The Human Characteristic

m3efaulsThe universe is in an endless process of creation, and for humans to find themselves in a world of anger and hatred means that those qualities have come to exist in creation itself. Yet it is not for humans to drop their anger and hatred and embrace only love; more importantly, it is for humans, with their innate ability to change energies from one state to another (i.e., we can see a sunset and capture it in a song), to transform lower energies into higher energies. Thus we provide the service to the universe of elevating everything we come in contact with. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I seemed to be having one dream repetitively, and what I remember about it is it felt like I was with at least two other people, but it might have been a line of people, but I only remember two.

We seem to be wearing some kind of robes. I didn’t see what color my robe was. One of the people had kind of an orange robe, and the other person that I could see occasionally that was right in front of me was wearing a robe that had kind of an interesting shade to it, somewhere between yellow and green.

And we were walking along almost like marble ruins in a way because it’s like there’s kind of a wall to your right, and then the steps are bigger than a normal step, so you can almost lose your balance when you go down to a level. And when you do, there’s a darkness off to the left. It’s kind of a brown/black darkness, and that was when I would notice the robe of the person that had just done that in front of me, and maybe a glance of the robes of someone who was off to this direction.

And that’s all I seemed to be doing in the dream is going along whatever pathway it was, or the ruins or whatever they were we, were just going along there and sometimes you have to go down all them. And that just seemed to repeat; even if I kind of woke up and went back to sleep, the dream would start over.

John: So what you’re dreaming is a vibrational quality to orange and yellow as it touches the heart. In other words, there’s orange, and then there’s yellow, and then there’s something that touches the heart. And that repeats over and over again as a process that you’re going through.

Now what seems to be interesting, that’s evolving, that I notice from my dreams, is that the process works outside of the more expansive quality trait of higher self, which is the colors of the higher self above green, that works just like the lower self qualities. It works with orange and yellow. Perhaps it does that for an interesting reason, so that within that is still the human characteristic.

The issue is, is do you get rid of the human characteristic? Because the human characteristic in and of itself has created all kinds of a mess in terms of the outer density of things, yet the spiritual practices seem to work with, and start with, and everything sorts itself out from the human condition, per se.

And it wasn’t until the end of my dreaming that I was able to see why that’s so important, because it is the substance of the human condition, in which a rising up from the self limitations, not the obliteration of it, but the transmutation of it. It’s still there in a lower-self way. The fact that that is still there, but able to be transmuted, creates the quality that touches as love.

But if it’s removed completely, and you’re not exactly a human being anymore, then you come across a quality, a vibratory quality, which the manifestation of something doesn’t actually exist. You are something outside of that, and that is a quality and trait that a human being, and all of its frailties and mannerisms, does not stand in front of, and does not dare stand in front of, because it’s too great a mirror.

And so there seems to be a need for the process to include both, both the waverings, and meanderings, and mannerisms of a manneristic side that is considered human in all of its trappings and faults, along with the other that is able to be recognized, and carried, and embodied simultaneously. Something that the mere stating of something like this is hard to make sense, but it makes sense within the parameters of the principle of love, love being something in which there is a compassion and understanding that flows as a result of something coming into a greater completeness, not a pure essence only. In a pure essence only there is no room for the human condition – and thus manifestation per se falls away. It is held together by the trappings of things.

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