Apart from the Herd

imag933es copyNature is a great teacher for a human, but humans also have a higher calling than anything we see in the natural world. In this dream progression, we can see the context of becoming more natural, but that’s not the end of the journey. The next dream shows that there is higher learning to be found, and higher “mountains” to be climbed for a human. What nature can show us is how to be in the flow of life, yet at the higher, human level. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember my first and my last dream. I’m like watching a heard of animals run across a plain, and I’m with some people that want to be able to approach the animals, but they don’t seem to be able to because of something in their mannerism.

But I go over to the animals and, as I get closer to the herd, the herd kind of stops, and I realize that this is a mixture of animals, like there might be like a baby moose running alongside an ape. I mean it’s just not like a normal herd at all. And, as I’ve gotten closer, they’ve all suddenly stopped and even though they make me a little nervous I walk really close.

And they let me walk right up to where I’m just a few feet from one of them, and they just kind of all look me in the eye, and then they start running on. I go back to where the other people were. That was that dream.

John: This is an image more of how the natural world is, you know, from the standpoint of how it reveals itself in nature as an unfoldment. And it’s an approach that can be taken by those on a spiritual path, in which the way that one looks at the outer has a quality of inner appreciation – but it isn’t tangible as an inner into outer flow.

In other words, it hasn’t gotten to the point where the inner into the outer flow is so subtly invoked that you’re able to be there in it, almost as if under orders, or in keeping with the design. Instead, this sort of perspective, or attention in terms of one’s self, like I mentioned is more in a nature. And you can get very, very close to things in terms of one’s perception through the unfoldment and reflection of nature, but it still has more of an outer context about it – so it’s limited in terms of how far it can go.

Jeane: The last dream I have, I had been going to the university and I must have been like at graduate school or close to graduating or something, and so there was a class in a science building I wanted to take but it’s not really my major, so I’d just gotten permission from the professor to sit in on it. But with that kind of participation you don’t really go that often, or participate that much.

So that didn’t work out that well, but it gave me a taste for it or something. It’s like I wanted to do more of that, so I thought about it, and maybe I’m not even going to be at school full-time next semester. I’ve already got my degree or something. I decide that there was something about that science class that interested me, so I want to go back and take one the next semester, but this time I want to officially audit it. I still don’t particularly want a grade or anything, but I’m going to actually go pay to take the class and audit.

And then I go and there’s a new professor who’s young, and the first thing he does when we get to class is he takes us out on a field trip. And when we go out on the field trip we get to a place where we’re kind of hiking or going around this kind of interesting structure, and he and the class go one way and kind of get ahead of me, so I decide to go on a shortcut. It’s like around a plateau but it’s also involved a little bit of climbing. And so I do that, and then I’m suddenly climbing on this tall structure where they are. It’s like rocks and it gets a little precarious, but I see how I can get over to them.

But in order to do that, I kind of climb up to where I’m at a place where I’m on the very top of a rock and I can feel my fear of heights kind of kicking in. I know I have to kind of overcome that a bit, and there’s a girl in the class that indicates to me how I can jump down on one other rock and I do that. And then she tells me to get down from there. She’ll just kind of tell me where the footholds are, as I kind of go over the edge but the first one I put my foot on actually is loose and it falls away. So I move over and I have to kind of figure out how to climb down, and it feels like as I’ve climbed down a ways I suddenly see that there’s a house there in this rock.

I realize one could get down and out through the house, so I go in the door of the house and she and a couple people from the class follow me. And then I realize there’s a couple dogs that are loose. Maybe they were almost going to be walked, and they’re on their lead, but they want to rush out the door if we get out the door. And I see that there’s an owner of the house in a room. There’s kind of like a door you can see through, but she seems to be busy a little bit.

But we’re kind of rushing past that room and kind of creeping down the stairs, and go out the door, but then the other people with me it’s almost like they start to let the dogs out, so I have to gather up the dogs and put them back in the house. And then once I do that, it feels like we can get out. That was that dream.

John: The theme of the dreaming last night was presenting three ways in which a person relates in a context of themselves. You’re communicating it in a reverse order. You’re going one, two, and three, with the third being the highest starting with one, which is the lowest. And I’m going one, two, three with the one being the highest, the second being the next, and the third being one in which there is more of an archetypal influence as opposed to a proper consciousness.

Your first example that was in your first dream had to do with an approach that worked with an archetypal influence of trying to get closer to what was going on in a natural way – and that can be sacrificial. In other words, it’s not loud in the archetypes, because it’s kind of collaging the archetypes a bit, but it’s not a kind of dynamic that is truly free in terms of the depth of an individual that is more in keeping with the quietness.

In your case, I can’t really say and put my finger on which of the four primary archetypes it is that’s going on in terms of how you’re trying to get close to something, because you don’t portray the vibration of the archetype loudly enough in that dream scenario.

And then in the second dream, you go from the second aspect into a third aspect, and the second aspect is you start off more as a watcher. I hadn’t thought that about that trait, the trait that stands back and observes and denotes, and somehow or another holds a sense and a space. And then from that you access the stillness and quietness of what is meant to be, kind of as an aspected knowingness.

In other words, you’re working with a house in the rock, and a flow that flows and awakens and comes through in that regard. And the more masculine way of describing that then, is that you’re catching up with something that is a greater stillness being brought through you, almost as a kind of future carried into the present.

And that is in keeping and is catching up with the design that is meant to be. You know, you may have little octaves to it, but you are not at odds, or where you have a tendency to be at odds, with the unfolding, the general unfolding design, because you will be knowing it somehow as an aspect of that kind of higher-self consciousness, or greater stillness within, catching up with what is even deeper, more deeply imbedded.

With the watcher you’re looking at what is unfolding in life, and you’re still at a point of looking at the level of an inner into outer, and at tuning yourself with your focus and attention by perceiving what it is that is going on. In other words, the watcher denotes what is going on, doesn’t take and guess or conclude one way or another. He just notes what is going on in terms of the inner flowing into the outer.

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