A Real Identity

0xpVThe universe is built on ongoing processes. Many of the processes we see unfolding in us are also are work in the more intergalactic realms. One of those processes is that everything travels from the high into the low; said another way, from the creator to the created. This dream shows the process at work, because it begins in an airplane, a higher inner level. What is gained there is brought down to the ground (into life) where the recipient has to learn how to use it in life. Higher into lower, and inner into outer, the processes of life unfolding. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my first dream I’m on an airplane, and I run into a man on the airplane and he seems kind of insistent that I need to get a gun. So we go to another area of the airplane where they have the guns, and I’m thinking that maybe I’ll get a Glock because I need to take lessons and learn how to shoot it. And I seem to get a gun.

And then the dream shifts slightly, and I’m on the land. I know that I need to go take classes to learn to use the gun. I’m in my hometown, and I’m across from the school, and I notice that there’s a Y that’s been built there, and I think that I’ll go look at the Y because they’ll probably have classes on using a gun, plus I like to swim and I know they have a pool.

And it’s not usually considered as upscale as like going to a private health club, or gun club, or whatever, but there’s something about this Y that I’m kind of interested in. So I go into the Y, and instead of going to the room where they have the baths and the steam baths and stuff, I go to a floor where I think it’s more like where you would go to join, or at least to get a tour and look around.

When I’m there there’s like a Native American man at the entrance area, and I look over and I notice to the left that there’s a museum, and the museum has a lot of old artifacts and information, and then there’s a panel of four people who seem like they could be anything from Middle Eastern, to Native American, or something African, and they have like plaques laid out on a table.

And these plaques represent like hieroglyphs for a name, and then there’s a name written next to them. I choose one of those for a name, and I even make a little diminutive out of the name. And then I’ve gone outside, and it feels like I’m going to be coming back to the club because I need to join, I’ve just gone to where they normally give a tour and then kind of got sidetracked with getting a name.

And now I have a boyfriend, but I kind of want to conceal the boyfriend from my mother or other people right now. He and I, we’ve opened up a door on the ground level, and outside there’s a beach and it’s really deep, kind of dark water, but there’s rocks that form a barrier or some kind of almost underground structure that forms a barrier if you tried to go out very far. And it’s deep even close to the land. It’s kind of dark water, and we’re kind of swimming in it with some other people our age, but I know I can only do that a certain amount of time and then I have to get back in there and get this thing sorted out about the name, and joining the club, and where the classes are, and all that.

So I go back inside. In the dream I’m aware that there’s people that are spying on us when we’re swimming, like some kind of authority that can see what we’re doing, but we’re not aware of it in the dream. Meanwhile, I go back in the club and I’m trying to avoid seeing anybody at first because somebody has indicated the name that I selected was Jewish, and that there’s these Jewish men there that would explain the name to me, or they want to point out to someone that hey, this person is yours, you know, in a sense, and I keep ducking them and hiding out from that because I know I just picked up the name and I haven’t really found out about it yet. So I want to find out about it before I go over to any of the authorities who seem to be in charge of the name, so I want to find the man that was first at the desk when I was there because he’ll explain it to me. So I go upstairs kind of avoiding anyone else until I can find him.

John: This is a dream where you’re putting into motion a process of inner into outer, and you’re going through and you’re describing the steps of how, when inner comes into outer, because of the dimensions of the inner in relationship to the way the outer is, there’s a tendency to go askew.

And there’s always yet an echo, always an echo in it that is important. The echo, of course, is coming from when you’re in the outer, but when the seed thought of something arises up to where it then has to be lived out, as inner coming into outer, that part, the ability to see yourself all the way back to the beginning doesn’t exist because once it arises or, as Rumi would say in a poem, as something rises as a froth or a bubble on the ocean, then it is something that then is alive, and then that aliveness then has to live in life. And then it becomes part of a process that then, ultimately, goes back to itself.

So you’re kind of portraying the whole circle of life, or however you would call that, in that you start off with you’re kind of on the inner plane of it all, in other words, flying in a plane just in a state of beingness. And then you suddenly realize that you have something that needs to come to the surface.

So just like a froth rises on the ocean, of which the ocean is just the essence of all that there is, but when it rises as a froth on the ocean it then is like a thought, and then that thought then becomes a beingness that then has to run its course, or cycle, in manifestation.

That’s the Rumi poem way of portraying it. Your way of portraying it is what arises as a vibration has to do with an interest and a need to flow with that, and it is visualized in your dream as okay, you now need a Glock, or a gun, and that gun is something that adds, or is an awakening, or a rising up inside of you as an aspect of your own wholeness or security or something, that you don’t quite embrace or accept or, in other words, it’s something that has been sitting dormant that needs to come back to and be more comfortablized, ultimately, in its essence of quietness and wholeness, but now that it has risen up you now have to live it.

Well, the first thing to living it is you have to get some training, so you come down and you get some training. So now you have taken this on, this has become, so to speak, a vibration that has become part of a manifested way of being, of you in manifestation. And so now you need to apply it a bit and you go into the Y.

Well, in the Y you still also have the faint echo of where this comes from, not necessarily in a mental way do you have this faint echo, but in kind of a subconscious way you still carry some sort of echo, and that is why you’re taking and your looking for the name, the meaning behind it all. In other words, just like a human being is said to when they’re born their soul chooses their name, the significance of that, or the real meaning of that, is the soul makes the indentation or impression as much as possible so that you can take and somehow, in the delirium of the outer, inflect back to the beginning – otherwise you go around and around and around and around in the delusion and illusion.

But there’s really nothing going on there, and you actually can inflect back, then, from this particular point all the way back to where you came out of, and there’s a word that used whether it’s the best word or not I like to keep calling it essence, but there’s a word that’s used in terms of mankind before they took on a role in manifestation, the way they had a process of living out that which would come to the surface and then have to be lived out in manifestation. Before something arises out of it, it’s just called the demerge.

So you’ve got this echo back to that, but the archetypal window that you have to go through is one that has to do with relationship in some fashion. In other words, you have a little distortion from the idea of what intertwining… how to maintain this inner connectivity, and intertwine into life. And so you go and you find yourself getting distracted by a boyfriend, or whatever it is, and start to try to make that meaningful. But it doesn’t quite work out for you because you have this echo and this quality that’s pulling you back, that’s drawing you back to your real identity. In other words, the little bitty you might say buried seed hidden quality that echoes you all the way back to the beginning, again back to the Rumi poem, before the froth rose to the surface of the water.

So you’re dream portrays the window, and where you deviate when you come into life as an archetypal way of going off, that gets yourself directing your attention outside of the essence and the wholeness that you can feel and carry, you go through that window to come back to the name.

The way dreams are is they never quite completely make the whole loop circle because, when you have come back to recognizing the significance and importance of your name or, in other words, this vibration going into life, you’re actually deep inside, you’re really no longer making a big, big deal out of the vibration because you recognize it to be a kind of bifurcation.

And so by going back to catch up with the name, you’re making the journey back to where you’ll eventually go back to a point of stillness, or emptiness, or nothing but nothingness. It’s a big dream. It’s a phenomenal dream. It was the theme of the dreaming doing this sort of thing.

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