Able to Unfold

rainbow-spiral-vortex2If we believe in higher things, then we have to view the physical universe as a place where energies come to refine and change. So where does the human fit in to this? Well, human beings are the greatest refiners of energies in the universe: we can change anger into compassion, we can create music from a feeling, we can turn judgment into healing. Those processes, when they are done consciously and with intention, are a pathway to elevating and refining the universe we are in. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Okay, in my second dream I’ve gone to spend the night with my friend Joan and we’re all fairly young. We’re like in our 20s or something, late 20s, and I’m with an uncle and a cousin. This is a male cousin, and actually my uncle in the outer is deceased and my male cousin died in Vietnam in his early 20s, but in the dream they’re both alive.

They’ve gone with me to visit my friend at her house that she has, and it’s in the country. I’m spending the night, but my uncle and cousin are going to be leaving. But they’re helping pick up a bit before they leave, but they don’t seem to know where some things go because some clothes have to be sorted when you pick them up, or some things are put away and other things need to be put in the laundry. And because they don’t quite know how to sort, I’m taking over the sorting.

I’m also aware that my cousin has a girlfriend, but she’s not there right now, and I’m aware that my friend also has a guy she’s really caring about right now who’s also not there. As we’re getting ready to leave, I’m going to be sleeping the night in a loft bed, but I’ve come down from there when I realized the guys didn’t know really how to sort or pick up right. So I’m doing the sorting, and the picking up, and we’ve all gone outside for a few minutes.

My cousin’s talking to me a little bit because he and his girlfriend are going to be going to college, and they’re going to be traveling to a certain town, and we’re sorting out whether they’re going somewhere that I’ve been before, or visited, or that I know where it is.

And then when my friend comes out she’s talking a bit about a boyfriend, and I realize my cousin would probably disapprove of her boyfriend because I see these three record albums, like old 78 or 33 record albums, and I realize the boyfriend is one of the men on the covers, and he’s a famous conductor, and he’s quite a bit older than she is. And I realize my cousin or his dad would probably disapprove of this, but I realize she really likes him, he’s a musician, he’s kind of very accomplished.

I, immediately, when I look at the three pictures, I know which one he is, and then I’m standing there for a minute because I realize I knew someone else that had been in a relationship with him – but I can’t remember who it is. But I’m trying to, because I’ve made the connection, and she won’t care. But it’s like I want to know, or be able to convey something, but I can’t remember who it was. That was the dream.

John: So, in this dream, you have all of these parts of yourself that have a little gap, and it’s this gap that creates the sensation of process in which there’s an alignment that has to occur.

And so, in the journey, the journey that you’re on where you’re going and visiting your friend, it’s not complete – because even your friend is somebody that isn’t there. And then those that you’re with all have somebody that isn’t there.

But the dream gets closer towards a completion in that you’re able to, instead of this gap being something that you just have to contend with, that has to do with an alignment opening up inside yourself that pulls the energy together so that you can be in a total stillness, instead of some abstractions that still seem to be involved in the process of unfoldment.

In the end you come to the point where you have inflections on those memories of something before. And those memories of something before, even though you experience it as a memory of something before, as if it is a deeper past recollection, is actually an aspect of pulling something into the present. The sensation is of it as an awareness of something that had been, and you can even look at it as something that had been, but the whole orientation that is creating the gap for alignment purposes has an attention that is to the past – and yet you do not complete something looking to the past.

And everyone incorporates, through their impressions and such, through their way of seeing, how it is that they think that they’re unfolding, or that something has unfolded, or how something is. That is all a perspective in the journey in the outer. That’s all a perspective that is relating to something that has already happened – in terms of the senses – that is in an outer orientation, and is of the past.

But when you have a memory, even though that memory of how something is, and that memory that appears to be of the past is actually pulling an energy together of the future. If you were to do that in each and every one of those aspects of yourself, if you were to do that, then the dream would progress into a quality of letting go in which something could be, and can be, then changed or reformed, and that is like a going forward, that is like a future. That is like an end.

You have to go through all of that which has those little gaps, and let go, and quit trying to figure those out, or to process that out. That is the alignment, and it’s an alignment that lets everything fall away, as described in the first dream, as you allow yourself to be cradled in a stillness. And then all of that stuff then clicks; it heals and clicks. And then something is able to open up in a reformable… then you’re able to participate.

The reformer element, this third aspect, is able to be involved, then, in what is unfolding. It does this all through the beginning and the end working together. The grasping of something at the inception, which is extremely important because you have to take that will, or whatever it is, of the ordered principle of things, and then you have to let go of all of the doingness, all of those gaps, you have to get all of that aligned. No questions, just a letting go, and then the action that’s able to unfold, instead of just the journey, is something then that opens up and rapports with, in an unfolding way, because the journey is the illusion, too.

The journey is the sorting out. The journey is the misalignment. The journey is the confusion. The journey is in which you go through all of the episodes of things as if they’re real in the outer, and some aspect of that, on the inner journey, the journey going back towards God, is still a continuation of something that is getting aligned to the one thing that is going on, which is the stillness. And a stillness that has the will involved behind it, that is a knowingness of what is going on, and what is meant to be.

But a knowingness in which, when you come across this at the beginning, it’s more like an observation in terms of yourself because you’re in the stillness, and you’re able to observe it, a total emptiness and stillness. If there’s any noise, or any racket, or anything going on you can’t get it; it’s not something that you hear, per se. It’s something that moves inside you.

But that movement, that motion inside of you, causes you, in the middle part, to become process oriented, and lots of problems in the process orientation. And then when you come at the end of the process orientation or, in this case, where you have all of the things that are gapped out brought together, all of the energetics brought together, in terms of yourself, you have a wholeness in which, then, something then actually is able to unfold.

The impression or the statement of there being like a light bulb moment, or an epiphany, is an epiphany that has a quality of a kind of action out of the stillness behind it, and that’s the building-block quality that comes across, comes through.

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