course, causes things to be stirred up. And when you come back, then whatever it is that you stirred up then gets introduced, or recomposited, into your overall wholeness. That’s where you have the waiters and the other things that are there in the household. But you don’t just sit in that one place, that one space. You venture out.

The theme of the dreaming had to do with the steps that are taken to step out. I found myself even identifying, in the dream, with the statement that, we want union, but God wants diversity, so we settle for what God wants – for the promise somewhere of both. You know to have sat in the container energy of the house, where everything is percolating along subjectively just fine, is kind of a union state. It’s kind of a oneness place.

But you venture out, and that discombobulates things, that stirs things, that gets a little bit irrational, or imaginative, and everything else. And whatever all that’s about for having done that, for making that sojourn, which brings up the second Sufi statement, which I wrote down in my dream because this is the theme of things, that we make the sojourn into life for the love created by thee and for thee. You don’t necessarily portray the joy, in terms of going in the Gatsby car, you know, you just find yourself doing it.

But you could’ve had a certain excitement and joy about that, or maybe it was there, and that brings up this other statement then: we make the sojourn into life for the love created by thee and for thee. That is part of the first statement. You don’t just sit, in that there is a choice that’s made and one can reach a certain glow and, within that glow, there’s a certain trust that happens and you can, so to speak, go home with that.

Or you can do something that appears, so to speak, to be deleterious to the spiritual process. You could try to hand that back into life. That can tear things up a bit, that can lead to bewilderment and whatnot. And those who are on this path have made a choice to not try to take it with us. In other words, we try to give it back into life. We don’t just develop the glow, so to speak, that has a certain trust and quality to it. So anyway, your first dream is addressing this general motif theme that was the theme of the evening.

Jeane: In the next dream it was like in the outer reality I had this headache and cough going on, so the dream kind of addressed that. I was at a household where a lot of people had gathered for a large dinner, like a holiday dinner or something, and it was like I was controlling either the cough or the headache by kind of how we were sitting and how we were managing the dinner. It’s just an impression. I don’t know quite how to describe it. It was kind of by positioning.

John: Yeah, it’s kind of what keeps you from sitting in a container energy. It’s a contrastive kind of thing. It’s a challenging thing, because there’s a way of being where everything’s just copasetic, and then there’s a way of being in which it’s hard to be settled. And the going into things is hard to be settled.

It’s a very contrastive thing because you can’t say it’s one way or the other because this is something that, dependent upon the stage you’re at, pours both directions. On the one hand there is the restive that throws you out, you know, that makes the sojourn into the life, and on the other hand there’s the quietness, the stillness, that takes you to a oneness zone inside.

You’re playing with both of these simultaneously. That’s the state you’re in. The choice, so to speak, as portrayed and described earlier, is what keeps these two things in flux, mixes the things up. And if you were to really probe this out when you’re mixing these things up, to where one part of you can be kind of a container and a quietness, and then that part thrown back into a commotive and then figuring out how to reconcile that, and align it, and whatnot, you’re playing with energy lines.

And to begin with you start playing with the north and the south, and the north is deemed the direction that is going into the spiritual, and the south is deemed the direction of going into the depths of life, or in the depths of yourself. So, to begin with, it has just that orientation, and to begin with that can be kind of linear even. And it can be something in which you need to just settle back and take it in as a process, as something that is seeking to get you more aligned with yourself.

But, eventually, when you have gotten yourself kind of more in flux now, because you aren’t as tight and as defined, which you tend to be with your mind and senses exclusively, eventually you get because of the journeying to the north, and the journeying to the south, you come to recognize that there is still something going on – and that something going on is manifestation. And it’s about something, because you know that there is the beginning and the end are one and the same, and that the inner and the outer come together as one and the same, and so there’s something about life, and that then opens up the east/west motion where something comes in to the east and sets in the west.

So when you draw that in, you have drawn in something that now has an interesting geometric form, and if you draw with the north/south access and the east/west access and the points coming out, the angles coming out, you have multiple triangles. And then to these multiple triangles you add the quality that, at one point in time, you have a creative aspect that’s flowing around in your nature. And then you have a preserver aspect that’s flowing around in your nature, and that redraws the triangles with an overlay, or redraws something with an overlay on that image.

And so now you’re creating something that looks more like a diamond. And then there’s the recognition that you’re both in and out of time with this diamond, so that creates the spinning.

