Surrender to the Inevitable

5th-DIMsIt seems unnatural to surrender to being chased in a dream, or counter-intuitive to wait patiently for something ominous to arrive. But if we are speaking of natural processes, meaning in dreams and in cosmic processes, the only way is to be with what is unfolding. Anything else is resistance, running away in dreams, or trying to prevent cosmic events. We can see what human leadership has brought us to in this world, perhaps it’s time to let what created us have our attention – and our surrender. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in my dream I’m on another planet and the spaceship that we came on, at one point, was run by some aliens, but now we’re running it, now we’re in charge of the spaceship. In the past it was run by some aliens that were maybe a little hostile towards us.

So at one point I know it’s getting time for us to leave the planet, but I have this ominous feeling about things so, I want us to go back to the spaceship. And we look in this one room in the spaceship where there’s an alien that’s dead, but I look around this room which is all kind of silver-lined, and the feeling I have is that we need to get off the planet soon because I have a feeling something is going to happen, that something is wrong, it’s not quite in tune. Maybe the aliens are going to try and take over the spaceship and that we’re not really in charge of what’s happening – so we need to get off sooner than I thought.

And I’m having some of the officers look around the ship trying to figure out what’s going on because I just have a bad feeling that something is going on that we’re not aware of. And then it feels like I go back to wherever I’m staying, and I look out the window, and I see like this ominous strange-shaped dust cloud moving over the horizon towards us, so I’m definitely feeling like we ought to get out of there.

And then the dream just shifts slightly, and it feels like I have to go out to the bank, because I’ll be leaving soon, only I look more like just a young woman right now. And I get almost to the bank and then I pause because I realize I have a shirt and my underpants on, but I don’t have a skirt or long pants on, and I’m going to run into other people.

So I think I take off a sweatshirt I have and I just tie it around my waist so it looks like I’m dressed, and that way I can get by if I meet people. I think I’m just going to like an ATM, and then I’m walking back towards wherever I’d been staying thinking about making arrangements to call an old friend of mine that lives in the Middle East, and how that will work out to phone them. And that’s kind of the end of the dream.

John: So the dream carries the contrast, in order to portray another way of describing the Vishnu preserver energy, that the plane of existence, planet Earth, is subject to the will of God now in such a way that it is going to be going through major upheaval.

And in terms of trying to figure out what to do the sense is, well, first of all there’s nothing that you can do. It’s like something has come down, come through, is affecting everything, and you need to be somewhere, but you don’t have the sense that you’re leaving what is here.

See the Vishnu effect is that of preserver. What is there to preserve? This thing is happening, it’s going to be happening, it’s destiny. You experience and notice that that effect inside of you – and you shift to sustain. You’re not trying to do anything. You’re not trying to get away. The vibration of Brahma has come through, and as Vishnu the vibration of Brahma is going to intensify, and nothing that can be done to stop that.

And the Vishnu energy to this is to sustain and preserve the stillness as best you can. You don’t try to get out of here because of the Dark Age or Kali Yuga. You just maintain the space that holds to what is important, and what is important is the stillness. You don’t fight, you don’t contend, you don’t try to offset, you don’t try to look to any ideas that make sense in terms of how it is that you’re to contend with this, you don’t do any of that, you just yield to the will by persevering.

It’s not a time for any action at all. Vishnu is the preserver. There is no reformation. There is no Shiva in this dream. What is to happen is going to happen. You don’t sit there thinking you can counterbalance it and whatnot. We are at a tilt. The universe is tilted. There’s no fixing this. There’s no counterbalancing this. There’s no equalizing and restoring the stillness anymore so that Brahma, the creator, doesn’t take and come through and effectuate a huge change.

It’s the time of Brahma, it’s the time of the creator, and the creator’s will is for something new. And the reformation is something that is to be dreamt and experienced as a future now, but in the now, in the present, in the physical. It’s the time of the Kali Yuga, it’s the time when the glaciers are going to disappear, it’s the time when there’s going to be all kinds of upheaval and you don’t sit and come up with answers for the upheaval, that you do this or you do that. Nothing will work. Nothing can fix Mother Earth when Mother Earth reacts and is going to be doing this as the creator energy at play upon manifestation. And that the Vishnu energy is the way.

So, from a Brahma creator dream I had three days ago, I learned that there is not enough stillness at the epicenter of the universe, in other words that’s the sensation, that a correspondence between expansion and contraction is no longer in balance. The universe is tilted. There is no way to get back to the stillness needed, in other words to avert that which is coming.

Last night I dreamt the Vishnu way, which is to be. In the dream there is no choice but to endure what is destined to happen. The typical way of contending with change is to look to survive by counteracting. This frame of reference has no value. This frame of reference is a frame of reference that makes sense to the mind, and what makes sense to the mind is a low thing. The dense human mind does not accept the will of God, Brahma.

Vishnu energy is to not fight the intended will of God. Vishnu accepts and endures and is as still and at peace as possible. The stillness to come… I mean yes, you can have hope, you can have prayer, but that way will help you in terms of enduring what is there, and will pass, but who knows when.

Those who surrender to the inevitable are the future. There is hope in the child-like value which lets go of everything and accepts what happens. This way makes no sense to the mind, yet the principle of controlled waiting is the way of Vishnu as it seeks to preserve the stillness within and surrenders to the will of Brahma.

When it is meant to be, Shiva appears. Shiva the reformer is not in the dream. Shiva is a future not shaped herein. Vishnu is to preserve the stillness that remains without guile. There is no other way to be.

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