The Heart of the Inner

sacred_inner_heartAs we experience life in the outer, it seems that every thing is separate. Physically there is truth in that experience, yet energetically there is a link between everything. One of the roles a human life can play in the unfolding of the universe is to bring connection to these seemingly disparate elements – through its inner, energetic processes. By closing that gap, cohesion and connection is gained for all. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I don’t know, it felt like I was kind of shocked awake or something, so I was in the middle of a dream, and it was like I was with a man and we had gone to some kind of a conference which was a little on the pornographic side because people wore wedding dresses, women did, but the back of the dresses were just like sheer, on the back. In the front they looked like a regular wedding dress. You could see through the back though.

And we had gone and we’d checked into a room and, after we checked into the room, it’s almost like we set up the front of a dress on something that was like a screen that stood up, and it was on rollers, and we took that to a meeting.

And we had been making out a bit in the room, but it just stopped, and then we went to the meeting. And that was the first time I saw someone walk by in one of these dresses that looked fine in the front but was kind of sheer in back. I suddenly seemed to just get embarrassed when I’m at the meeting, and I go over and it’s like the screen that the dress or whatever material was set up on, I start kind of reconfiguring it. It’s kind of collapsed and I’m trying to get it to stand up again, while other people are coming in the rooms and things, it’s kind of like the feet have come off of it, so I’m doing something to put that back.

I think he’s just standing back there talking to somebody and I’m kind of getting the bottom of it put together again, and then I’m trying to pull the screen up so it stands up straight. And it might as well be the Three Stooges putting the thing together because I’m having trouble getting it to come up and stand straight again so that you can push it along on rollers. Anyway, I think that was when I suddenly woke up. And I think I was having second thoughts about being at this whole convention or whatever it was.

John: Because the feminine takes and dreams about space, you know, or in other words the orientation that they have in the environment, or how that environment is taken in by them, in other words, where that goes, or what that does, or what meaning that seems to have, in this dream you, as a theme, are attempting to, or working with the principle of, relatability and are finding that there are appearances in one regard, and then there is a blind-sided quality that also is at play.

You have to look at this more on an inner level than on an outer level. On an outer level it would be easy to conclude that there is an experiential differentiality that exists. And so, as a consequence, there is something that doesn’t quite come through, or isn’t quite able to be communicated. In other words, there is a relatability dilemma, and that it sits in kind of an experiential gap of some sort.

And in your dream it’s like a blind-side. Well, when you look at it on a deeper inner level, because it’s always you, it’s you that is blindsided in terms of maybe you have experiences within that make what occurred a little bit awkward, or different, than what you’re accustomed to having in terms of an inner depth that you’re familiar with.

You’re told in a dream like this that whatever those states are that are unique to you, there’s always a blindside to them. And of course your dream, because it doesn’t include like a masculine element that comes in and tries to underline what that could possibly be, your dream just leaves you in a space of having a quality with inside of yourself that differentiates what is meaningful and holds the attunement to that, or tries to hold the attunement to that.

And so the difference between appearances and something else, you can’t close that gap. And so that is experienced more on an inner, intangible level. And so how that appears in the outer is something looks one way, and yet also has this other way, and the two have to be brought or come together.

Now when you add the masculine element of trying to distinguish, of always trying to distinguish the peculiarities, and hopefully not create guidelines, or rules, or barriers in terms of its definition, what you have is the recognition that, in such an environment, there is something else going on all the time, in spite of the fact that there may be relatability and communication and understanding limitations.

And that something else that is going on is kind of a humbleness, a humility, an intertwining subtleness that touches the heart, or is the quality of a heart, that is in common, in spite of the peculiarities, or the differences, and that cuts through things.

Now that’s not something that a human being left to their own choice and mindful nature is inclined to recognize, if they’re juggling the variables. And yet that gets recognized in an environment like that, and becomes kind of like a catalyst, or a seed, upon which something more can come together, in which gaps can be closed.

In other words, what happens is, as long as the environment has a sincerity and a quest that is genuine, there is a process at play that is always opening something up more and more and more and more. And if a person draws some sort of conclusion that this is too askew from however it is that they see themselves, and act on that, then you create isolation.

But when you put yourself into an environment in which there is this homogenous effect going on, and you aren’t contaminated, or don’t find yourself contaminated, or thrown around by something that is too much to take in, because you’re able to let go of what is presented, or brought forth, that is outer, and are able to somehow listen to the inner, and the quality of the heart of the inner, then you put yourself into a way of growing, and understanding, that is in another level of simplicity that everyone there all share together as a quality of oneness.

Now the ways of putting words to it, and the ways of defining it, and ways of describing it create the awkwardness, but the degree to which that resides as something in the atmosphere is the degree to which something meaningful is unfolding. And so what you have is you have one set of appearance, and you have another set of appearance, or another set of something, you have kind of an amnesia between the two states, or a lack of a kind of awareness, necessarily between the two states, but in the presence of something like that there becomes the closing of that gap.

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