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388In daily life it may seem difficult to understand what is unfolding, or why. Yet, when on a development path, one of the aspects that helps bring us closer to the way of universal understandings is to realize that certain energetic laws run through everything. They affect everything, and they cannot be avoided. So when we learn to know them and see them, life becomes a bit less of a mystery. In these dreams, we see natural processes at play: the creative act, and then the need to preserve or maintain what has been created, and when things don’t work out, then the destroyer energy comes to clean out and allow a new start. This can easily be seen everywhere in the world around us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in the next dream, I work as a nurse’s aide, or a nurse or something, in a hospital, but for the moment I’ve left the hospital and I’ve gone out with you in a car that you’re driving. And there’s been a huge snow, and there’s ice on the ground as well as snow.

I know at one point when we go down and we try to turn around the car, I don’t know if we’re going to be able to turn around and not get stuck. But we stop for a minute, because I see that people need some help, and there is a doctor or someone at the hospital that had taken out a group of people.

Some of them had fallen in some water that was near the snow, so I’ve gotten out of the car and I’ve gone over and started to rescue the people. And I also recognize this doctor as someone who’d sexually abused some of these people, so I’m just grabbing them where he would just let them drown or whatever. I’m grabbing them, and getting them out.

And the last few people, I look down and they’re only about an inch high, and they’re all under the water, and some of them have turned a little blue. But I still scoop them all down and bring them out because, you know, maybe you don’t know if maybe you can revive them, maybe you can’t, but at least I can get them all out of the ice water.

And then after I have gotten everybody out, I’ve gone back to the hospital, and I’ve gone in now, and because he was seen to be abusing one or more of these kids, or people, it feels like I can finally do something to get him fired. And I’ve gone over in another position or someone who’s kind of my ally in that because I think people had felt something was wrong with this guy, but they weren’t able to do anything.

And at that point I reveal that, in the past, he’d actually assaulted me. But it was done like with no witnesses, and I’d never been able to do anything about it. But now that it’s out in the open, or he’s hurt these people that we rescued, it’s like I can finally do something to get him punished, or evicted from the hospital, or whatever.

John: So that’s another example of preserver energy, you know trying to maintain something in terms of how a wholeness is, how the outer is. But, at the very end, it progresses to where it starts to take on a little bit of a tilt that can be like a destroyer, in that it’s going to do something about something, but it’s all done within the motif of the preserver energy.

And so it helps to notice that, because it’s a slightly different way of processing your orientation. And there can be a bit of a friction, or a chaos, in terms of the intertwining of creator and preserver energies.

Jeane: So in this next dream I’m with you, visiting some of your relatives, and the first relatives we visit are like a grandmother and one or two women that are living with her. The strange thing is they’re actually living in a house, or an apartment complex, that used to belong to my dad’s grandparents, or that they lived in.

But, in this dream, they’re your relatives, and I’m kind of noticing the dynamics there that the grandmother is kind of dominant, but they don’t share really readily in that household. And then we go to visit another group of your relatives, and there’s a grandmother there, too, and a couple like aunts, and maybe the daughter of one because she seems younger.

And we visit them, and they’re really gracious, but I know I go into the bathroom at one point to change my clothes. I’ve taken some clothes in, and one of the girls comes in while I was there and, for some reason, that makes me aware of the fact that in this household they’re barely getting by, like they would readily share in some ways, but if they don’t get help soon, they’re probably going to even starve.

They’re kind of in a bad shape, and I realize the other relatives could help them, but I don’t think they would. It’s not quite their nature. So I’m kind of stewing about that, and what to do now that I’ve found out about it.

John: That’s an interesting dream, showing the deficiency in the preserver energy. So when you have a deficiency in the preserver energy, what it causes me to ponder is, a repressed preserver energy probably evokes the creative in order to try to bring something back into the forefront of things. Because, as something gets created, then there is the need to kind of sustain it, or preserve it.

And so, if there’s something that’s not preserved then, I guess you have to start with the creative energy again. And then if something is sustained and it gets all mucked up, and gets to be a dilemma, because in the preserving or sustaining of it something becomes overbearing, then you have to have the destroyer energy. So it’s interesting you’re starting to look at that kind of dynamic, and how all of that comes together, and intertwines, and ebbs and flows, because also the theme of the dreaming had to do with how all of this stuff interlinks, and intertwines, and comes together as a flow.

In other words, when it’s used to looking at energy being projected, which is kind of the masculine way, energy being projected outwardly and orienting towards a change with a recognition to the wholeness. One’s not used to looking at holding a stasis in relationship to a wholeness, and that also being an intertwining.

And so, in your last dream, you’re kind of putting all of, you might say, what would be considered the Hindu traits of God together, in which they make those three distinct correlations. And they also break those into energy in which the creative is a light, the preserver is a sound, or a music, the destroyer is the overall vibration, the overall vibration like the vibration you’d feel as the whole breath, an in-breath and an out-breath, the overall, that’s the destroyer. They actually kind of break that down.

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