A Bit of a Delirium

Salvador Dali

In dreams, as in life, things don’t always work out. The imagery is designed to help us work things out and, during the night, a series of dreams can set up the area of discussion in one dream, and then move the conversation forward in subsequent dreams. Though the imagery changes, the subtext is the same. In this series of images, the idea of maintaining an inner status quo is in play. But that’s not possible in a developing life, so we see the change to things in the dreamer’s past, and then we see a young girl (energetic) lost. From there, the imagery falls further and further apart because the inner connections can’t be made. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dreams just seemed like a jumble last night. I had one dream that all I remember from it, is it’s like I was going and talking to a man who was focused on he’d maybe sold something, but he wanted to have some way of keeping what he had, or saving what he had. And I was telling to him, even that was a fair amount of wealth and everything that that really isn’t possible. You can’t always protect everything you have. That was that dream.

John: So in the dream there was a guy that you’re telling he couldn’t always protect everything? Well, it’s a dream about something shifting. By shifting, it means that one thing goes away as another thing rises – but it doesn’t have to always work that way either.

You can have two things simultaneously. It’s just that who has time for two things simultaneously? So, as a general rule, something that is louder and consuming one’s time has to fall away in order for something that is deeper, or on another level, to come in. But if you have two levels going on simultaneously, it just takes more of your time. It can be done. The dreaming was about that sort of thing.

Jeane: I had a dream that I just remember briefly. It felt restless last night, and not well organized as far as dreams. In that dream it felt like I, for some reason, I’ve had to go back and work in the store that my dad used to own. Because he used to own it, sometimes I go into an area of the store that I may not really have permission to go into – from the viewpoint of the new owners, maybe just to sit at the desk where he used to sit upstairs, or whatever.

And I realize I’m moving on from that, but now and then I seem to just want an experience of something, and I even am talking to somebody else a little while later about I’m moving on from this job to something different. That was all I really remembered of that dream.

John: It’s the same defense mechanism, and some of these defense mechanisms are there to sort out where your attention needs to be, and some of the defense mechanisms are there that need to go away, in other words, that malinger from the past.

In the first dream, the defense mechanism is that there isn’t time for both, but both can be done.

And in the second dream, it’s also along the lines that things have transitioned. The reason one is dreaming this, I think, is because we have an appreciative sense of what this is about, but we also have our other that we twine wonderfully in, and so this creates a certain degree of collateral damage when you have something like this going on.

And these Tariqas have been separate for a long, long time, the Chistis and the Naqshbandis so to speak, separate, because they follow a different kind of thread in terms of how they intertwine with life.

The Chistis have kind of a process by which they access the inner, that has to do with techniques, and ceremonies, and music. And the Naqshbandis have the training that happens in the night, dreams and things like that. It’s almost like, how can you do both because you have to have the greater outer as the teacher, too? You have to get your sleep. I mean, if you start to look at this, I mean it’s easy to see why you could have a defense mechanism where you keep the two apart so that you don’t have any catastrophe or something. In this particular case you’re making a decision. You’re portraying the way the situation kind of is.

Jeane: I had a dream where I went to, for some reason, in a theater in my hometown they were having a spelling bee going on, and I had gone there and just checked out what was going on. The theater was pretty dark, and then I left. But when I get in the car to go home, I realized that I have somebody’s little girl with me.

At the same time traffic gets very chaotic, like I turn my car and I’m in the wrong lane, and a bus nearly hits me, and I have to go crossways in traffic and get turned around. But I seem to do it all safely, but it’s pretty chaotic.

Then I get to where I’m going and because I’m so distracted by the traffic for a little while I forget about the little girl, and then I remember her. You know, she seems like an 8- or 9-year-old, maybe even a little even obnoxious. And I realize her mother must be frantic searching for her, and we have to get a hold of her mother.

And she had a cellphone, but her cellphone doesn’t quite work, so I’m trying to get out my cellphone and get the right number to call her mother, and when she tells me the number I can get most of it in but I can’t hear the last numbers. And as I’m trying to get her to tell me those last two numbers and dial her mother, this really strange figure… and there’d been several other people in the room. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been distracted, too. Suddenly this other figure comes in the room, and it’s kind of like the Joker in one of those Batman movies. And he seems to just be kind of picking people up in the room and turning them into some kind of really strange figure that practically gets plastered against the wall, which juggles my cellphone all over the place, because they turn into these colorful, not cartoon-type figures, but strange-type figures like you’d see in one of those Batman movies.

And he’s just kind of like suddenly trying to dominate and take charge of the room, and I’m trying to get the telephone call into her mother before that happens. And I think that’s when I wake up.

John: This is a dream that takes the first two dreams, like if you have a one, two, and three dream, the first dream can be kind of how it’s designed or situated to be, or how something is in a deeper inner beginning level.

The second way is usually how you work with it, and the third way is the transition. It’s the transition from that. And where you’re going back and you’re visiting your dad’s store in the first dream is similar to this girl, this little girl, of yourself that’s an element of your makeup that is suddenly in the room with you. In trying to figure out how to contend with this, to pull more of this together, you end up with a bit of a delirium. In other words, the Joker and whatnot going on there is kind of confusing things, isn’t it?

And so it’s a dream that takes you to a point where something more needs to unfold yet. In other words, you didn’t dream the third step all the way through.

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